As you embark on the journey towards your special day, finding the perfect wedding DJ can elevate your celebration to unforgettable heights. In the picturesque landscapes of Southern Highlands, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to talented professionals who can curate the soundtrack to your love story.

Imagine dancing under the stars, surrounded by lush greenery, as your chosen DJ spins tunes that resonate with your souls. From soulful melodies to pulsating beats, Southern Highlands boasts a diverse array of DJs who understand the essence of your love and the rhythm of your celebration. Let us guide you through the vibrant scene of wedding DJs in this enchanting region, ensuring that every beat, every note, speaks to the magic of your union.

Unity Entertainment is a boutique Wedding DJ and MC service.

Spearheaded by DJ and MC Alex Pisani, this one-man operation really nails the service and presonalization aspect that will make your wedding extra special.

Alex is renowned for leaving no stone unturned in his planning, and going the extra step with assistance to get make sure he gets the details right.

Music-wise, Alex is an experienced wedding, bar, club and festival DJ, so he knows how to bring the heat to the dancefloor with a huge music library from over 10 years in the game.

Address: 10 Wirrinya Pl, Grasmere NSW 2570

Phone: 1300 210 595

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Alex Pisani


Focused on delivering joyous melodies to celebrations, XYDJ prioritises seamless planning and preparation, allowing couples to unwind. With a team of friendly, responsive professionals, they eagerly accommodate song requests and ensure clear sound for speeches. Beyond mere DJs, XYDJ specialises in crafting immersive auditory experiences for weddings, meticulously tailoring sound systems to diverse venues. Their passion for flawless audio is evident in their industry acclaim and glowing client testimonials. Trust XYDJ to orchestrate a dance floor frenzy while you focus on treasured moments with loved ones.

Address: Kiama, NSW 2534

Phone: 1300 855 144

Social: XYDJ

Contact : Simon

Boasting over two decades of collective experience, Ultimate Entertainment stands out as a premier choice for unforgettable events in Southern Highlands. From elegant weddings to vibrant nightlife, they curate tailor-made DJ experiences that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Based in Illawarra and serving areas from Sydney to Canberra, their dedicated team ensures seamless event execution, going the extra mile to exceed expectations. With founder Dan Searle’s passion for reading crowds and crafting epic parties, Ultimate Entertainment promises to transform any occasion into an unforgettable celebration. Choose them to elevate your wedding or event with their wealth of expertise and commitment to excellence.

Address: 2 The Cct, Kiama Downs NSW 2533

Phone: 0430 149 851

Social: Ultimate Entertainment

Contact : Dan Searle

Crushing dance floors since 2015, Advantage DJs has become a standout choice for weddings in NSW. Their engaging social media content, with over 6 million plays, showcases their popularity among engaged couples and wedding vendors. Committed to inclusivity, they support the LGBTQIA+ community and boast a diverse team of DJs, including women and individuals from various cultures. Renowned for fast, friendly communication and exceptional MC services, they ensure every wedding feels unique and special. With numerous glowing Google reviews highlighting their attention to detail, couples can trust Advantage DJs to make their big day unforgettable.

Address: Southern Highlands, NSW

Phone: 0401 305 362

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Brendan Kelso

Bringing warmth, personalization, and fun to weddings, DJ:Plus! Entertainment stands out as a top choice for couples in Southern Highlands. With decades of experience, Serge, the dedicated owner, ensures every moment is filled with joy and love. From crafting unique playlists to guiding the flow of the reception, Serge works closely with couples to bring their dream wedding to life. His commitment to honesty, communication, and personalised attention ensures a stress-free and memorable experience. Choose DJ:Plus! Entertainment for an unforgettable celebration that captures the essence of your love story.

Address: Southern Highlands, NSW

Phone: 0411 529 255

Social: DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Contact : Serge

The Vintage Stylus

Bringing the groove to your special day, this vinyl DJ collective near Southern Highlands crafts bespoke sets to match your vibe. With a passion for personalization, they skip clichés to curate tunes that reflect you. Elevating the DJ booth to a style statement, they ensure every beat looks as good as it sounds. From sound systems to wireless microphones, they’ve got your audio needs covered. With a mission to be the region’s ultimate wedding and event DJs, they’re ready to spin memories that last a lifetime. Get in touch to make your dream playlist a reality!

Address: Southern Highlands, NSW

Phone: 0418 217 637

Social: The Vintage Stylus

Contact : Bobby


With over two decades of expertise, Prodiscos delivers unparalleled entertainment for weddings and corporate events in Sydney and the Southern Highlands. Led by seasoned DJ and MC, Alan Lyle-Stirling, their premium service ensures an unforgettable atmosphere for any occasion. Specialising in weddings and corporate functions, they also cater to birthdays, engagements, and various social events. With a diverse music selection and state-of-the-art sound systems, Prodiscos guarantees a memorable and enjoyable celebration. Trust their professionalism, experience, and dedication to create the perfect ambiance for your special day.

Address: Camden, NSW 2570

Phone: 0402 263 685

Social: Prodiscos

Contact : Alan

Tiger Boy Entertainment

With a fusion of Lebanese, Arabic, and English beats, this DJ duo brings a vibrant touch to weddings in Southern Highlands. Founded over 18 years ago in Lebanon, Tiger Boy Entertainment has seamlessly transitioned its unique experience to Australian celebrations. Brothers Bernard and Joseph Hobeich expertly blend international cultures and music to create unforgettable moments. With 18 years of experience, they pride themselves on professionalism and flexibility, ensuring every event is a success. From corporate galas to intimate gatherings, Tiger Boy Entertainment brings flair and expertise to every occasion, making them a standout choice for weddings in the Southern Highlands.

Address: 11 Strauss Rd, St Clair NSW 2759

Phone: 0424 135 858

Social: Tiger Boy Entertainment

Contact : Bernard Hobeich


In the heart of Southern Highlands, where love and nature intertwine, your wedding journey finds its perfect melody with the right DJ. As you bid farewell to this enchanting landscape, take with you the memories of laughter, joy, and dance floor magic created by your chosen DJ. Remember, your wedding day is a symphony of love, and the DJ is the conductor orchestrating every beautiful moment. Whether it’s a romantic serenade or a lively celebration, Southern Highlands’ DJs bring passion and expertise to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. As you reflect on the memories of your special day, let the music continue to echo the love that binds you, forever and always.