Embarking on the journey of marriage is a beautiful and significant step, filled with dreams and anticipation. As you plan your special day in the picturesque Lakes Entrance, Australia, finding the perfect marriage celebrant is key to weaving the narrative of your love story into the fabric of the ceremony. In this coastal haven, where every wave seems to whisper tales of romance, choosing the right celebrant can make all the difference. Let’s explore the top marriage celebrants in Lakes Entrance, individuals who not only officiate unions but also understand the essence of your unique love story.

Looking for a celebrant who can bring life to your ceremony, engage your guests, combine the formal with the fun, quirky with the quintessential?

Then look no further than Cheryl, in her you will find all of the above and more.

You can be confident that she is reliable with amazing attention to detail; not overbearing or attention seeking, she even dresses to fit in so that she blends in with your photos.

Her experience as a public speaker and facilitator can assure you that your love story will be shared with respect and professionalism.

Your guests will thank you for choosing Cheryl for one of the most important occasions of not just your life but also your guests lives.

Address: Melbourne VIC

Phone: 0477 219 164

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Cheryl Warry

Civil Ceremonies

With a compassionate touch and a wealth of diverse experiences, Alison, a dedicated marriage celebrant in Lakes Entrance, crafts intimate and unforgettable ceremonies. A former nurse and care manager for aged care packages, Alison’s journey into the realm of love and commitment began when she traded her nursing cap for the hat of a certified marriage celebrant. Since 2003, she has woven unique tales of love, blessing each ceremony with personalization. Managing a wedding chapel, working with White Lady Funerals, and training as an end-of-life doula, Alison brings a depth of understanding to life’s significant moments. For those seeking a heartfelt and meaningful union, Alison warmly welcomes inquiries.

Address: Bairnsdale, VIC

Phone: 0412 892 090

Social: Civil Ceremonies

Contact : Alison Miller

Julie Butt

In the heart of Lakes Entrance, discover a dedicated and skilled marriage celebrant, Julie Elizabeth Butt-Henley. With a background rich in English literature and event coordination, Julie brings a unique blend of creativity and professionalism to crafting bespoke wedding ceremonies. Her ceremonies strike the perfect balance of contemporary and traditional elements, ensuring a joyful and sincere celebration. As a proud supporter of marriage equality, Julie welcomes all couples with open arms. Beyond her celebrant role, Julie is an extreme gardener, art lover, and happy wife, bringing warmth and passion to every ceremony. Trust Julie to guide you through a day filled with love, energy, and laughter.

Address: Bay Rd, Eagle Point VIC 3878

Phone: 0408 156 187

Social: Julie Butt

Contact : Julie Butt

Rose Jones

With a passion for crafting heartfelt ceremonies, Rose brings a natural, authentic, and fun touch to your special day. Born in South Africa, she’s now a local to Sale, serving all of beautiful Gippsland and beyond. As a former Counsellor and Teacher, Rose holds a unique ability to create moments bursting with the best feels. Her ceremonies are personalised, weaving in your personality and style, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Beyond officiating, Rose enjoys chats, dancing, and a good podcast. A lover of pets, she gets super excited when your furry friends join the celebration. Let Rose, the warm and personable celebrant, be part of your intimate ceremony or elopement, making your day truly special.

Address: 7 Ashmore Ct, Sale VIC 3850

Phone: 0420 290 914

Social: Rose Jones

Contact : Rose Jones


In the heart of Lakes Entrance, where the gentle breeze carries the promises of forever, your wedding day deserves to be an unforgettable chapter in the story of your love. The top marriage celebrants in this idyllic setting bring more than officiation – they bring a personal touch, ensuring your ceremony reflects the nuances of your journey together. As you take the plunge into marital bliss, may the memories created alongside these exceptional celebrants linger like the echoes of vows exchanged by the shimmering lakeside. Here’s to the beginning of your happily ever after, celebrated with the warmth and sincerity that Lakes Entrance, VIC, Australia, and its esteemed celebrants offer to couples like you.