Dreaming of the perfect wedding against the picturesque backdrop of Port Stephens? Your journey to marital bliss begins with the selection of a marriage celebrant who can weave magic into your special day. Picture exchanging vows on the golden beaches or lush gardens of this coastal paradise. In Port Stephens, finding the right celebrant is crucial to transforming your wedding into a cherished memory. Meet the heartbeat of your ceremony, local celebrants who add a personal touch to your love story. These professionals don’t just officiate; they craft a symphony of words that resonate with your unique connection. Let’s explore the top marriage celebrants in Port Stephens who will guide you through this joyous milestone.

The Boho Celebrant

Kim Saarenpaa is a young, modern civil marriage celebrant based in Port Stephens, NSW. She is the sweetest, calmest and bubbliest soul to have as a marriage celebrant. Her style is so relaxed and personal, anyone would be happy to have Kim as their celebrant on their special day. We recommend Kim if you want a fun and personalised wedding ceremony.

VIDEO: Kim Saarenpaa Celebrant

Address: 1 Ferodale Rd, Medowie NSW 2318

Phone: 0422 772 219

Social: The Boho Celebrant

Contact : Kim Saarenpaa

I Do Bespoke Ceremonies

If you want a wedding ceremony that is funny, loving, entertaining and overall extremely exceptional then look no further than Jacie as your wedding celebrant. Jacie Whitfield is a registered marriage celebrant based in Nelson Bay, New South Wales. Her ceremonies are creative, intimate, emotional and hysterically wrapped in one. Jacie’s style is relaxed, romantic and celebratory which is absolutely beyond amazing. We can’t recommend Jacie enough as your perfect match in marriage celebrant.

Address: 16-8 Wentworth Ave, Nelson Bay NSW 2315

Phone: 0411 556 079

Social: I Do Bespoke Ceremonies

Contact : Jacie Whitfield

Wed by Kez

Kez is a registered marriage celebrant in Mayfield, Australia. She started her role as a marriage celebrant in 2009 which was due to her felt need that couples should be given the chance to be a part of their wedding ceremonies. The former DJ has officiated over 600 ceremonies ever since followed up with great reviews from her clients. She is a professional yet fun and relaxed celebrant and we can’t recommend her enough.

Address: 29 Barton St, Mayfield NSW 2304

Phone: 0402 216 597

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Contact : Kez

That Altar Guy

Jeremy, the lively marriage celebrant behind That Altar Guy, brings a refreshing vibe to weddings in Port Stephens. At 35, this tech-loving, soccer enthusiast from Newcastle infuses ceremonies with a perfect blend of fun and relaxation. With a penchant for grabbing the microphone, Jeremy ensures your special day is anything but ordinary. Having transitioned from a full-time job to focus on his passion, he thrives on meeting new people and creating unforgettable moments. His journey into celebrancy sparked from a desire to break the monotony of traditional weddings, making each ceremony uniquely vibrant. Jeremy’s commitment to crafting joy-filled unions shines through, promising couples a memorable and entertaining wedding experience.

Address: Warners Bay, NSW

Phone: 0449 930 944

Social: That Altar Guy

Contact : Jeremy Bell

Wedding with Jules

Bringing a fresh breeze of cool, fun, and funky vibes to weddings, Jules Leggett, a celebrated Marriage Celebrant in Port Stephens, crafts unforgettable ceremonies. Specialising in unique weddings, Jules ensures your love story takes centre stage, incorporating perspectives from both partners, friends, and family. The ceremonies are a perfect blend of light-hearted humour and genuine emotions, making guests laugh and cry, ensuring an unforgettable experience. With a distinctive approach that avoids clichés, Jules Leggett creates moments that will be etched in your memory forever. Say goodbye to traditional and hello to weddings that reflect your individuality, making your big day truly exceptional.

Address: 5-23 Darling St, Hamilton South NSW 2303

Phone: 0416 137 833

Social: Wedding with Jules

Contact : Jules Leggett

Jaya Bargwanna

Purveyor of unforgettable vibes and creator of tailor-made love stories, Jaya Bargwanna stands out as a marriage celebrant in Port Stephens. With over 200 weddings under her belt, Jaya brings warmth, inclusivity, and a genuine love for crafting ceremonies that reflect each couple’s unique journey. As a laidback and authentic storyteller, she guarantees legal and legitimate unions with a touch of cheeky humour. Jaya promises a ceremony that fits your vibe, matches your colour scheme, and leaves everyone feeling giddy inside. From personalised vows to photo-perfect moments, she ensures your big day is the highlight, creating a celebration as extraordinary as your love story.

Address: Port Stephens, NSW

Phone: 0402 492 983

Social: Jaya Bargwanna

Contact : Jaya Bargwanna

Julie Muir

Julie Muir, the vibrant Newcastle celebrant, brings a unique sparkle to life’s special moments across Port Stephens and beyond. With a background in sports event management, Julie infuses her ceremonies with precision and a feel-good vibe. A roller-skating, whiskey-loving, and environment-campaigning celebrant, Julie crafts heart-felt weddings that resonate with laughter and emotion. Drawing inspiration from her own journey, she’s the creative force behind each ceremony, ensuring it’s a meaningful, joyous experience. Julie, a Dublin native with a lust for life, is your go-to wedding BFF and ceremony guru, dedicated to making your celebration a dazzling memory.

Address: 44 Rawson St, Mayfield NSW 2304

Phone: 0413 267 238

Social: Julie Muir

Contact : Julie Muir

Celebrate with Marg

Marg Kish is an authorized marriage celebrant based in New South Wales, Australia. Marg is one of the most passionate celebrants and best in the business. She is an enthusiastic, energetic, effervescent individual, that goes above and beyond to make sure your wedding is the best it can be. We can’t recommend Mag any higher for your special day.

Address: 32 Ranclaud St, Merewether NSW 2291

Phone: 0412 540 958

Social: Celebrate with Marg

Contact : Marg Kish

Best Man Civil Marriage Celebrant

Address: Port Stephens, NSW

Phone: 0411 398 395

Social: Best Man Civil Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Darrin Noon


As you embark on this remarkable journey of love, the top marriage celebrants in Port Stephens stand ready to infuse your wedding day with joy, warmth, and a touch of local charm. Your love story deserves to be told in a way that mirrors your personality and creates lasting memories. These celebrants, deeply rooted in the spirit of Port Stephens, bring an authentic touch to your ceremony. From the tranquil beaches to the scenic hinterland, they understand the essence of this breathtaking locale and will ensure your wedding is nothing short of magical. Choose a celebrant who resonates with your vision, and let your happily ever after begin in the heart of Port Stephens.