Are you looking for your dream marriage celebrant in or around Mackay, Queensland? To help you find the right marriage celebrants for your big day in Mackay, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best marriage celebrants who will not only officiate your ceremony but also tell your story in a unique and special way.


Karen Beckham

Ceremonies by Karen are personal and very special, according to her past couples. She is super passionate about being a celebrant and has a caring personality and always maintains a close relationship with every couple she weds. In her initial meeting with you, she’ll try to learn about your love story and the bond that you and your partner share,

With Karen, you can be rest assured that the ceremony will be unique and will truly reflect your personal values and beliefs. If you are looking for an awesome celebrant to tell your story in a unique way, Karen could be the one for you!

Celebrant : Karen Beckham

Colleen Farry

Colleen Farry is a registered celebrant, who is well-known all over the Mackay region. Her motto is “we promise to make your special day-uniquely yours” and there is no doubt that she does exactly that. She definitely provides a heartfelt, magical and unforgettable ceremony for every couple. She has the ability to engage all the guests and conduct the ceremony in a relaxed way. She will work  closely with you and create a personalized ceremony for every couple.

Celebrant : Colleen Farry

Wedding by Julia

Julia is a perfect choice for a wedding celebrant in Mackay and its surroundings, especially if you are looking for a ceremony that ranges from simple to a formal occasion. She offers to provide you with sample ceremonies for you to select or modify according to your own taste. She will make sure that every couple gets a chance to tell their unique story, which is reflected in all her past ceremonies. She will take care of all your legal paperwork so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

Celebrant : Julia

ceremonies by suzanne

Suzanne is a great listener and her easy-going nature has won her a number of clients over the past few years. She makes everything so easy, and listens to you,  to ensure that the wedding ceremony turns out to be exactly what you wanted. She will also take care of all the paperwork for you, and make sure your ceremony is a memorable one.

Suzanne will help you include any special family customs and traditions in your ceremony, ensuring that the day is completely yours. She always makes herself available for you and is always happy to answer as many questions that you may have.

Celebrant : Suzanne

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Celebrant : James Brown

Carolyn is Mackay’s local marriage celebrant and does wedding in Mackay and surrounding areas of Central Queensland. Each of her ceremonies is tailored according to the couples’ requirements. With Carolyn, you can expect your ceremony to be planned very professionally, from arriving-ahead-of-time to the wedding vows and the actual ceremony! Along with making sure your guests have a wonderful time, with her years of experience, you don’t need to worry about your paper work as well.

Celebrant : Carolyn Lind

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Celebrant : Shar Logan

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Phone: 0431 445 986

Celebrant : Amanda Flanagan


There is no doubt that choosing a wedding celebrant is one of the most carefully considered decisions in the planning of your special day. Just make sure you choose someone who you can trust and depend on to provide that dream ceremony.