Your wedding day is a canvas of dreams, and at the heart of this masterpiece lies the sweet centrepiece – the wedding cake. In Shepparton, a confectionery haven awaits to elevate your celebration to unparalleled heights. Picture this: layers of delectable bliss, intricately designed to reflect your love story. As you embark on this sweet journey, we present the Top Wedding Cake Suppliers in Shepparton, a curated list to ensure your special day is not just memorable but utterly scrumptious. These artisans blend creativity and culinary mastery to craft bespoke delights, tailored to your unique taste. Join us in exploring the finest purveyors of sweetness, where each slice is a testament to love.

Tegan's Custom Cakes

Indulge in the delightful world of custom cakes with Tegan’s Custom Cakes in Shepparton. Meet the talented Tegan Crawford, the heart and soul behind the buttercream magic. From humble beginnings in January 2018, Tegan’s passion for cake artistry has flourished, crafting exquisite creations for birthdays, weddings, and more. Despite starting without formal training, Tegan’s innate talent shines through, ensuring every cake not only looks stunning but tastes divine. With a growing business fueled by creativity, Tegan is dedicated to bringing your cake dreams to life. Embrace the joy of celebration with Tegan’s Custom Cakes – where every cake tells a delicious story.

Address: 5 Buffalo Ct, Kialla VIC 3631

Phone: 0487 171 519

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Contact : Tegan Crawford

Homemade Treats by MC

Address: Chuck Rd, Shepparton VIC 3630

Phone: 0400 637 231

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Cake Matters Shepparton

Address: 48 Vaughan Street, Shepparton, VIC 3630

Phone: 03 5800 2892

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Contact : Cake Matters Shepparton Team


As you dance into the sunset, your wedding cake will linger in memories like a sweet melody. The Top Wedding Cake Suppliers in Shepparton have orchestrated a symphony of flavours and artistry that transcends the ordinary. Your journey began with a desire for the perfect slice, and these confectionery wizards have not just met but exceeded your expectations. Let the sweetness linger, a lingering reminder of a day steeped in love and celebration. May your marriage be as sweet and enduring as the cakes that adorned your special day. In Shepparton, the legacy of these exceptional bakers lives on, echoing the joyous moments they helped create. Here’s to love, laughter, and the sweetest beginnings!