Congratulations on your upcoming wedding journey in the picturesque Lakes Entrance, VIC! As you embark on this enchanting chapter of your lives, capturing the moments that will forever define your love story becomes paramount. In this quaint coastal town, where nature’s beauty meets the charm of celebration, finding the perfect wedding photographer is an essential part of your planning. Picture-perfect memories are waiting to be framed, and Lakes Entrance boasts a talented array of photographers ready to immortalise your special day. From the golden hues of sunrise to the ethereal glow of sunset, your love story deserves to be told through the lens of an artist who understands the unique allure of Lakes Entrance.

Discovering the top wedding photographers in this idyllic setting is an exciting quest, and we’re here to guide you through this delightful journey of visual storytelling. Let’s delve into the captivating world of Lakes Entrance wedding photography and ensure your memories are as extraordinary as your love.

Light and Type

Light and Type, led by the talented Nicole, is the epitome of capturing love in its purest form. Based in Gippsland and available for celebrations anywhere, Nicole’s approach to photography is simple yet profound—fun, creative, and candid. With over a decade of experience, she seamlessly blends into your special day, ensuring genuine moments are immortalised, from deep belly laughs to subtle, sneaky kisses. Nestled in East Gippsland, Nicole, a mum of two boys and a golden retriever named Millie, infuses her creative journey into every frame. As a wedding photographer, her commitment goes beyond the lens, crafting a magical experience for couples to fully embrace and cherish their extraordinary day.

Phone: 0407 154 115

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Contact : Nicole Peterson

Moments By Bree

Capturing the essence of love and life, Moments By Bree, led by the talented Bree, is a distinguished wedding and lifestyle photography service based in the scenic Gippsland region of Victoria. With a keen eye for elegance and romance, Bree specialises in preserving raw and authentic moments in their purest form. Armed with a Bachelor of Photography degree, majoring in photojournalism, from the renowned Photography Studies College in Melbourne, her expertise extends across weddings, maternity, family, and events. Recognized with the 2021 Wedding Diaries Editor’s Choice award for Gippsland, Moments By Bree is a go-to for those seeking heartfelt and genuine visual storytelling.

Phone: 0429 395 164

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Hannah Gilbert Photographer

Immersing in the beauty of candid moments, Hannah Gilbert, a warm-spirited photographer based in Sale, brings a unique touch to wedding photography. With a passion for documenting genuine emotions, Hannah forms a genuine connection with couples, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere on their special day. Specialising in unscripted storytelling, she captures the laughter, playfulness, and raw emotions that make each wedding truly unique. Beyond weddings, she extends her lens to family, maternity, newborn, and engagement sessions, showcasing the everyday love that forms the foundation of lasting memories. Hannah’s easy-going nature and love for natural light result in timeless images that narrate the beautiful tales of love and connection.

Phone: 0406 604 144

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Contact : Hannah Gilbert

Focus Photography & Framing

With over 15 years of expertise in both photography and framing, this Lakes Entrance-based wedding photographer seamlessly combines professionalism with a personal touch. Specialising in capturing diverse subjects across East Gippsland, their skills extend from corporate projects, emphasising the uniqueness of buildings, employees, and products, to intimate family moments filled with joy. For significant life events like weddings and funerals, their personable, respectful, and attentive approach ensures every moment is artistically preserved. This photographer’s commitment lies in creating lasting memories, making them a standout choice for those seeking genuine and versatile expertise in wedding photography.

Phone: 03 5152 6368

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As the curtain falls on your wedding day in Lakes Entrance, VIC, the memories etched in photographs will become timeless treasures. Your journey from “I do” to the dance floor deserves to be celebrated through the lens of the finest photographers this charming town has to offer. From candid moments to breathtaking landscapes, these artists have skillfully crafted your love story into a visual masterpiece. So, as you reminisce about the laughter, tears, and joy captured in each frame, remember that your wedding day was not just an event but a beautiful narrative told through the artistry of Lakes Entrance’s top photographers.

In the heart of coastal beauty and romantic landscapes, your wedding day memories will forever be a testament to the love you share. Here’s to the beginning of a new chapter, sealed with the artistry and passion of Lakes Entrance’s most talented wedding photographers. Cheers to love, laughter, and a lifetime of cherished moments!