Imagine the day of your wedding: When you’re walking down the aisle, stepping onto the dance floor for your first dance with the love of your life, or just observing the party that you’ve envisioned and executed as an event to gather together all of your loved ones, what kind of flowers do you see around you? Do you see fresh zinnias, peonies, and tulips dotting the reception hall? Do you see vines wrapped around a wrought iron arch? Do you see floral crowns on your flower girls and vibrant, colorful bouquets in the hands of your bridesmaids?

To help you and your partner figure out what you’re looking for when it comes to florists, we’ve assembled this list of the top ten wedding florists in and around Brisbane! We hope that you enjoy reading through this list, and most of all, we hope this list gives you a jump start on the process such that you and your partner feel comfortable reaching out to one of these florists and employing their services for your wedding day. Please enjoy this list of the top ten wedding florists in Brisbane!

Address: Brisbane, Queensland

Instagram: Florabella Design

Phone: 0411 422 332

Social: Florabella Design

Contact : Jennine Williams

Look no further than Mrs Gibbons Flowers for bespoke floral designs that evoke romance, opulence, and luxury for wedding ceremonies and receptions across Brisbane and beyond. Focusing on rare and unusual blooms, Mrs Gibbons Flowers services weddings with prices starting at $2,500. The process begins with a consultation and a form to assess stylistic preferences and aesthetic sensibilities such that the team of professional florists at Mrs Gibbons Flowers can incorporate client visions into the resulting bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements for the wedding day.

Address: 140 Edmondstone St, Wilston QLD 4051, Australia

Phone: 0402 270 735

Instagram: Mrs Gibbons Flowers

Facebook: Mrs Gibbons Flowers

Contact : Amber

Kate Dawes Flower Design is a Brisbane-based floral studio offering customized floral arrangements for prospective married couples planning wedding festivities in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area. Helmed by a team of industry experts in floral arrangements, Kate Dawes Flower Design can style receptions, tables, and ceremonies, with styles ranging from “industrial” to “bohemian” to “rustic” to “vintage” and anything else in between that a client can dream up. Whether clients are looking for floral arbours and garlands running down the aisle or are on the market for an innovative hanging installation or floral backdrop, Kate Dawes Flower Design can get clients what they need.

Address: 783 Stanley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia

Phone: 0418 726 971

Instagram: Kate Dawes Flower Design

Facebook: Kate Dawes Flower Design

Contact : Kate

With Bouquet Boutique, soon-to-be-married couples in and around Brisbane can trust that their wedding celebrations will be well-equipped with the freshest, most aromatic flowers created by a team of tried and true professionals. Focused on creating “living art,” the team at Bouquet Boutique is a fashion-forward florist creating styles ranging from “traditional and classic” to “modern and glamorous,” “bohemian, chic exotic” to “flamboyant,” and much more. Only the highest quality flowers are used for designs, and consultations and meetings can be scheduled in-person, over the phone, by email, or on a virtual conferencing platform.

Address: 81 Merthyr Rd, New Farm QLD 4005, Australia

Phone: 07 3254 1066

Instagram: Bouquet Boutique

Facebook: Bouquet Boutique

Contact : Geraldine

Garden Graffiti is a Brisbane-based floral studio creating designs described as “unique, creative, rambling, edgy, romantic, whimsical, and unstructured.” Bespoke floral proposals can be prepared for clients through the wedding guide offered by Garden Graffiti, with consultations available by appointment in order to jump start the process. Tackling wedding festivities of all kinds, whether taking place in boho-chic lofts or in a fragrant garden, the team at Garden Graffiti is perfectly equipped to prepare carefully curated floral designs for wedding celebrations across Brisbane.

Address: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Phone: 0434 773 814

Instagram: Garden Graffiti

Facebook: Garden Graffiti

Contact : Kat

Nothing says elegance quite like the services by Archara Flowers, where wedding celebrations are dotted with floral arrangements that capture the sophistication and refinement of the proceedings. Prioritizing the uniqueness of each ceremony and reception, the team at Archara Flowers encourages personal consultations, bookable by appointment, in order to establish a mutual language as well as a well-understood design concept for the wedding celebration. From bouquets to centerpieces and everything else in between, Archara Flowers can create stunning wedding pictures that will not soon be forgotten by guests and loved ones.

Address: 934 Logan Rd, Holland Park West QLD 4121, Australia

Phone: 0431 866 116

Instagram: Archara Flowers

Facebook: Archara Flowers

Contact : Archara

Jacqui M Design is one of Brisbane’s premier florists, in business since 2008. With experience as a commercial florist under her belt, Jacqui is the brains behind Jacqui M Design, where custom designed bridal blooms, hanging displays, chandeliers, floral walls, freestanding installations, reception table settings, seating adornments, and much more can be assembled for wedding celebrations of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Budgets of all amounts can be accommodated by Jacqui M Design, ensuring that price is no obstacle to the fresh and fragrant floral designs created by this boutique floral studio.

Address: 28 Donegal St, Kuraby QLD 4112, Australia

Phone: 0408 066 391

Instagram: Jacqui M Design

Facebook: Jacqui M Design

Contact : Jacqui

My Little Flower Shoppe is a florist based out of Brisbane, where “elegant and stunning design” is the top priority. With 30 years of experience on the part of the floral team, My Little Flower Shoppe can offer bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, wedding arbours, hanging installations, church flowers, cake flowers, table arrangements, flower crowns, and so much more. Personal consultations can be scheduled by appointment, and the process with the team of florists at My Little Flower Shoppe unfolds after that initial consultation.

Address: 61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: 07 3876 4735

Instagram: My Little Flower Shoppe

Facebook: My Little Flower Shoppe

Contact : Tammy

With Wild at Heart Flowers, prospective married couples planning Brisbane-based wedding celebrations can work with a team of devoted professional florists who can incorporate client-driven ideas and concepts into their bespoke designs. Elegant, charming, and eye-catching floral displays are the specialty of Wild at Heart Flowers, where previous work evokes a naturalistic, grounded beauty through colorful bouquets, minimalist centerpieces, and stunning hanging and freestanding installations, all available for bookings. When it comes to floral designs for weddings in the Brisbane area, Wild at Heart Flowers is an easy choice.

Address: 127 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: 0438 114 964

Instagram: Wild at Heart Flowers

Facebook: Wild at Heart Flowers

Contact : Chris

Glenys Mercer Design is one of Brisbane’s most celebrated floral studios, offering freelance floral styling services with a focus on accommodating client preferences, tastes, and specifications. Three wedding packages are available with Glenys Mercer Design, starting at $2,000; with these packages, clients can choose between white, pink, peaches & cream, and burgundy & nude color palettes, with such offerings as bridal bouquets, buttonholes, bridesmaid bouquets, arbor arrangements, bridal table arrangements, guest table arrangements, cake flowers, and more. The package price with Glenys Mercer Design does not include delivery or setup on the day of the wedding.

Address: 36 Christina St, Wellington Point QLD 4160, Australia

Phone: 0400 571 622

Instagram: Glenys Mercer Design

Facebook: Glenys Mercer Design

Contact : Glenys


When it comes to floral studios in and around Brisbane, you and your partner need not look any further than this list. The elegance and opulence of these options can create unforgettable wedding memories that will stand up to pictures and videos for years to come. We hope that you and your partner have learned a little bit more about the incredible options around your local area, and we hope that you feel inspired to reach out to one of these floral studios to get a consultation and an initial quotation such that you can move forward with this aspect of the wedding process and check yet another box off of your list. We wish you and your partner the very best of luck as you tackle this chapter of the process, and we wish you a long and happy life together!