On the day of your wedding, you want a photographer who can capture your celebration in all of its glory. Since the wedding day will inevitably end, your wedding photographer will be supplying you with one of the only permanent records of the wedding day, one that you can turn to at any point in your future married life to reminisce on this special festivity. That’s why choosing a wedding photographer is such a crucial task of the wedding planning process.

To help make things just a little bit more convenient, we’ve put together this list of the ten most popular wedding photographers in and around Ballarat — we hope that you and your partner enjoy this list, and we hope you’re able to find a wedding photographer from this list who you can connect with and whose services you’re able to employ when it comes to your upcoming wedding date!

Eric Sebastian Photography is one of the premier wedding photography companies in and around Ballarat, providing prospective married couples with gorgeous, unforgettable photographs of their wedding celebrations. Prices with Eric Sebastian Photography begin at $2,800, which entitles couples to coverage of the wedding day including the bride and groom getting ready, the full ceremony, family group photos, a bridal session, reception coverage, and then the resulting unlimited images on a USB drive after the wedding day. A minimum of 200 high definition images will be delivered, though it ranges from 300-400 in most cases. For a photographer who plans in advance, who captures the event with an organic style, and who accommodates and integrates client specifications into the process, check out Eric Sebastian Photography for any and all wedding day photography needs.

Address: Ballarat, VIC

Phone: 0412 312 670

Contact : Eric Sebastian

For elegant, bespoke photography that speaks to the beauty and sophistication of wedding celebrations across Ballarat and beyond, look no further than David Bailey Photography. The experience of wedding photography services with David Bailey Photography is based in an “unobtrusive” and “natural” approach, letting the genuine moments of authentic connection at wedding celebrations speak for themselves; David Bailey Photography locates and zooms in on intimate moments and celebrates them with charming photographs. Packages with David Bailey Photography begin at $2,150 and cap at $3,800; packages include such offerings as complete coverage, two photographers, high resolution images, engagement session, two parent books, matte print, custom book, and more.

Phone: 0421 967 277

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Contact : David Bailey

Bibo Photography is a wedding photography outlet based out of Ballarat, offering up their services for ceremonies and receptions across the local area. Bibo Photography offers a variety of packages for weddings, starting at $2,000 and ranging up to $4,100; packages with Bibo Photography include such amenities as two photographers, engagement photography session, wedding day coverage and reception coverage, two mini albums, digital album with 30 pages, feature wedding photograph printed on metal, personalized thank you cards, and more. Three packages are available for booking, lending clients flexibility in their choice of services with Bibo Photography and ensuring that clients only spend money on the services which they particularly desire.

Phone: 0419 114 075

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Contact : Bibo Photography

With Peter Kervaree Photography, prospective married couples can trust that their weddings will be captured in a permanent record with an artist’s eye and a professional’s touch. Providing both beautiful photographers and bespoke wedding albums, Peter Kervaree Photography takes a romantic, timeless approach to wedding photography, creating epic, majestic images that heighten the dramatic quality of wedding celebrations and elevate them to utter cinematic glory. With 25 years of practical industry experience, Peter Kervaree Photography is uniquely qualified to take on wedding ceremonies and receptions of all shapes and sizes.

Phone: 0417 052 128

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Contact : Peter Kervaree

When it comes to wedding photography, no one does it quite like Tanya Volt Wedding Photography. Tanya Volt Wedding Photography takes an approach to the craft that focuses in on moments that are “raw, intimate, and spontaneous.” This means that Tanya Volt Wedding Photography never forces her subjects into uncomfortable or unnatural poses, instead meeting subjects where they are and simply documenting the event as it occurs. For seven hours of wedding day coverage with Tanya Volt Wedding Photography, prices start at $4,500. Clients with Tanya Volt Wedding Photography can trust that their weddings will be captured with utter refinement, charm, taste, and sumptuousness.

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Mark and Trudi Photography is a wedding photography business based out of Ballarat, known for their creative and scenic approach to the craft of capturing wedding ceremonies and receptions. Packages with Mark and Trudi Photography begin at $1,950 and can be specifically designed to meet the distinct requests of each client with whom they collaborate; packages range in the length and scale of the coverage on the wedding day, in the inclusion of before-and-after shots of the wedding, and more. Mark and Trudi Photography uses pro-level Canon cameras, state-of-the-art suppliers for wedding albums, and Adobe Photoshop to create wedding photographs that are as professionally shot and edited as they are gorgeous and memorable.

Phone: 0413 252 957

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Contact : Mark and Trudi

With The Bear Moments Photography behind the camera, couples can rest assured knowing that their weddings will be beautifully and memorably captured. With 20 years of practical industry experience, Noleen, the owner and operator of The Bear Moments Photography, can shoot wedding celebrations with an eye for the intimacy and lush romance of the proceedings. Packages with The Bear Moments Photography center in around $2,500, but pricing models are developed to meet the exact specifications of clients, taking a bespoke approach to wedding photography that allows clients to maximize their budgets and only pay for the services that they specifically desire. Packages with The Bear Moments Photography entitle clients to an online gallery from which to browse and gaze upon the edited photographs. Obligation-free initial consultations can be scheduled with Noleen at The Bear Moments Photography by appointment.

Phone: 0408 374 924

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Contact : The Bear Moments Photography

Always and Forever Photography is a trusted wedding photography company located in Ballarat, providing couples in and around the local area with bespoke wedding photography services for ceremonies and receptions of all shapes and sizes. Affordable and distinctly qualified, Always and Forever Photography celebrates the joy and grandeur of wedding celebrations with the use of professional grade quality Nikon digital SLR camera bodies and lenses; packages with Always and Forever Photography include layflat photo books and high resolution images. Appointments to discuss any and all artistic preferences and stylistic accommodations can be scheduled with Always and Forever Photography.

Phone: 03 5309 3116

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Contact : Always and Forever Photography

Infocus Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography service providers in the greater Ballarat metropolitan area. Uniquely trusted and distinctly qualified, Infocus Photography focuses on capturing moments of joy, levity, connection, and emotional richness, whether it’s loved ones tearing up and embracing or grandparents romantically dancing to a slow tune on the dance floor late into the reception. Pricing guides with Infocus Photography can be made available to prospective clients upon specific request, and visits to the studio can be arranged by appointment in order to gather a sense of the previous work of this skilled and professional wedding photography company.

Phone: 03 5334 4889

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Contact : Infocus Photography


When it comes to the craft of wedding photography, you’re going to want a photographer who brings the following qualities to the table: passion, personality, professionalism, and precision. Let’s break it down: You should get a sense of your wedding photographer’s passion for the craft in a one-on-one consultation; if they seem excited by the prospect of getting to photograph your wedding, you’ll know you have a photographer who will throw themselves into your wedding day with total engagement. You can get a sense of personality in a consultation as well, just to see if you’re able to mesh with them, which will get your photographer to care all the more about your celebration in particular. You can get a sense of the photographer’s professionalism and their precision from a gallery of their previous work or from testimonials, which should convey how the photographers operate their business.

On this list, you’ll find photographers who truly engage these four crucial qualities, and we hope that you’re as compelled by the incredible services of these professional photographers as we are!

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