Dreaming of your special day in Port Macquarie? As you embark on the exciting journey of wedding planning, every detail deserves the utmost attention. One element that adds a sweet touch to your celebration is the wedding cake. Picture this – layers of delectable goodness, intricately designed to reflect your unique love story. In the heart of Port Macquarie, a selection of top-tier wedding cake suppliers awaits, ready to turn your sweetest dreams into a reality. From classic elegance to avant-garde masterpieces, these artisans bring culinary craftsmanship to your table. Let’s explore the sugary delights that will make your wedding day even more unforgettable.

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind of decisions, and selecting the perfect cake is a deliciously important one. With the stunning backdrop of Port Macquarie, your wedding cake becomes a symbol of love and a focal point of joyous celebration. Get ready to indulge in a sensory journey as we guide you through the top wedding cake suppliers in this enchanting Australian locale.

Something Sweet

With 15 years of culinary expertise, Something Sweet, led by skilled chef Lizzy, stands out as a premier wedding cake supplier in picturesque Port Macquarie. Specializing in tailor-made buttercream adorned cakes, cookies, and desserts, they prioritize quality craftsmanship using exclusively premium, locally sourced ingredients. Lizzy’s commitment to culinary excellence ensures couples receive not only a delicious treat but a personalized masterpiece for their special day. Dive into the world of bespoke confections with Something Sweet, where passion and experience blend seamlessly to create delectable delights that add a sweet touch to weddings in Port Macquarie.

Address: Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Phone: 0420 822 060

Social: Something Sweet

Contact : Lizzy Batman

Julianne’s Specialty Cakes

Julianne’s Specialty Cakes, nestled in Port Macquarie, is a devoted local bakery crafting dreams into delectable reality. Led by the passionate Julianne, this small business is dedicated to exceeding expectations. Specializing exclusively in fondant-covered cakes and handmade fondant decorations, Julianne ensures every detail reaches the highest standard. From baking moist cakes with top-quality ingredients to sculpting artistic toppers, she infuses love into each creation. Armed with a food safety certificate and insurance, Julianne is a proud member of the Australian Cake Decorating Network. Experience a delightful journey with Julianne’s Specialty Cakes, where commitment and creativity sweeten every celebration.

Address: Port Macquarie, NSW

Phone: 0400 342 752

Social: Julianne’s Specialty Cakes

Contact : Julianne

Baked by Katie

Address: Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Phone: 0413 390 119

Social: Baked by Katie

Contact : Katie Martin


Your wedding day, a canvas painted with love and laughter, deserves a sweet finale. As you reflect on the journey of planning and celebrating in Port Macquarie, the memories etched in every bite of your wedding cake will linger. The talented cake suppliers in this coastal haven have not only crafted confectionery masterpieces but also shared in the joy of your union. From the first taste to the last crumb, each bite is a testament to the commitment and passion these bakers pour into their creations. As the sun sets on your magical day, the sweetness of your chosen wedding cake becomes a cherished memory, symbolizing the start of your happily ever after.