Looking to encapsulate the magic of your special day amidst the serene backdrop of the Blue Mountains? Choosing the right wedding videographer is pivotal.

Picture this: the gentle rustle of eucalyptus leaves as you exchange vows, the warm embrace of loved ones, the laughter, the tears—all immortalised in stunning detail. Your wedding video is more than just a recording; it’s a timeless memento of your love story, a treasure to cherish for years to come.

But with a plethora of options, finding the perfect videographer can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Fear not, dear couple, for we’ve curated a list of the top wedding videographers in Blue Mountains, to ensure your special day is captured with finesse and flair.

If you want your wedding video with lots of specifications and according to your requests, Xtraordinary Photos and Video would be your ideal choice. They are experts in doing everything you want exactly how you want. You can dictate your desires, and they will fulfil each one with the utmost competence. They hold in high regard the imperativeness of your wedding day and hold that feeling mutually close to themselves. They would make a very significant addition to your wedding catering team.

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Address: Sydney | Blue Mountains

Phone: 0481 551 573

Social: Facebook

Contact : Wayne

Salt Altier is a team of a group of videographers with ten years of experience behind the camera. They try to acquire all of those moments that will make you laugh and cry watching your wedding video years after the fact. They can capture every one of those moments in your own artistic and specific manner without leaving any chance of complications. With the experience of working on many weddings, all the professionals have practised photography for years and leave no room for mistakes.

Address: Sydney | Blue Mountains

Phone: 0405 557 132

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Salt Atelier Team

Led by two college mates who realized their own potential, this videography crew will make it seem as if they’re your friends, making your experience familiar and rewarding. They have the skills to transform your wedding video into a cinematic masterpiece with their professional equipment and effects. Their angles provide different perspectives to the eye. Along with their candid look on many moments, they can capture the planned aspect of the wedding along with the parts that come along with the event.

Address: Sydney | Blue Mountains

Phone: 0412 653 282

Social: Instagram

Contact : Jonty & Sherman

The naturality of the videos filmed by Lightheart Films and Photography is impeccable without question. They will easily uplift the experience of going through your wedding video years after with your beloved partner. They can capture the smile on people’s faces and the tears that roll down their eyes. With the best industrial equipment available, they can make your experience that much more incredible, making them a strongly backed up choice.

Address: Sydney | Blue Mountains

Phone: 02 9592 0366

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jeff

As a Sydney wedding videographer specialising in creating upbeat and high-energy films, Core Visuals vision is to capture the lively moments and the vibrant atmosphere of each wedding day. Dean from Core Visuals believe that weddings are not just formal events, but incredible opportunities to let loose, celebrate and create unforgettable memories. With their energetic films, they inspire couples to relive the thrill of their special day and leave viewers amazed. Core Visuals offers affordable packages including a 4-7 Minute 4K Highlight Film, 45-60 Minute Full Documentary, professional audio recording, vows and speeches intertwined in the final film, an online link of the wedding film to share, and the option to add drone coverage.







Address: Sydney | Blue Mountains

Phone: 0449 083 011

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Dean

HoneyBear avoid the staged look at all costs. They believe over the top camera moves take away from real emotions. So they’ve perfected the art of candid storytelling. Put your headphones in, watch a film and experience their specialisation in audio editing. You’ll notice each film is uniquely crafted using real vows and speeches. Utilising their film industry experience, they shoot on 4K cinema cameras, handcraft each edit and finish with a multi-layered colour grade. They also offer the most reliable live-streaming in the industry with their cellular bonding technology. If you want to feel like you’re in Hollywood, they’re not for you. But if you want to enjoy your day without cameras in your face, give them a call.









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Address: Sydney | Blue Mountains

Phone: 0427 956 765

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : James Raue

Do you want an edited video on the same day as your wedding? Everlong Weddings specialises in same-day videos, as well as highlight reels. Gabriel, Barnabas, Henry, and Juan are the talented creatives behind Everlong Weddings. They have decades of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, an artistic eye, and technical editing skills. With a candid approach, you will always feel comfortable in front of the camera. Your package can include both video and photography services from Everlong Weddings. Get ready for one or two professional videographers with three to four camera angles, an engagement session, a two-hour documentary, professional audio, drone coverage, and more from these top wedding videographers in Sydney.

Address: Sydney | Blue Mountains

Phone: 0424 811 774

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Gabriel Kintli

Your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day is a culmination of love, joy, and cherished moments. Trust the experienced team at Khon Enam Photographer & Videographer to preserve the magic of your special day. These dedicated wedding videographers in Sydney craft a cinematic masterpiece you’ll treasure forever. From genuine smiles to heartfelt vows, count on Khon Enam Photographer & Videographer to artfully weave together each detail, ensuring your love story is told authentically. With a keen eye for emotion and a passion for storytelling, your wedding film will become a timeless work of art, thanks to these Sydney wedding videographers. Trust Khon Enam Photographer & Videographer to capture the essence of your day so that you can relive the romance again and again.

Cherished Cinema Collection


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Blissful Photo + Cinema Combo Collection


Address: Blue Mountains, NSW

Phone: 0416 948 113

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Khon Enam

The cinematography experts at OzPhotovideo Studio promise to seize each second of your celebration and immortalise the moments so you can rewatch them forever. Expect unobtrusive assistance so you can enjoy the moment as the expert team stays out of the way. They vow to capture the raw, real emotions, so you have a unique story that reflects your personality and union as a couple. Various videography packages are available, featuring a film with full HD cameras and pro audio recording. You’ll receive cinematic highlights, an edited live-footage version, and all video files on USB. Extra options include additional hours, videographers, all 4K UHD footage, same-day editing, drone coverage, and more.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0406 544 158

Social: Ozphotovideo Studio

Contact : Ozphotovideo Studio

Arian Film Production is the epitome of a successful wedding photography business. With many awards to their name, they have proven already how much of an exceptional performance they can offer. Their unique videography individually respects the client’s requests while incorporating their own innovative ideas and tricks. They would make a lively videography crew making your wedding an extravagant event.

Phone: 0425 204 938

Social: Arian Film Productions

Contact : Ramin Fanaeian


In the lush embrace of Blue Mountains, your wedding day unfolds like a fairy tale, and the right videographer ensures every moment is captured in its purest essence.

With an array of talented professionals at your fingertips, you can trust that your love story will be immortalised with passion and precision. So, as you embark on this journey together, remember that your wedding video isn’t just footage—it’s a living memory, a testament to your enduring love.

Choose wisely, and let the magic of Blue Mountains weave seamlessly into the fabric of your forever.