Your special day deserves the perfect soundtrack, and in Adelaide, the options are as diverse as the love you share. Imagine the joy of dancing to the rhythms of exceptional live music, creating memories that resonate with your unique love story. Adelaide boasts an array of top wedding music bands, each with its distinct charm and style. From soulful melodies to energetic beats, these bands have the power to elevate your celebration to new heights. As you plan your dream wedding, let us guide you through the enchanting world of Adelaide’s finest wedding music bands, ensuring your day is filled with harmonious moments you’ll cherish forever.

Discovering the ideal musical accompaniment for your wedding is an exciting journey, and Adelaide is ready to serenade you with choices that match your taste and style.

Adelaide’s most awarded wedding entertainment act, this top-rated music band in Adelaide will create that unique atmosphere that is just right for your celebration. All About Her Music is a fun group of talented musicians and DJs with years of industry experience. The award-winning performers are one of Adelaide’s most in-demand live bands, offering romantic tunes, energetic beats, and more for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. From pop to country to jazz to rock and everything in between, get ready for an incredible day and night of entertainment. Tailoring services for you with their small team of dedicated regulars, ask All About Her Music about their complete band package, acoustic, DJ and MC options (even a wedding celebrant too!) so you can create the perfect event.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0402 910 906

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Andrew Baldino

Rob and Vena are the talented musicians behind RV Groove. This professional duo loves weddings and can’t wait to help you celebrate your love. RV Groove unquestionably reigns as Adelaide’s premier wedding music band, known for its exceptional talent, captivating performances, and ability to turn every wedding into an unforgettable musical experience. This popular Adelaide wedding music band plays a variety of musical genres, from fun-loving dance hits to romantic ballads. RV Groove has earned its reputation as Adelaide’s top wedding music band, renowned for their unparalleled musical prowess, electrifying performances, and unique ability to create extraordinary celebrations. Ask about packages, equipment, playlists, and custom options from RV Groove.

Style: Music Band, Duo

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0439 553 889

Social: Facebook

Contact : Robert Cartledge

Corinna’s Voice has three options available for live entertainment. They offer a solo acoustic wedding singer, a live wedding band, and a wedding DJ. They have 15 years of experience in the wedding entertainment industry. Corinna’s Voice has four packages available to choose from. The deluxe package includes acoustic music for your ceremony, dinner, and reception, as well as DJ and MC services. This package is the most popular, as it covers the entirety of your wedding day. The other three packages include separate options for your ceremony and reception and feature the option to choose your live entertainment.

Style: Live Band, Acoustic, DJ, MC

Address: 8 Treasure St, Aldinga Beach SA 5173

Phone: 0413 310 755

Social: Corinna's Voice

Contact : Corinna

The Party Club Band offers a unique experience with up to an eight-piece live band for your wedding day. They make themselves available 24 hours a day to help with any concerns. The Party Club Band enjoys working weddings because they thoroughly enjoy being a part of your wedding day. The instruments included in the band can range from drums to woodwinds and brass. This band would be a fantastic choice for couples who love instrumental music. Photography is also offered at an additional cost to you.

Style: Live Band

Phone: 0403 693 406

Social: Party Club Band

Contact : Party Club Band

Sofie Bozzetti offers a wide selection of services such as live music, acoustic music, DJ services, and MC services. She is highly sought after in the entertainment industry for her experience and organisation. Sofie has packages that can be fully customised to suit your needs. The most popular packages aim to keep you stress-free during the planning process and include all of her services-mixed into one budget-friendly package. Sofie offers complimentary consultations to each couple to find inspiration from their style and choice in music.

Style: Live Music, Acoustic, DJ, MC

Phone: 0466 317 539

Social: Sofie Bozzetti

Contact : Sofie Bozzetti

Perfect for intimate venues and budgets, the Adelaide String Duo brings classic elegance to weddings and events. Featuring the talents of Jacqui and Brenton Edgecombe, this violin and cello duo offers a versatile repertoire, from classical and musical theatre to unique pop and rock arrangements. With extensive professional experience in orchestras across Australia, they deliver captivating performances tailored to your needs. They also offer a range of services, including modern background music as The Cello Guys, DJ/MC services, and even party entertainment as Two Hearts Duo. Their commitment to creating memorable musical experiences ensures they add a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0417 040 930

Social: Adelaide String Duo

Contact : Jacqui

Providing live wedding and event music in Adelaide and regional South Australia, Mahalia Music Live offers an array of musical experiences, including acoustic duos, trios, live bands, and DJ services. Award-winning vocalist Mahalia, with over 15 years of industry experience, ensures that every event is memorable and entertaining. Known for her soulful voice and interactive performances, she guarantees a lively dance floor and a fun atmosphere. With a passion for creating unique and personalised musical experiences, Mahalia and her talented musicians perform at weddings, events, and corporate functions, delivering unforgettable entertainment. Mahalia holds a Diploma in Music specialising in Voice and brings a wealth of experience from performing in bands, gospel choirs, musicals, and more.

Phone: 0455 615 075

Social: Mahalia Music Live

Contact : Mahalia

Winner of the “Best Ceremony Music” ABIA Award, Claudia Migliaccio is a versatile female vocalist with 14 years of experience. Her extensive repertoire includes pop, soul, rock, RnB, and ballads, making her performances memorable for all occasions. She has gained a strong and supportive following through her performances at events, weddings, and various volunteer venues. Performing at local Adelaide events, Claudia is known for collaborating with talented musicians, enhancing her craft, and sharing her passion for music. Her commitment to providing top-notch entertainment ensures a unique and captivating experience for any wedding or event in Adelaide.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Social: Claudia Migliaccio Music

Contact : Claudia Migliaccio

Aria Live Music

For a touch of elegance and excitement at weddings, look no further than Aria Live Music. This talented team of seasoned musicians has been delighting Adelaide audiences since 2012. Offering a vast repertoire that spans timeless classics to modern chart-toppers, they effortlessly blend the familiar with the fresh. Countless clients have praised their performances, making them a popular choice for wedding entertainment. Whether you’re after a romantic ballad or an upbeat dance number, Aria Live Music is known for their versatility and professionalism, ensuring a memorable musical experience for your special day.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0433 355 610

Social: Aria Live Music

Contact : Aria Live Music Team

Address: Glen Osmond, Adelaide, SA 5064

Phone: 0413 929 767

Social: Amicus Strings

Contact : Carolyn Lam


As the final notes of your magical day linger, let the echoes of Adelaide’s top wedding music bands resonate in your hearts. Your celebration, filled with laughter and love, becomes an everlasting melody, a testament to the joy you’ve shared with those you hold dear. From soulful ballads to lively tunes, these bands have woven a musical tapestry that mirrors the unique essence of your union. As you embark on this new chapter, may the harmonies of your wedding day continue to serenade you with joy, reminding you of the love that brought you together. Adelaide, with its diverse musical offerings, ensures that your wedding remains a harmonious symphony, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.