Imagine the salty breeze from the Coral Sea gently tousling your hair as you stand hand in hand, ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime – your wedding day in Port Douglas. Here, amidst the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, finding the perfect wedding cake is not just a choice; it’s a piece of edible art that symbolises the sweetness of your union. Welcome to a world where culinary creativity meets tropical elegance, where every tier tells a story as unique as yours. Port Douglas, renowned for its stunning landscapes, is also home to a select group of masterful wedding cake suppliers who understand the importance of turning your sweet dreams into reality.

In this coastal paradise, your wedding cake becomes more than a dessert—it becomes a delicious testament to your love story.

The Hungry Hummingbird

Nestled in the bustling food precinct of Port Douglas, The Hungry Hummingbird stands out as a premier wedding cake supplier. Specialising in crafting delectable and stunning cakes tailored to any occasion, style, taste, or budget, they offer a diverse range of designs in various shapes and colours. From their renowned vanilla slices to custom creations, each cake is freshly baked and adorned to perfection. The Hungry Hummingbird ensures a delightful and personalised touch to your special day. Please note that additional charges may apply for flowers or toppers. Elevate your wedding celebration with the delectable expertise of The Hungry Hummingbird.

Address: Shop/8 Grant St, Port Douglas QLD 4877

Phone: 0411 712 221

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Contact : The Hungry Hummingbird Team

Passion for Cakes

Passion for Cakes, a cherished wedding cake supplier in Port Douglas, crafts delectable masterpieces for special occasions. With over 40 years of combined expertise, Lorraine & Iain, both seasoned chefs from esteemed international hotels, bring a wealth of culinary artistry to Cairns, Palm Cove, and beyond. Specialising in bespoke wedding and birthday cakes, their creations seamlessly blend breathtaking aesthetics with irresistible flavours. Located in Kewarra Beach, just north of Cairns, they collaborate closely with clients to bring dream cakes to life—ranging from traditional elegance to avant-garde styles. Choose from an array of mouthwatering options, including white or dark chocolate mud cake, fruit cake, carrot, or banana cake. Passion for Cakes ensures your celebration is sweetly unforgettable.

Address: Port Douglas, QLD

Phone: 07 4055 6751

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Contact : Passion for Cakes Team

Cairns Wedding Cakes

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Cairns Wedding Cakes stands as the unrivalled benchmark in the Port Douglas wedding cake scene. Every creation is a bespoke masterpiece, individually priced based on design intricacies and portion requirements. Operating solo, the artisan suggests booking 2-3 months ahead, ensuring dedicated attention from baking to delivery. Welcoming personal touches, from distinctive designs to envisioned figurines, Cairns Wedding Cakes collaborates seamlessly with local florists and suppliers, guaranteeing a seamless and personalised cake experience for your special day. Discover a blend of skill and artistry that transforms wedding cakes into edible works of joyous celebration.

Address: Port Douglas, QLD

Phone: 0417 107 768

Social: Cairns Wedding Cakes

Contact : James Saunders


As the sun sets over the azure waters of Port Douglas, let the memories of your wedding day linger, much like the sweetness of the delectable cake you carefully chose. Your journey to finding the ideal wedding cake supplier in this tropical haven is a tale of taste, style, and shared smiles. These skilled artisans have transformed the culinary canvas, creating edible masterpieces that reflect the essence of your love. So, as you bid farewell to this enchanting destination, carry with you the flavours that celebrated your union. Port Douglas, with its skilled bakers and breathtaking vistas, ensures that the sweet memories of your special day will linger in your hearts long after the last crumbs have disappeared. Cheers to love, laughter, and the perfect wedding cake in this coastal haven!