Videos are so important, both for historical purposes and for nostalgic purposes too. Do you watch your parents wedding videos from time to time? Or maybe you’d like to see what your outfit looks like from 365 angles. Then a videographer is your best bet to make your aspirations tangible. The Southern Highlands are a gorgeous setting for your wedding. And you’d want someone who can capture the essence of the area. No one will do it better than a videographer specialising in that location. And with this list of 11 popular videographers, there’s no doubt you’ll find someone who does the trick.

Subtle Weddings is focused on ensuring your wedding is captured in a subtle manner – so you can fully experience your wedding without having to worry about the photography/video.

They use the latest equipment and will give you the option of having a video with a more cinema type filming, versus a more contemporary style. They endeavor to blend with the crowd to not impact the natural progression of your day. 

If you are looking for a wedding videographer who will capture all the romantic, candid, relaxed and natural footage of your unforgettable moments, get in touch with Subtle Weddings today!

Address: Sydney | Southern Highlands

Phone: 0426 071 846

Social: Subtle Weddings

Contact : Subtle Weddings

Do you want to capture the genuine love between you and your partner? It goes beyond just smiling; you want to hear the laughter and see the best candid moments — the ones you didn’t plan. Brand New Imaging offers professional wedding videography in Newcastle. Christopher has a natural flow and unobtrusive style, so he won’t be in your way. As an experienced drone pilot, he can capture raw aerial videography. Three packages are available and a fourth option to custom everything you desire. The smallest package comes with full-day coverage, drone footage, cinematic colour, high-quality audio, and licensed music within a five-minute wedding film. Everything is delivered online or via a 4K flash drive.

Address: Newcastle NSW

Phone: 0401 616 393

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Christopher Lubyckij

Having someone with experience to film your wedding is your best bet. And with over 10 years of experience filming some of the best weddings, Mitch Hickman and his team at Mitch Hickman Films, is one of the best. The type of films Mitch creates are simple and unique but with an attention to detail. Not only is their personal philosophy to laugh, love and have fun, but their goal is to tell your story that’ll last forever. Their style is romantic with a little bit of fun all wrapped up in a cinematic bow. If that’s exciting, then go and send Mitch a message, he’ll love to hear from you.

Address: Southern Highlands, NSW

Social: Mitch Hickman Films

Contact : Mitch Hickman

Simple and elegant. Only a few of the words that could describe Artiste Films. Michael knows what he’s talking about when it comes to videos. He knows that when it comes to your wedding day, you don’t need fancy special effects like it’s a Marvel film, you want your love captured on film. Michael knows exactly how to do that. Offering three packages, from six hours of footage to ten hours of footage. Each package offers extra content, like footage archive lifetime guarantee or a 360 video photobooth. Michael takes great care in his videos, and he’ll take great care of you.

Address: Bowral NSW 2576

Phone: 0488 997 380

Social: Artiste Films

Contact : Michael

Videos can have a real impact on people. Jason Cole at Cole Studios understands this. He loves watching the videos of both of his weddings because of how it’ll memorialise people that are close to him. Having someone who will not only understand how important videos are, but someone with the experience, is a great person to have at your wedding capturing every moment. Jason is a veteran when it comes to the creative field, as he has 20+ years of experience. Cole Studios offers six packages, each varying price and what’s on offer. You can have only the ceremony filmed, or maybe you want the ceremony and reception filmed. So why not contact Jason about your big event.

Address: Tullimbar, NSW 2500

Phone: 0402 802 321

Social: Cole Studios

Contact : Jason Cole

Have you been dreaming of having a third wheel at your wedding? Then Tom from Real Nice Films is a professional at being a third wheel. In return, he’ll film your wedding. When it comes to your wedding, having candid but professional videos is what Tom does best. When it comes to making a Real Nice Film, it’s all about those highlights. Those big moments of laughter and fun cut down to a 4-5 minute clip. There’s also packages for the ceremony, speeches and even the raw extended cut. If you’re eloping instead or you don’t need full day coverage, Tom is available to create a custom quote for you. Having someone laid back and chill for your wedding isn’t a bad idea. Thus, Tom will be a great fit.

