After your wedding day is over, the cake is wrapped up, the venue is packed down, and the guests all begin their journey home, what left will you have to remember all of the ins and outs of this memorable, meaningful day? What will you be able to take home so that you can remember every beautiful detail of this wedding celebration that took you so long to plan? After all of the effort you and your partner invested into creating unforgettable details, charming all of your loved ones in attendance, and manufacturing a festive and elegant atmosphere, you deserve a little piece of the ceremony and reception to cherish and hold for the rest of your lives.

To help you find just that thing, we’ve assembled together this list of the top four wedding videographers in and around Port Stephens! With this list, you have access to the very best videographers in the business, all up to the task of capturing your wedding with a unique flair and a touch of artistry that will add many dimensions of complexity and organic storytelling to the visual and auditory aspects of your wedding celebration. We hope that you enjoy reading through this list of the best wedding videographers across Port Stephens!

White Maple Videography is a Port Stephens-based wedding videographer specializing in handmade, hand-crafted wedding videos that speak to the elegance, sophistication, and romance of local celebrations.

Packages with White Maple Videography begin at $1,700 with “The Basics” package, including such services as six hours of coverage, bridal prep, ceremony coverage, location shoot, and reception if time permits; the deliverables include a 2-5 minute highlight video and an 8-10 minute full-length film. “The Complete” package includes 10 hours of coverage, bridal and groom prep, ceremony and reception footage, location shoot, and a 3-5 minute highlight video and 10-15 minute full-length film; additional items in this package include a ceremony edit including vows and a reception edit including speeches, all for $2,600.

Phone: 0423 698 988

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Contact : Sophie

Look no further than Natural Lights Photography for charming, bespoke wedding videos filmed with skill and artistry. Packages with Natural Lights Photography begin at $2,999 and include the services of the team of professional filmers who create organic stories built on an “unobtrusive, natural, and honest” style. Every film created by Natural Lights Photography is completely distinct and created to serve the unique artistic preferences and tastes of the clients with whom the staff collaborates.

Photography services are also available with Natural Lights Photography, as the name would imply, so videography and photography can be bundled together into a bespoke package created to exact client specifications, making the process of booking with this company convenient and versatile. Packages with Natural Lights Photography begin at four hours of coverage and run all the way up to 12 hours of complete coverage, from the start to the end of the wedding day.

Phone: 0429 997 864

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Contact : Ellen Starrett

At the Memento Collective, wedding videography is the central offering, ideal for couples in and around Port Stephens looking to cement their wedding memories in permanent form. A team of professional videographers collaborate to provide couples with wedding videos, and free engagement shoots are included in many of the packages on offer with Memento Collective.

Family photos are also a key aspect of the experience with Memento Collective, ensuring that all loved ones in attendance will earn a spot in the resulting wedding video. The process of securing the services of the Memento Collective begins with the enquiry form, available on the Memento Collective website, after which the team will send over a list of available packages for perusal and selection.

Videos will be received in both an online gallery and on a personalized USB flash drive. Memento Collective can travel and often tackles destination weddings and elopements; with many of the available packages, travel costs can be folded into the final cost.

Phone: 0411 791 505

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Contact : Steven Healy

KSC Weddings is one of the premier wedding videography companies based out of Port Stephens, supplying local couples with unforgettable wedding videos. Packages with KSC Weddings begin at $1,799 with the “Short & Sweet Package,” which includes a 2-4 minute highlight after-movie, a 60-second sneak preview, raw footage, one videographer, four hours of coverage, location footage, basic ceremony coverage, photoshoot coverage, and basic reception coverage.

The most expensive package is the “Luxury Package” which costs $3,999 and includes a 5-7 minute highlights after the movie, a full ceremony video, full speeches video, two videographers, drone footage, a full ceremony and reception coverage, and much more. There also exists an option for a “Tailored Package,” which can be designed in accordance with exact client specifications in order to receive a completely bespoke experience from start to finish. In addition to the professionalism and cinematic videography for which they are known, KSC Weddings is a natural choice for Port Stephens-based wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Phone: 0492 506 207

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Contact : Kye Smith


Now that you’ve finished up reading through this list of the best wedding videographers in and around Port Stephens, we hope that you feel ready, willing, and able to make an investment in one of these incredible wedding videography companies! After all, you deserve a wedding videographer who can frame your wedding in the best possible light and make all of those lovely memories completely permanent, from the first shot of the ceremony to the last dance at the reception. With wedding season filling up fast and slots getting occupied with each passing minute, there’s no time like the present to put a deposit down with your favourite wedding videographer on this list and ensure that their services will be dedicated specifically to your upcoming nuptials. We wish you the very best of luck with your ceremony and reception, and we hope that you are able to attain the wedding video of your dreams once your wedding date draws near!