When it comes to wedding celebrations in and around Adelaide, this list of the top 10 wedding planners in the local area has you covered. With all of these excellent options available to you, we encourage you and your partner to check out all of the amenities, offerings, and services provided by these bespoke wedding planning companies, whether you’re looking for assistance with timelining, budgeting, and other logistical duties or you’d prefer a helping hand with the design and decor elements of your wedding celebration.

We hope that you and your partner enjoy this list of the top 10 wedding planners in and around Adelaide!

Look no further than Emma Kate for wedding planning services that incorporate intricate design and decor elements into the planning and coordination process for wedding celebrations across Adelaide. Floral design is one of the hallmarks of the services at Emma Kate, perfect for couples for whom unique floral arrangements are of particular importance. Packages with Emma Kate include a full assistance planning package which begins one year prior to the wedding date as well as planning sessions in which Emma lends her 12 years of industry experience to aid clients through particularly tricky aspects of the wedding planning process.

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Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0421 419 966

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Emma

Your Event Plannery

Your Event Plannery is a wedding planning company based out of Adelaide, providing local prospective married couples with a variety of bespoke planning services. Packages with Your Event Plannery begin at $750, for their on-the-day coordination package allowing clients a chance to breathe on their wedding day as all of the details are taken care of. Additionally, Your Event Plannery offers a “Premium Wedding Planning and Styling” package and two other wedding planning and styling packages for clients looking for a flexible approach to the process that only includes the services with which they require the most assistance. Free consultations can be scheduled by appointment with a representative at Your Event Plannery.

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Address: 25 Stephen St, Melrose Park SA 5039

Phone: 0402 764 759

Social: Your Event Plannery

Contact : Nicole

Sparrow Weddings & Events

With Sparrow Weddings & Events, luxurious wedding celebrations are the name of the game, with offerings organized into three discrete categories: planning & styling, management, and styling. The planning & styling package is perfect for couples looking to take the stress off and relax through the process as a trusted collaborator plans and executes on the details; the management package is the ideal choice for couples who know how they want their wedding to look but struggle to keep track of all of the meetings, pricing models, and other such logistical details; the styling package is best for couples who have locked down all of the numbers but are struggling to define their centralizing vision for the visual appeal of their celebration.

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Address: 24 Partridge Ct, Golden Grove SA 5125

Phone: 0438 805 514

Social: Sparrow Weddings & Events

Contact : Emma

Alice Mary Events

Alice Mary Events is a wedding planning company providing bespoke planning services to prospective married couples in the greater Adelaide metropolitan area. Packages with Alice Mary Events range from the “wedding month” package to the “wedding month & styling” package all the way to the “premium full service” wedding package; the variety of these packages gives couples maximal flexibility in determining the aspects of the process with which they will need professional counsel and managerial assistance. Whether clients are on the market for an industry expert to guide them through budgeting and timelining or are simply looking for an artist’s perspective when it comes to the aesthetic vision of the ceremony and reception, Alice Mary Events can go above and beyond for couples planning wedding weekends in and around Adelaide.

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Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0412 091 082

Social: Alice Mary Events

Contact : Alice

Envision Event Management

Envision Event Management is a wedding planning business in Adelaide, providing local couples with bespoke planning services broken down into a variety of packages accommodating both logistical planning and administrative detail execution as well as styling and design development. Envision Event Management offers an on-the-day coordination package and a full service planning package, through which clients can decide on the amount of assistance they will require in the days, weeks, months, and even years leading up to their wedding date. Additionally, Envision Event Management provides styling packages which can be customized and individualized to exact client specifications.

