Planning your dream wedding in Port Macquarie? The journey to your special day is an exciting adventure filled with love, joy, and the meticulous details that make it uniquely yours. Amidst the coastal beauty of Port Macquarie, finding the perfect wedding planner is the key to turning your vision into a reality. Picture strolling down the aisle with the pristine beaches as your backdrop and the gentle breeze whispering promises of a lifetime. Let us guide you through the enchanting world of the top wedding planners in this charming coastal town, ensuring your celebration is a seamless reflection of your love story.

Best Wedding Planners In Port Macquarie

  1. The Bluebird Collective
  2. Jack & June
  3. Salt & Wildflowers
The Bluebird Collective

The Bluebird Collective, led by stylist and owner Kate, crafts unforgettable weddings across Sydney, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, and regional NSW. Specialising in private property and marquee celebrations, the creative team collaborates closely with couples, transforming their visions into unique, memorable events. With a passion for design and a commitment to reflecting individual styles, Kate brings extensive industry knowledge and a trusted network of suppliers to curate truly beautiful weddings. The team takes pride in seeing their creative ideas come to life and is eager to guide couples on an exciting wedding journey. Let The Bluebird Collective turn your dreams into reality as you embark on your special day.

Phone: 0467 003 652

Social: The Bluebird Collective

Contact : Kate Walmsley

Jack & June

Meet the dynamic duo, Zac and Erica, the creative minds behind Jack & June, your go-to wedding and event planners in Port Macquarie. Passionate about crafting unforgettable moments, they specialise in tailoring your dream celebration, whether it’s an intimate wedding or a grand event. Their handpicked collection of furniture, props, décor, lighting, and accessories adds a natural and organic touch to any setting – from beachfronts to backyard bliss. With a love for genuine good times, Zac and Erica’s personal touch ensures that every occasion, big or small, is uniquely crafted just for you. Get in touch for a chat over coffee, and let Jack & June turn your dreams into reality!

Phone: 0413 522 510

Social: Jack & June

Contact : Erica

Salt & Wildflowers

Embrace the joy of your special day with Salt & Wildflowers, a devoted wedding planning team based in Port Macquarie. Born from a deep love for Crescent Head and the Macleay Valley, they shine a spotlight on the local charm of the region. Dedicated to eliminating the stress from your event, Salt & Wildflowers offers full-service event planning, design, styling, on-the-day coordination, and equipment hire. With a passion for connecting couples with local vendors, they seamlessly blend experience and regional expertise to craft your dream wedding or corporate event. Let them turn your vision into a reality, ensuring a day filled with beauty and joy.

Phone: 0430 370 050

Social: Salt & Wildflowers

Contact : Mel


As you bid farewell to your magical wedding day, it’s the memories created and the seamless execution that will linger in your hearts forever. The top wedding planners in Port Macquarie have woven the threads of your dreams into a tapestry of love and celebration. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final toast, these professionals have curated an experience that is uniquely yours. So, as the sun sets on your wedding day, remember the laughter, the love, and the incredible team that made it all possible. Your journey into marital bliss started here, amidst the coastal charm of Port Macquarie, and it’s a tale that will be cherished for a lifetime. Cheers to the beginning of your happily ever after!