Address: Southern Highlands, NSW

Phone: 0434 639 745

Social: Real Nice Films

Contact : Tom

Since 2014, Dion Cario Films has been capturing every lover’s story so that it can last for a lifetime. Your wedding will be no different in how Dion gives it the utmost care. Dion offers packages for those who decide to skip everything and elope, or those who feel like a smaller wedding would be better. With a minimum of four hours of film coverage to first looks. Or, if you’re hosting a huge shindig Dion can do that too. The package includes full day coverage, speeches and custom options too. Quality is better over quantity. With Dion you can expect the highest quality videos that your friends and family will rave about.

Address: Charles Rd, Tarrawanna NSW 2518

Phone: 0438 658 528

Social: Dion Cario Films

Contact : Dion Cario

PipeWolf Media is pretty interesting when it comes to videographers. Not only can they take videos of your wedding, but they can also live stream it as well. For when you have family or friends who can’t make it but still want to experience your wedding. PipeWolf Media is a husband-and-wife duo, who understand the highs and lows of marriage. They’ve been filming weddings since 2017 and offer three packages and can create packages for elopements and non-traditional weddings. Their popular package includes 10-hours of film coverage, a footage album film and 2 videographers amongst other things. Give Dave and Fyona a buzz, they can’t wait to hear your love story.

Address: 7 Stafford St, Berkeley NSW 2500

Phone: 0439 471 135

Social: PipeWolf Media

Contact : Fyona and Dave

Videographers not only capture those moments you missed at your wedding, but can also help jog your memory when it comes to that special day. Craig and Cass from Puzzleman Productions get it. Weddings are big days, and they don’t want you missing out on anything, and if you do… well you’ve got backup then! Puzzleman Productions have three packages, the first one begins with 8 hours of coverage and a highlight film. The second and third package will give you both 10 hours of coverage. Difference being that you get some extra goodies when you use them for photography too. If it all sounds good and they’re exactly your vibe, send them an email and ask if they’re available for you.

Address: Southern Highlands, NSW

Phone: 0414 541 735

Social: Puzzleman Productions

Contact : Craig Turner

From a young age, Tom Coburn has been documenting life. Whether it’s through people watching or nature. Wedding videos aren’t just services, they’re art. Tom wants to be that fly on a wall at your wedding, showing all the people gasping at your outfit or crying over the vows. It’s your story, and Tom is happy to be a part of it. From gorgeous settings to stunning lighting, Tom uses his camera like it’s his third eye. Why not get into contact with Tom and see if he can document the best day of your life.

Address: 15 Nardoo Cres, Thirroul NSW 2515

Phone: 0401 107 295

Social: Tom Coburn Wedding Co.

Contact : Tom

With their heads in the clouds and hands full of video cameras, Way Up High Films can capture every detail of your wedding no matter what happens. The team uses natural hand-held style to make your wedding feel natural. Having the ability to capture special moments in your day without drawing a distraction with huge hulking cameras. Way Up High offers two packages, a highlight reel for those wanting something short and sweet. Or the feature package, which includes a highlight reel with full ceremony and speeches. Way Up High Films believes in creating moments that are beautiful and authentic. If this feels like something you can vibe with, why not give them a call.

Address: Bowral NSW 2576

Phone: 0422 371 368

Social: Way Up High Films

Contact : Kara and Brad

There’s so many options, but there will be a videographer for you who will hit those aesthetics. Whether it’s from the way they capture your smile, or your partner’s tears. No one will do it better than those on this list. Check out a few of them, email and see if they’re available for your wedding. If so, then great! If not, go to the next one you want to see at your wedding and go from there. It won’t take long, but it will if you leave it to the last minute. Don’t delay!