Embarking on the journey to your special day in Port Stephens, brings a world of excitement and decisions. Amidst the myriad choices, one aspect stands out—the wedding cake. Picture this: layers of sweetness, crafted with love, symbolizing the layers of your unique love story. In the heart of Port Stephens, a paradise for couples, exquisite wedding cake suppliers await, ready to turn your dreams into a delectable reality. From the charming beaches to the lush hinterland, your choice of confectionery reflects the essence of your celebration. Join us as we explore the top wedding cake suppliers in this enchanting locale, ensuring your cake becomes a sweet masterpiece.

Best Wedding Cakes In Port Stephens

  1. I Do Wedding Cakes
  2. Sammie Cakes
  3. Cakes BY Sheree
I Do Wedding Cakes

In the heart of Port Stephens, I Do Wedding Cakes collaborates closely with couples to craft the wedding cake of their dreams. With a commitment to making the process exciting and enjoyable, each creation is uniquely designed to mirror the couple’s style – be it romantic, classical, elegant, or fun. Penny, the skilled decorator behind the scenes, boasts years of experience, a flair for creativity, and a diverse range of styles. Her passion for the art of cake decoration, coupled with a genuine love for people, makes I Do Wedding Cakes the ideal choice for those seeking a standout centerpiece for their special day.

Address: 19 Fisher road Medowie, NSW, 2318

Phone: 02 4982 8958

Social: I Do Wedding Cakes

Contact : Penny

Sammie Cakes

Sammie Cakes, nestled in the charming Hunter Valley, stands as a testament to passion and sweet memories. Self-taught and deeply enamored with the “more is more” philosophy, Sammie, the creative force behind the scenes, transforms cakes, sweets, and treats into edible tales of joy. With a personal touch, each element is tailored to encapsulate cherished memories, creating timeless delights for your special day. Sammie, the devoted owner, expresses gratitude for the community’s support in turning her dream into reality. Let Sammie Cakes be the artisanal touch to your wedding, crafting memories you’ll savor for years to come. Contact Sammie to embark on a delectable journey together!

Address: Port Stephens, NSW

Social: Sammie Cakes

Contact : Sammie

Cakes BY Sheree

Address: Port stephens, NSW

Phone: 0414 552 294

Social: Cakes BY Sheree

Contact : Sheree


As your journey in Port Stephens concludes, so does the sweet chapter of choosing the perfect wedding cake. These talented suppliers, nestled in the heart of this coastal haven, have become an integral part of your love story. The cake, adorned with creativity and sweetness, echoes the joy of your union. Each slice tells a tale of commitment, love, and celebration. The memories created in this idyllic destination, paired with the delightful flavors of your chosen cake, will linger in your hearts forever. With these exceptional suppliers, your wedding day in Port Stephens becomes not just a celebration but a symphony of love, sealed with the sweetness of a perfect wedding cake.