In the heart of the tropical paradise that is Port Douglas, you’ll find more than just breathtaking landscapes – you’ll discover the magic of capturing your special moments through the lens of the top wedding photographers in the region.

Imagine the joy of reliving your love story in every frame, with professionals who understand the essence of your journey.

From golden sunsets casting a warm glow on the Coral Sea to the lush greenery framing your vows, our skilled photographers are ready to weave the narrative of your unique love story.

In this coastal haven, where the Great Barrier Reef meets romance, let us guide you through the lens to create timeless memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Denim & Lace Photography

Capturing timeless memories with authenticity and joy, Kaddiesha from Denim & Lace Photography brings a passion for storytelling to every wedding, family, newborn, maternity, and event session. With a focus on genuine moments and real emotions, she ensures each photograph reflects the unique essence of the day. Based in Dimbulah, they cater to Port Douglas and its surrounds, Kaddiesha’s dedication to her craft shines through in her award-winning work. With a tailored approach and commitment to exceeding expectations, she delivers top-tier photography that captures the magic of each moment, providing couples with cherished memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Address: Port Douglas | Cairns

Phone: 0432 201 729

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kaddiesha

Port Douglas Wedding Photography

Owned and operated by photography industry experts Rob and Jacky Cooke, Port Douglas Wedding Photography offers services for wedding celebrations of all kinds in and around Port Douglas. With several customizable wedding packages available, Port Douglas Wedding Photography can offer such amenities as bridal preparation photography, group shots and family portraits, and a minimum of 500 digital images on a USB flash drive. Photography services for elopements can also be made available upon request.

Phone: 0402 024 645

Social: Port Douglas Wedding Photography

Photographer : Rob & Jacky Cooke

Luminosity Film Studios

Luminosity Film Studios serves the greater Port Douglas surrounding area with wedding photography services that highlight the most beautiful, enchanting moments of the wedding weekend festivities. Packages offered by Luminosity Film Studios include a single photographer package and a dual photographer package, with each package entitling clients to a vast array of digital images from which to pick and choose the highlights. Headed up by a team of dedicated photography experts, Luminosity Film Studios prioritizes a cinematic approach to photography, lending their style a touch of drama and elegant flair.

Phone: 0439 663 614

Social: Luminosity Film Studios

Photographer : James and Kierrah

Barter Photography

Barter Photography is a wedding photography company based out of Port Douglas, providing bespoke wedding photography services for receptions and ceremonies around the Port Douglas area and beyond. With experience dating back to 1984, Clinton Barter heads up the operations at Barter Photography, and his work photographing weddings has received a wide array of awards and honours. Barter Photography offers a slate of packages including such services as a minimum of 500 professionally edited images on an online gallery, an option for a second photographer, and much more.

Phone: 0406 022 918

Social: Barter Photography

Photographer : Clinton Barter

Port Studios

Nestled in the tropical beauty of Port Douglas, meet the dynamic duo behind Port Studios: David and Stephanie Lloyd. This creative couple, both nature enthusiasts and seasoned photographers, bring a refreshing approach to wedding photography and videography. With a documentary style that captures the authentic essence of your special day, they ensure a relaxed atmosphere, letting you be yourselves in front of the lens. Specialising in Port Douglas, Palm Cove, and Cairns, their candid, fun-filled shots showcase the raw beauty of the tropics. David’s background as a sommelier and Steph’s artistic flair add a unique touch to their storytelling, making them a perfect choice for couples seeking genuine, memorable moments.

Phone: 0419 150 511

Social: Port Studios

Contact : David


As you embark on the journey of a lifetime in Port Douglas, trust that the top wedding photographers will be your artistic storytellers, preserving the essence of your union in every click. Your love story, set against the backdrop of this enchanting destination, deserves nothing less than the expertise of these skilled professionals. As the final shutter closes on your wedding album, you can be confident that the memories captured will serve as a timeless testament to the beauty of your love. In the hands of these talented photographers, your wedding day becomes a chapter in a visual love story, echoing the whispers of the Coral Sea and the lush greenery that embraced your celebration. Cheers to a future filled with the echoes of laughter, love, and the frames that tell your unique tale.