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Address: Adelaide, South

Phone: 0423 323 959

Social: Envision Event Management

Contact : Candace

Easy As Events

With an unwavering commitment to crafting stress-free dream weddings, Easy As Events, led by Chelsea Hatcher, stands out as Adelaide’s go-to wedding ninja. Boasting a stellar track record, Chelsea’s hyper-organised and detail-oriented approach ensures a seamless journey from planning to execution. As a back-to-back winner of Adelaide’s Best Wedding Planner in 2021 and 2022 and a top-three wedding stylist in 2023, Easy As Events guarantees a bespoke experience. Chelsea, a former chemist turned event maestro, infuses each event with unique touches, embracing the individuality of every couple. From full wedding planning to ensuring flawless coordination on the big day and custom corporate packages, Chelsea’s passion, positivity, and knack for Dad jokes make the journey as memorable as the celebration itself.

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Phone: 0400 576 948

Social: Easy As Events

Contact : Chelsea Hatcher

Middleton Events

Crafting joyous moments since 1979, Middleton Events stands as Adelaide’s premier wedding planner. With a rich legacy of over 35,000 award-winning events, they’ve become Australia’s most acclaimed events company. Led by founder John Middleton, their commitment to excellence shines through countless accolades, including the title of Adelaide’s Best Wedding Planner 2023. Beyond awards, Middleton Events is a family-driven, fun-loving team dedicated to creating stress-free, tailored celebrations. From budget management to attention to detail, their expertise ensures an unforgettable experience. Trust Middleton Events to guide you through the journey of crafting your dream wedding, surpassing all expectations.

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Phone: 0400 416 991

Social: Middleton Events

Contact : John

Adelaide Bridal and Events

With a motto of “Seeing is believing,” Adelaide Bridal & Events promises unforgettable celebrations. Their expertise lies in creating magical experiences, whether it’s a lively party or a cherished wedding. No detail is too small for their dedicated team, ensuring every element from ideation to execution is flawlessly handled. Known for their captivating settings, perfect lighting, and engaging activities, they pride themselves on unrivalled experiences. Striving for comfort and peace of mind at every level, Adelaide Bridal & Events guarantees satisfaction in events of all sizes. Trust them to transform your celebration into a beautifully executed, joyous moment.

Phone: 0433 713 250

Social: Adelaide Bridal and Events

Contact : Adelaide Bridal and Events Team

Impeccably Styled Events

Passionate about turning dreams into reality, Impeccably Styled Events stands out among Adelaide’s wedding planners. This decor hire and styling company forges strong connections with clients, guiding them seamlessly through their wedding journey. With an exclusive range of props and themed items not commonly found, they bring a touch of uniqueness to every event. Their vision is crystal clear: to design and style impeccable, elegant events. Focused on creating joyous moments, they offer personalised advice and support, ensuring each celebration reflects the couple’s distinct vision. Impeccably Styled Events is more than a planner; it’s a partner in crafting unforgettable, tailor-made weddings.

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Phone: 0438 406 329

Social: Impeccably Styled Events

Contact : Vanessa Emma Avery

Party On Wheels

Renowned for crafting memorable and personalised weddings, Party on Wheels is a leading event planning company. Since 2000, their seasoned specialists have been transforming venues into stunning settings, ensuring every detail is meticulously handled. From catering and menu selection to music and guest management, they manage it all with creativity and precision. They cater to diverse clients, tailoring each wedding to reflect the couple’s unique vision and style. Whether you have a vague idea or a detailed plan, their commitment to creating an unforgettable experience is unwavering. If you’re looking for an exceptional wedding planner that brings your dream day to life, Party on Wheels is a standout choice.

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Phone: 0422 138 298

Social: Party On Wheels

Contact : Rose Percario


Nothing can shape a wedding celebration quite like the help and dedicated service of a wedding planner. That’s why we hope you particularly enjoyed this list of the top 10 wedding planners in and around Adelaide! These wedding planners will form personal relationships with their clients, which benefits both the clients and the wedding in the long run, as the event will have the look and feel of a genuine, authentic celebration — your loved ones will know that your wedding planner went the extra mile. With all that said, we hope that you and your partner enjoyed this list of the top 10 wedding planners in Adelaide, and we hope that you two feel inspired to reach out and solicit the help of one of these incredible service providers as your wedding date draws near. We wish you the best of luck with the wedding planning process from here on out!