In the heart of Mackay, where love meets the coral shores, you’ll discover the perfect blend of charm and elegance for your special day. Here, we invite you to explore the enchanting world of wedding photography, where every snapshot tells a unique love story. G’day to all the couples planning their dream celebration! As you embark on this exciting journey, let us guide you through the top wedding photographers in Mackay. Picture this – capturing the essence of your love against the stunning backdrop of this picturesque region. With the warm breeze and golden sunsets, your wedding day deserves to be framed with perfection.

Nestled within the vibrant community, these photographers are more than storytellers; they are memory-makers, turning each moment into a timeless piece of art. From candid embraces to the joyous laughter shared, your love story unfolds through their lenses. So, dear couples, as you traverse the possibilities, let us showcase the talents that Mackay’s photographers bring to your celebration.

Jennifer Treloar Photography

Jennifer Treloar Photography is a bespoke wedding photography company based out of Mackay, serving couples in and around the local area with expert wedding photography services. The process with Jennifer Treloar Photography begins with an appointment two weeks before the wedding date to hash out the details, continues on with location scouting, proceeds with the day of the wedding and all that the big day entails, and ends with the delivery of high-resolution images on a USB flash drive 4-8 weeks after the wedding date. Customized photo albums can also be created for clients, with a 12-week turnaround guaranteed.

Address: 43 Pratt St, South Mackay QLD 4740

Phone: 0408 195 778

Social: Jennifer Treloar Photography

Photographer : Jennifer Treloar

Liz Andrews Photography

Liz Andrews Photography is one of the premier wedding photography providers in Mackay, serving the greater metropolitan area with high-quality photography offerings for celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Liz Andrews is the photographer at the helm, and she lends eight years of experience to her business to capture authentic moments of love, romance, and interpersonal connection. Driven by a hefty combination of willpower and vision, Liz Andrews is a safe bet for elegant wedding day photos.

Address: Suite 1/1 Romeo St, Mackay QLD 4740

Phone: 0402 033 892

Social: Liz Andrews Photography

Photographer : Liz Andrews

Jordan Cullen Photography

With a passion for storytelling through the lens, Jordan Cullen Photography brings a unique touch to Mackay weddings. Specialising in documentary-style photography, Jordan captures the natural flow of your special day, from the anticipation of pre-wedding makeup to the joyous moments on the dance floor at the reception. A journalism background has finely tuned Jordan’s ability to create candid and authentic imagery. Since 2013, this skilled photographer has been showcasing Mackay’s picturesque landscapes, honing a craft that originally blossomed during university studies on the Sunshine Coast. Featured in notable publications and digital campaigns, Jordan Cullen Photography beautifully narrates the love stories of Mackay couples.

Address: Mackay, QLD 4740

Phone: 0401 880 060

Social: Jordan Cullen Photography

Contact : Jordan Cullen


Cheers to the newlyweds and the unforgettable moments that have been beautifully captured in the heart of Mackay! As the curtain falls on your wedding day, the images captured by these talented photographers will remain as cherished memories. With each click, they’ve woven a visual narrative that tells your unique love story – a story that will be shared for generations to come. In closing, as you wrap up the celebrations, remember that the magic lives on in the photographs that freeze those precious moments in time. Congratulations on a day filled with love, laughter, and the artistry of Mackay’s top wedding photographers!