Planning your dream wedding is an exciting journey filled with countless decisions to make. Among the myriad of choices, one delightful addition that’s gaining popularity is the inclusion of an ice cream cart.

Picture this: the gentle breeze of a Queensland afternoon, the sun setting in hues of orange and pink, and the laughter of your loved ones filling the air. Now, add a touch of sweetness to this idyllic scene with a charming ice cream cart, offering delectable treats to tantalise your taste buds. As you plan your wedding day in Brisbane, consider the delightful addition of an ice cream cart hire. Beyond the traditional cake-cutting ceremony, imagine your guests indulging in creamy scoops of artisanal ice cream, creating unforgettable moments and spreading joy. With various flavours and toppings to cater to every palate, this unique addition promises to be a crowd-pleaser, leaving lasting memories for you and your guests to cherish.

Dolci & Co

Discover Dolci & Co, a sweet addition to any Brisbane wedding or event. With roots tracing back to European travels, Anthony and Michele bring the essence of gelato romance to Queensland. From their charming Little Red Gelato Car to the versatile Henry cart, Dolci & Co offers delightful options for every occasion. Guests can indulge in locally made gelato and sorbet, with a range of flavours to suit any palate, including dairy-free and vegan options. With impeccable service and attention to detail, Dolci & Co ensures a memorable experience, leaving guests satisfied and couples dancing the night away.

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0488 073 348

Social: Dolci & Co

Contact : Anthony & Michele

Something Sweet Gelato

Something Sweet Gelato offers an unforgettable touch to weddings and events with their gourmet gelato carts. Locally produced using traditional Italian methods, their gelato boasts unrivalled quality and a variety of dairy-full and dairy-free flavours. The custom-built carts are mobile and self-sustained, perfect for any location without the need for external power. Their charismatic Scoop Specialists ensure a seamless experience, leaving guests with sweet memories. With a focus on pedalling joy and creating memorable celebrations, Something Sweet Gelato adds a unique flair to weddings and events in Brisbane.

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0415 927 623

Social: Something Sweet Gelato

Contact : Ryan

Hello Gelato

With a passion for gelato and a commitment to spreading joy, Hello Gelato offers a delightful addition to any wedding celebration in Brisbane. Peddling their vintage-style gelato bikes, they serve up scoops of locally made gelato and sorbets, including award-winning flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. From engagement parties to receptions, Hello Gelato’s customizable wedding packages bring a touch of coastal charm and sweet indulgence to every moment. Their full-service approach ensures a hassle-free experience, leaving couples free to savour every scoop alongside their loved ones. Let Hello Gelato turn your special day into a truly memorable affair with their irresistible treats.

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0414 687 895

Social: Hello Gelato

Contact : Hello Gelato

The Little Bar Cart Brisbane

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0468 868 522

Social: The Little Bar Cart Brisbane

Contact : The Little Bar Cart Brisbane

Hello Carts

Spreading joy with delectable treats, Hello Carts brings vintage charm to weddings in Brisbane. Their adorable red ice cream bike and vibrant red carts are iconic additions to any event. Offering customisable signage for a personal touch, they cater to diverse dietary needs with gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. Whether scooping gelato or serving choc tops, Hello Carts adds flair and entertainment to every celebration. With a background in event services, they ensure seamless catering experiences, leaving guests delighted. From pre-packed servings for larger gatherings to scoop services for intimate affairs, Hello Carts guarantees a memorable treat for all.

Address: Brisbane, QLD 4000

Phone: 0410 463 330

Social: Hello Carts

Contact : Hello Carts

Simply Divine Occasions

When it comes to wedding cakes, no one does it quite like Natasha at Simply Divine Occasions. Baking up sky-high, multi-tiered wedding cakes with looks varying from modern and simplistic to whimsical and light-hearted, Simply Divine Occasions are the experts when it comes to wedding cakes.

With over 10 years’ experience, Natasha now extends her range to include more than 20 mouth-watering flavours including white mud cake with vanilla bean buttercream, almond and pistachio cake soaked in citrus syrup with vanilla bean buttercream, and sticky date cake with butterscotch sauce. They are sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and allow clients maximal flexibility in their choice of flavour as well as fillings, icings, mousses, and decorations.

Owner and founder Natasha is a passionate cake artisan, who prides herself in delivering consistently delicious and stunning cakes for couples tying the knot in and around Brisbane.

Cake Styles: Modern, Simplistic, Whimsical

Decorations: Fondant, fresh flowers, icing, gold leaf, ribbon, chocolate and Custom design

Address: Brisbane QLD

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Natasha

With a love for beautiful, colourful, and luxurious things, Jacqueline translates this passion through to all her bespoke luxury wedding cake designs.

Jacqueline Drew Cakes is private cake design studio located in Brisbane and specialises in providing couples the most beautiful and unforgettable wedding cakes. With over a decade spent perfecting the craft, handmade sugar flowers are centric to all her designs guaranteeing an edible masterpiece whether it be a two-tier or five-tier!

Her creative flair and passion have also been expressed in her delectable cake menu offering, with over 15 flavours to choose from. Cake flavours have been thoughtfully paired with premium Belgium chocolate ganache, quality fruit preserves, nut pralines, syrups and silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream flavours.

Jacqueline’s speciality is using her keen eye for detail and passion for design to create the most romantic, classic, and timeless wedding cakes that her couples and their guests will talk about for many years to come.

Cake Styles: Modern, classic, timeless

Decorations: Sugar flowers, fondant, icing, chocolate ganache

Address: Manly, Brisbane QLD

Phone: 0400 087 001

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jacqueline Drew Cakes

Luisa’s Sweet Creations is renowned for personalised and exquisite wedding cakes. Their custom-made masterpieces capture love and celebration with elegance and taste. Beyond traditional designs, they offer playful options inspired by movies, characters, or vibrant themes. Using only the finest ingredients, Luisa ensures heavenly slices. Collaborating closely with clients, they create personalised cakes that consider unique visions, preferences, and dietary requirements. With meticulous attention to detail, Luisa’s visually stunning creations leave a lasting impression. Trust in their expertise to craft breathtaking and scrumptious cakes, cherished memories in every bite.

Cake Styles: Modern, unique, classic

Decorations: Fondant butter cream, fresh flowers, paint, chocolate ganache

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0466 395 275

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Luisa Nodari

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Confetti Cake Co

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0402 626 693

Social: Confetti Cake Co

Contact : Confetti Cake Co Team

Dello Mano

Address: Wintergarden, 171-209 Queen Street Mall Brisbane, QLD 4000

Phone: 1300 033 467

Social: Dello Mano

Contact : Dello Mano Team

Sonder Dessert

Address: 7C Farne St, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane, QLD 4109

Social: Sonder Dessert

Contact : Sonder Dessert Team

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In the midst of all the wedding planning, the decision to include an ice cream cart hire in your Brisbane wedding adds an extra layer of delight and whimsy. As you bid farewell to your guests and embark on your journey together as a married couple, the sweet memories created by the ice cream cart will linger in your hearts. Whether it’s a classic favourite or an inventive flavour combination, the joy of sharing delicious ice cream on your special day will be a cherished highlight. So, as you say “I do” amidst the beauty of Brisbane, Queensland, let the ice cream cart be a delicious reminder of the sweetness of your love story.