Discovering the perfect wedding photographer is like finding the missing piece to your love story puzzle. In the heart of Shepparton, Australia, where every cobblestone street echoes with romance, selecting the ideal photographer is paramount. Your wedding day is a canvas waiting to be painted with the strokes of emotion and joy, and the right photographer ensures every nuance is captured for eternity. As you navigate this enchanting journey, allow us to guide you through the lens of the top wedding photographers in Shepparton, each a maestro in weaving visual tales that mirror the uniqueness of your love.

In the thriving tapestry of Shepparton’s wedding photography scene, these artists distinguish themselves with a blend of creativity, passion, and an innate ability to seize the essence of your special day. Let’s embark on a journey through the lens, where the focus is solely on creating timeless memories that transcend the fleeting moments of your wedding day.

Prue Peters Photography

Prue Peters Photography is a wedding photography company based out of Shepparton and serving wedding festivities in the greater metropolitan area. Prue helms up the operations at Prue Peters Photography, with over 200 wedding celebrations under her belt and abiding devotion to creating everlasting wedding memories through a combination of artistry and professionalism. Wedding day packages with Prue Peters Photography can be customized and individualized to client specifications, ensuring a flexible, bespoke process from the first contact to the last dance at the reception.

Experience: 10+ year

Address: 280-282 Wyndham St, Shepparton VIC 3630

Phone: 0438 313 861

Social: Prue Peters Photography

Photographer : Prue Peters

Leticia Lopes Photography

At Leticia Lopes Photography, elegant wedding photos are an absolute guarantee. Headed up by Leticia, Leticia Lopes Photography is based out of Shepparton and Melbourne, but her services can be made available for interstate and international wedding celebrations as well. Packages can be customized to exact client specifications or chosen from an existing slate of offerings and amenities, and bookings begin at $2,500.

Address: Shepparton, VIC

Phone: 0437 120 613

Social: Leticia Lopes Photography

Photographer : Leticia Lopes

Amina Barolli Photography

Amina Barolli Photography is a wedding photography outlet run by Amina herself, who dedicates her passion for love stories to the craft of capturing and immortalizing wedding festivities in and around Shepparton. Included with wedding packages from Amina Barolli Photography are such amenities as a complimentary pre-wedding photoshoot, Q&A to establish the details, logistics, and special requests for the wedding day, fine-art photo album, and a glass print case display, among other such offerings.

Address: Sugargum Cres, Kialla VIC 3630

Phone: 0400 578 609

Social: Amina Barolli Photography

Photographer : Amina Barolli

Alicia Flegeltaub photography

Alicia Flegeltaub photography is a wedding photography business offering top-shelf photography services for celebrations across Shepparton and beyond. A variety of packages are offered by Alicia Flegeltaub photography with services and amenities including 10 hours of photo coverage, complimentary engagement session, digital images, private online gallery, and add-ons including a customized, tangible wedding album and extra hours of coverage.

Phone: 0459 386 826

Social: Alicia Flegeltaub photography

Photographer : Alicia Flegeltaub

MR & MRS Photography

Specialising in candid and romantic wedding photography, MR & MRS Photography, led by the talented husband-and-wife team Joshua and Isabella Cullen, has been capturing the love stories of couples for over 5 years. Based in Melbourne but available globally, they adopt a non-invasive approach, skillfully documenting unplanned, heartfelt moments. With an editorial style that embraces emotion and movement, MR & MRS Photography creates timeless, elegant images that authentically reflect the essence of each couple. As classic romantics at heart, they travel far and wide to ensure every detail and emotion of your special day is beautifully preserved, allowing you to relive those cherished moments for generations.

Phone: 1300 232 012

Social: MR & MRS Photography

Contact : Joshua and Isabella Cullen


As the curtain falls on this exploration of Shepparton’s finest wedding photographers, we hope you’ve found inspiration for your own visual love story. These talented professionals stand ready to capture the laughter, the tears, and the unspoken moments that make your wedding day uniquely yours. Entrust your memories to their expertise, and you’ll find your love story immortalised in frames that resonate with the beauty of Shepparton’s landscapes. May your wedding day be a symphony of emotions, and may these photographers be the maestros orchestrating every note. Cheers to the love you share and the memories yet to unfold—may they be as vivid as the images these remarkable photographers craft with their discerning eyes and skillful hands.