Who says you can’t find the perfect marriage celebrant for your wedding? Fret not!

We have selected the best marriage celebrants in Port Stephens waiting to be your perfect match. These marriage celebrants have put smiles on couples faces and have planned the best wedding ceremonies ever to be experienced in Port Stephens.

We have listed out their qualifications, personalities and years of experience to assist you in making the right choice. If you’re planning on getting married in Port Stephens or it’s surroundings, these are your best options.


Trish Wise is a qualified marriage celebrant based in Port Stephens, Australia. With 25 years of experience in administration, he has an eye for detail and organisation. He is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about his role as a celebrant and is committed to ensuring that you have the most magical wedding ceremony ever. We highly recommend Trish and he might just be the Port Stephens marriage celebrant you’ve been looking for.

Location: Port Stephens, NSW

VIDEO: Trish Wise Celebrant

Celebrant : Trish Wise

Kim Oakhill is a young, modern civil marriage celebrant based in Port Stephens, NSW. She is the sweetest, calmest and bubbliest soul to have as a marriage celebrant. Her style is so relaxed and personal, anyone would be happy to have Kim as their celebrant on their special day. We recommend Kim if you want a fun and personalised wedding ceremony.

Location: Medowie, NSW

VIDEO: Kim Oakhill Celebrant

Celebrant : Kim Oakhill

Marg Kish is an authorized marriage celebrant based in New South Wales, Australia. Marg is one of the most passionate celebrants and best in the business. She is an enthusiastic, energetic, effervescent individual, that goes above and beyond to make sure your wedding is the best it can be. We can’t recommend Mag any higher for your special day.

Location: Mereweather, NSW

VIDEO: Marg Kish Celebrant

Celebrant : Marg Kish

Ursula Lhotka is an authorized, experienced and award winning Marriage Celebrant. She is also a Justice of Peace and Former President of the Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants NSW and ACT. Ursula has conducted over 100 traditional ceremonies in Scott Circuit, Salamander Bay and New South Wales. She is extremely passionate about her job and happy to share the most precious moments of a couple’s life with them. We highly recommend Ursula if you’re looking for a professional and experienced celebrant.

Location: NSW, Salamander Bay, Scott Circuit

Celebrant : Ursula Lhotka

Patrick Meegan is an authorised marriage celebrant based in the South Coast of New South Wales. He started his career way back in 2005 and she has been privileged to officiate several wedding ceremonies ever since. The former classical musician and art administrator is bent on creating a wedding ceremony that delivers a measure of fun and lightheartedness. We cannot recommend Patrick enough for your perfect wedding ceremony.

Location: NSW

Contact : Patrick Meegan

Gwendalyn Burt is a civil marriage celebrant based in New South Wales, Australia. If you’re looking for a lovely, fun and upbeat celebrant, Gwendalyn is the one for you. This professional celebrant is renowned for her relaxed, stylish and stress-free ceremonies. Her prior experience in fashion, events, marketing and charity has given her a wide variety of organizational skills required in her role as a celebrant. Gwendalyn could be the perfect match you’ve been looking for.

Location: Belmont, NSW

Celebrant : Gwendalyn Burt

Francine O’Brien is a registered and authorized marriage celebrant appointed by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Australia. She started her career in celebrancy in 2006 and offers her services in Port Stephens and it’s surroundings. With a prior experience in administration, Francine is highly professional and organized in her role as a celebrant. Francine might just be the perfect match for that special and memorable wedding ceremony you’ve always dreamed of having. We highly recommend her!

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Celebrant : Francine O'Brien

Victoria Langham is the No. 1 best marriage celebrant in the whole of Newcastle and Hunter valley. She recently emerged as the winner of the April 2019 Brides Choice Awards. The Award winning marriage celebrant is highly professional and has great organizational skills as well. If you’re looking to have a modern, relaxed and down to earth celebrant, then Victoria is the one for you.

Location: East Maitland, NSW

Celebrant : Victoria Langham

If you want a wedding ceremony that is funny, loving, entertaining and overall extremely exceptional then look no further than Jacie as your wedding celebrant. Jacie Whitfield is a registered marriage celebrant based in Nelson Bay, New South Wales. Her ceremonies are creative, intimate, emotional and hysterically wrapped in one. Jacie’s style is relaxed, romantic and celebratory which is absolutely beyond amazing. We can’t recommend Jacie enough as your perfect match in marriage celebrant.

Location: Nelson Bay, NSW

VIDEO: Jacie Whitfield Celebrant

Celebrant : Jacie Whitfield

Kez is a registered marriage celebrant in Mayfield, Australia. She started her role as a marriage celebrant in 2009 which was due to her felt need that couples should be given the chance to be a part of their wedding ceremonies. The former DJ has officiated over 600 ceremonies ever since followed up with great reviews from her clients. She is a professional yet fun and relaxed celebrant and we can’t recommend her enough.

Location: Mayfield, NSW

Contact : Kez (Wed by Kez)


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