Videographers offer the ability to be able to cherish your memories years after they were created. To relive the best experiences of your life and reflect back on them. Videographers also have a certain edge over photographers as they can offer along with the visual picture, sounds, noises, and every other aspect of your day. In accordance with weddings, hiring a professional videographer to capture every moment of your special day is a very sensible choice. However, it may seem challenging to choose a crew to document your day. Thus to ease your decision, we have formulated this list to help residents of the Blue Mountains in choosing the best videographer for their wedding according to their needs.

CloudHerd Film Co realizes the importance of your wedding day, and they take that fact exceptionally seriously. They commend themselves in offering the best level of energy into their work and in documenting every moment of your day. They will preserve every special moment of your day on film, allowing you to relive those moments again and again and again. They have a great deal of experience documenting weddings with every client reaching the utmost level of satisfaction. They enjoy what they do while keeping the professional aspect of their job in check. They would be a highly decent choice of videographers to film your wedding day.

Phone: 0478 565 880

Social: CloudHerd Film Co

Contact : Jem

Andy Mac Photography has been filming wedding films for the last ten years with a clear goal of excellence. With a particular interest in incorporating people with nature, Andy Mac’s team of professionals can easily make your marriage event furthermore memorable and extravagant. Their incredible quality and dependability make them one of the best in the wedding videography category, making them a sensible choice.

Phone: 0417 477 001

Social: Andy Mac Photography

Contact : Andy Mac

Pixflix wedding films stand up to their iconic factor of capturing every minute detail as well as every blowing display. They can make you miss your wedding day years after the memory. Along with their beautiful captures, they also love being a helping part of your special day, and they hold that job with intense priority. They would make a great team with compassionate intentions to film your wedding day.

Phone: 0407 412 889

Social: Pixflix Wedding Films

Contact : Adam Pickstone

The Mountain Folk Films and Photography have perfected the skill of capturing emotions, and what better way to document your wedding than that. They offer specific and individual attention to each customer proving how they want all their attention focused on you. They love to be present in the joyous celebration and love to be the one to preserve the event for your eyes later on.

Phone: 0409 345 202

Social: The Mountain Folk Films and Photography

Contact : Jefferton James

If you want your wedding video with lots of specifications and according to your requests, Xtraordinary Photos and Video would be your ideal choice. They are experts in doing everything you want exactly how you want. You can dictate your desires, and they will fulfil each one with the utmost competence. They hold in high regard the imperativeness of your wedding day and hold that feeling mutually close to themselves. They would make a very significant addition to your wedding catering team.

Phone: 02 9550 9311

Social: Xtraordinary Photos & Video

Contact : Wayne

Salt Altier is a team of a group of videographers with ten years of experience behind the camera. They try to acquire all of those moments that will make you laugh and cry watching your wedding video years after the fact. They can capture every one of those moments in your own artistic and specific manner without leaving any chance of complications. With the experience of working on many weddings, all the professionals have practised photography for years and leave no room for mistakes.

Phone: 0405 557 132

Social: Salt Atelier

Contact : Salt Atelier Team

Pepper Image can confidently capture your whole wedding day. They can repaint your memories in a highly realistic manner allowing you to preserve your day without any problems. Their idea of videography is all about grabbing hold of all those moments that can make a difference in perfect authenticity. Along with the capturing intensity, they also move across your requests to give you the best experience while living up to their expectations. They are a viable option to consider when choosing a wedding videographer.

Phone: 0404 821 205

Social: Pepper Image Photo & Video

Contact : Pepper Image Photo & Video Team

Arian Film Production is the epitome of a successful wedding photography business. With many awards to their name, they have proven already how much of an exceptional performance they can offer. Their unique videography individually respects the client’s requests while incorporating their own innovative ideas and tricks. They would make a lively videography crew making your wedding an extravagant event.

Phone: 0425 204 938

Social: Arian Film Productions

Contact : Ramin Fanaeian

Led by two college mates who realized their own potential, this videography crew will make it seem as if they’re your friends, making your experience familiar and rewarding. They have the skills to transform your wedding video into a cinematic masterpiece with their professional equipment and effects. Their angles provide different perspectives to the eye. Along with their candid look on many moments, they can capture the planned aspect of the wedding along with the parts that come along with the event.

Phone: 0412 653 282

Social: Fable Wedding Films

Contact : Jonty & Sherman

The naturality of the videos filmed by Lightheart Films and Photography is impeccable without question. They will easily uplift the experience of going through your wedding video years after with your beloved partner. They can capture the smile on people’s faces and the tears that roll down their eyes. With the best industrial equipment available, they can make your experience that much more incredible, making them a strongly backed up choice.

Phone: 02 9568 4385

Social: Lightheart Films & Photography

Contact : Jeff


With all these videographers, hopefully, the ease in choosing one for your own event is noticeable. Most of the videographers are natives of the Blue Mountains, making them clearly the best patriotic choice. They can explain to you the whole procedure and ease the overwhelming aspect of the whole task. Any of the videographers mentioned above can make your experience memorable.