On the day of your wedding celebration, you and your partner deserve a wedding photographer who can capture your ceremony and reception according to your exact specifications. Whether you’re tying the knot alongside a white sand beach under a wrought iron arch or you’re getting hitched in a lively, elegant ballroom, your wedding photographer should be able to encapsulate the greatest moments of your celebration and immortalize them in a tangible, living record of your unforgettable day.

To help you accomplish that aspect of the wedding planning process, we’ve put together this list of the most popular wedding photographers in Mackay!

Jennifer Treloar Photography is a bespoke wedding photography company based out of Mackay, serving couples in and around the local area with expert wedding photography services. The process with Jennifer Treloar Photography begins with an appointment two weeks before the wedding date to hash out the details, continues on with location scouting, proceeds with the day of the wedding and all that the big day entails, and ends with the delivery of high-resolution images on a USB flash drive 4-8 weeks after the wedding date. Customized photo albums can also be created for clients, with a 12-week turnaround guaranteed.

Address: 43 Pratt St, South Mackay QLD 4740

Phone: 0408 195 778

Social: Jennifer Treloar Photography

Photographer : Jennifer Treloar

Liz Andrews Photography is one of the premier wedding photography providers in Mackay, serving the greater metropolitan area with high-quality photography offerings for celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Liz Andrews is the photographer at the helm, and she lends eight years of experience to her business to capture authentic moments of love, romance, and interpersonal connection. Driven by a hefty combination of willpower and vision, Liz Andrews is a safe bet for elegant wedding day photos.

Address: Suite 1/1 Romeo St, Mackay QLD 4740

Phone: 0402 033 892

Social: Liz Andrews Photography

Photographer : Liz Andrews

Reflections From Life is a Mackay-based wedding photography outlet specializing in shooting wedding celebrations in a way that incorporates the individual aesthetic principles of clients while delivering a thoroughly professional product. Reflections From Life is run by professional, contemporary artist Michaela, a second-generation photographer who dedicates all of her attention and resources to the weddings of her clients to ensure that every moment is effectively and artistically captured in real-time.

Address: Mackay, Queensland

Phone: 0419 669 623

Photographer : Michaela


Now that you and your partner have finished up reading about the five most popular wedding photographers in Mackay, we hope that you two have attained a better understanding of the kinds of options and offerings available to you for your wedding celebration.

No matter what kind of ceremony and reception you are hosting, no matter the shape or size, and no matter the setting and the venue, you and your partner deserve a wedding photographer who will hold your hand during the process, cater to your individual needs, tastes, and preferences, and take the time to get to know you and your partner, all with the intention of delivering a product that is as personally meaningful as it is professionally executed.

With all that said, we wish you and your partner the best of luck as you move along through this oftentimes overwhelming but, in the end, deeply rewarding process!