Very few events in life present as many stressful scenarios as the process of planning a wedding. With timelines to create, budgets to manage, vendors to liaise between, venues to scout, and designs to envision, you and your partner can find yourself easily burdened by the weight and vastness of it all, especially considering that your guests and loved ones will be fully dependent on the two of you to create a hospitable environment in which they can celebrate your love.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 wedding planners in Brisbane! Whether you and your partner are looking for a leader to take charge and organize every little detail of the wedding celebration or you’d prefer a wedding planner who can take a backseat and simply offer a little bit of guidance along the proper route as the process unfolds, this list contains the very best options that the greater Brisbane metropolitan area has to offer. We hope that you and your partner enjoy this list of the top 10 wedding planners in Brisbane!

Foreva Events is a Brisbane-based wedding planning company serving couples across the local area and beyond with individualized wedding planning services. When planning a wedding with Foreva Events, prospective married couples are entitled to the following amenities and offerings: 200+ hours of planning, vendor and venue negotiations, custom designs and decor, and 10 years of practical industry experience solely dedicated to the wants and needs of the happy couple. Foreva Events categorizes their services into “Under $40,000” and “Over $40,000,” allowing clients to select the budget which can best accommodate their capacity when it comes to the wedding planning process.

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Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 07 3262 1821

Social: Foreva Events

Contact : Eva

One of Brisbane’s most luxurious wedding planning providers, Til Death Events can build truly elegant wedding celebrations from the ground up for couples in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area. Services with Til Death Events are wrapped up into packages including on-the-day coordination, partial planning, full planning, and styling; additionally, Til Death Events offers consultations, full wedding management, and prop & lighting services on an a la carte basis. This wide array of offerings allows clients maximal flexibility in opting for the level of involvement from their wedding planning team. Whether clients need a touch of aid with managing the timeline and budget or are on the market for a stylist to take the reins on the look and feel of the event, Til Death Events can handle any and all wedding day needs.

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Address: 84-106 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Phone: 0413 471 927

Social: Til Death Events

Contact : Danielle

The Other Bridesmaid is a bespoke wedding planning company based out of Brisbane, perfect for soon-to-be-married couples looking for a bit of assistance when it comes to the days, weeks, months, and even years leading up to their wedding date. Services with The Other Bridesmaid are broken into the following packages: full planning, partial planning, design & styling, and on-the-day coordination. These flexible packages allow clients to choose for themselves the extent of involvement they’ll require from their wedding planner, whether they want a complete overhaul of the process from the very start or would prefer a ringleader to coordinate between the venue and vendors, handling all of the logistical headaches and keeping the wedding day stress-free.

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Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0450 057 100

Social: The Other Bridesmaid

Contact : Ashleigh

When it comes to wedding planning services in and around Brisbane, Perfect Story Weddings and Events is an ideal and elegant choice. Offerings by the team at Perfect Story Weddings and Events include an on-the-day coordination package, perfect for couples looking for a helpful hand to orchestrate the flow of the wedding day, as well as a full event management package, which takes the couple through the entire planning process, from budgeting to timelining to designing. Lastly, Perfect Story Weddings and Events offers a floral design & event styling package, a good fit for clients who can handle the logistical tasks but find themselves a little lost when it comes to the aesthetic atmosphere of the celebration.

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Address: 5 Frederick St, Taringa QLD 4068

Phone: 0478 078 898

Social: Perfect Story Weddings and Events

Contact : Aldrian

Everafter Weddings & Events is a wedding planning business specializing in wedding ceremonies and receptions with a unique flair and an elegant aura in venues across Brisbane and beyond. Everafter Weddings & Events can handle anything from indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony styling to venue scouting for elegant reception halls to elopement planning as well as everything in between. Everafter Weddings & Events boasts unmatched access to a list of preferred vendors and venues that promise truly decadent wedding celebrations.

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Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0408 152 417

Social: Everafter Weddings & Events

Contact : Kylee

With Haus of Hera, prospective married couples can rest assured that their wedding festivities will be planned with a professional touch and an artist’s eye. With packages that carry an atmosphere of, as described by Haus of Hera, “chic and contemporary style” as well as “intimacy and elegance,” Haus of Hera customized packages to exact client specifications, participating in and leading as much or as little of the wedding planning process as couples desire. Whether its styling, budgeting, timelining, or coordinating on the day of the ceremony and reception, Haus of Hera can guide couples through the wedding planning process and execute seamless, luxurious events.

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Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0421 149 410

Social: Haus of Hera

Contact : Christie

White+White Weddings and Events plans wedding celebrations ranging from gigantic bashes to intimate family gatherings in and around Brisbane. Packages with White+White Weddings and Events are sorted into “Inspiration and Organization,” which develops a vision and a logistical plan for the wedding, “Creative Direction,” which develops an overall aesthetic concept for the celebration, and “On the Day Support,” which manages the administrative components of the process when it comes to the events of the wedding day. The “Plan + Style” package is a popular choice with White+White Weddings and Events, through which includes vendor referrals, unlimited email communication, and day-of coordination.

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Address: 52 Prospect St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Phone: 0411 074 154

Social: White+White Weddings and Events

Contact : Danielle

Living up to its name with every additional wedding celebration under their belt, Ultimatelegance Weddings & Events is a boutique wedding planning organization owned and operated by lead planner Kathryn. With a Wedding Planning Diploma from QC Event & School and LA MODE College, Kathryn brings both educational prowess and passion for the craft of wedding planning to her business. The process with Ultimatelegance Weddings & Events begins with an initial consultation to flesh out a vision for the wedding day as well as a process to follow, and then clients can select from a variety of wedding packages to assess the scale of involvement from Kathryn when it comes to facilitating the details of the festivities.

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Address: 4 Banbury Cl, Bundamba QLD 4304

Phone: 0405 211 727

Social: Ultimatelegance Weddings & Events

Contact : Kathryn

MBK Events is one of Brisbane’s most prominent wedding planning companies, with a wide array of packages perfect for wedding celebrations across the local area and beyond. Packages with MBK Events are sorted into the following categories: ceremony packages, reception packages, elopement packages, and on-the-day coordination. Ceremony packages come with such items as choice of arbour, aisle decorations, Tiffany chairs, and setup and cleanup; reception packages come with chair covers, candles, floral arrangements, tea light votives, and more. The on-the-day coordination package allows clients to sit back and relax while a devoted coordinator manages the ins and outs of the wedding day, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch.

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Address: 64 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Phone: 0439 393 018

Social: MBK Events

Contact : Brittany

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Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0405 104 399

Social: Olive Rose Weddings & Events

Contact : Janette Newell


Now that you and your partner have finished up this list of the very best wedding planners in and around Brisbane, we hope that you two have attained a better sense of whether or not you can benefit from the use of a wedding planner. We highly recommend finding a wedding planner who you feel comfortable with and who can serve as a tried and true collaborator throughout the process. Since you’ll be working one-on-one with this go-to resource for everything related to the wedding celebration, you want to pick someone who you feel can match your personalities, aesthetic sensibilities, and logistical and administrative attitudes. We urge you to schedule some initial consultations with a few of these options and see if any of them might be a good fit with you and your partner. There’s no time like the present to get a move on the wedding planning process, and once you’ve picked out your planner, everything else will be smooth sailing guaranteed. We wish you two the best of luck as you embark upon this chapter of your wedding journey!