When you envision yourself and your partner on the day of your wedding, who do you see yourself walking up to as you slowly march down the aisle? Who will be waiting for you, ready with the legal documents as well as the text for the ceremony?

Picking a marriage celebrant doesn’t have to be a source of stress as your wedding date approaches; in fact, your marriage celebrant can be a true collaborator to you and your partner as the wedding planning process unfolds, providing an artistic outlet for the poems, readings, vows, and flow of the ceremony that you want to hold for your guests and loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a completely original, modern ceremony that eschews the classic rites and rituals or you’re hoping to host a ceremony that follows all of the traditions to a T, you’ll find a wedding celebrant on this list who can accommodate any and all of your individual needs and preferences. With all that said, we hope that you and your partner enjoy this list of the top four marriage celebrants in Shepparton!

Julie Kane Celebrant

Julie Kane Celebrant is a marriage celebrant based out of Shepparton, providing soon-to-be-married couples in and around the local area with bespoke celebrant services for wedding celebrations. Julie Kane Celebrant can also provide couples with emcee services and can travel to a variety of destinations across Australia and abroad. The process with Julie Kane Celebrant begins with a complimentary consultation, in which the details and individualized preferences of the clients are discussed, with the purpose of accommodating client specifications into the tapestry of the ceremony, hand crafted by Julie.

Phone: 0407 617 502

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Katrina The Celebrant

For marriage celebrant services with an authentically personal approach, look no further than Katrina The Celebrant. Katrina can provide her services for ceremonies of all shapes, sizes, and styles, whether clients are looking for a modern wedding that eschews the typical traditions and rites or a traditional wedding that incorporates all of the storied rituals. Katrina The Celebrant can write from a genuine, heartfelt place while still meeting and matching the stylistic preferences of her clients. Katrina The Celebrant supports marriage equality in Australia and can perform celebrant services for a vast array of clients, regardless of orientation.

Phone: 0412 869 275

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One of Shepparton’s premier celebrants is Jennifer Broadbent, who lends years of practical experience in the field of marriage officiating for a variety of ceremonies across Shepparton and beyond. Jennifer combines her legal and administrative duties with a genuine passion for the planning and execution of the wedding day and all of the joy that it entails. Jennifer Broadbent supports marriage equality, and she is capable of traveling for various destination weddings, having performed as a celebrant through her elopement package available for booking. For weddings, Jennifer will create a personalized ceremony, attend and officiate the ceremony, prepare the legal documents required beforehand, register those documents, and presenting clients with the Certificate of Marriage as well as a copy of the vows.

Phone: 0411 055 900

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David Callanan Celebrancy Services

David Callanan Celebrancy Services can perform ceremonies in styles ranging from traditional to informal to intimate to themed, all with a dedicated client-forward approach that embraces the personal needs of prospective married couples. Fees with David Callanan Celebrancy Services entitle clients to online lodgement of data, personal officiating, liability insurance, backup celebrant, online marriage restoration, and a marriage certificate. David Callanan Celebrancy Services comes with a PA system for amplification, and initial consultations can be scheduled by appointment for no fee in order to assess whether David’s services are a good match with the happy couple in question.

Phone: 0419 374 627

Contact : David Callanan


Now that you and your partner have made it through this list of the very best options for marriage celebrants in and around Shepparton, we encourage you two to reach out to a few of these celebrants and see if their styles will mesh with yours and if your personalities will make a good fit. Since your marriage celebrant is a key collaborator with whom you should align values and preferences in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the ceremony, you and your partner should maintain with absolute certainty and confidence that your wedding celebrant is the right choice for the aesthetic and vibe of your wedding celebration. With all that said, we wish you and your partner the very best of luck in finding the right wedding celebrant for you, and we know that you’ll find an incredible celebrant among this four incredible choices in Shepparton!