Welcome to the enchanting world of wedding cakes in Byron Bay, where each sweet creation is a testament to love, joy, and your unique story. Picture this – a coastal breeze, the sun kissing the horizon, and a delectable masterpiece stealing the spotlight at your celebration. As you embark on the journey of planning your dream wedding, selecting the perfect cake is a delightful decision that resonates with your individuality. In Byron Bay, the wedding cake isn’t just a confection; it’s a work of art, reflecting the beauty of your union. Let’s explore the top wedding cake suppliers in this picturesque corner of NSW, ensuring that every slice is as sweet as your love story.

Byron Bay Cake Boutique

Situated in the sunny coastal haven of Byron Bay, Byron Bay Cake Boutique crafts bespoke cakes, cupcakes, and macarons with a commitment to excellence. Using only the finest, ethically sourced ingredients, they’ve embraced a sustainable ethos by incorporating plant-based elements and opting for biodegradable materials. Founder Tara Pearson’s passion for baking blossomed into this delectable venture in 2011. Organic, plant-based milks replace dairy, and their delightful vegan butter is made in-house daily. The delightful treats often omit eggs, but when needed, they come from a cherished flock of rescue chickens on the Ewingsdale farm. Byron Bay Cake Boutique invites you on a flavoursome journey, creating dream cakes with love for the planet.

Address: 4 Lawson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Phone: 0421 603 482

Social: Byron Bay Cake Boutique

Contact : Tara

Byron Bay Hotbread Kitchen

For over four decades, a delightful aroma has wafted through Byron Bay, thanks to Byron Bay Hot Bread Kitchen. This family-owned gem, rooted in tradition since 1982, crafts wedding cakes with a commitment to quality. Embracing a ‘customer-first’ ethos, they serve wholesomely baked goods with locally sourced, top-tier ingredients. A genuine passion for baking and a dedication to original recipes define their creations. Byron Bay Hot Bread Kitchen, a beacon of community support, humbly honours its beginnings. Each handmade delight, baked with love, reflects not just a product but a timeless commitment to serving and acknowledging you, the cherished customer.

Address: 50 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Phone: 02 6685 6825

Social: Byron Bay Hotbread Kitchen

Contact : Byron Bay Hotbread Kitchen Team

Marina Machado Cakes

Surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of Byron Bay, Marina Machado, a passionate cake artisan, brings a touch of Brazilian warmth to her craft. Her culinary journey, from the heartland of Brazil to the prestigious Mandarin Oriental in London, reflects a love for creating delightful pastries. Captivated by the unbridled joy of crafting wedding cakes, Marina found her vocation. Drawing inspiration from nature’s splendour, her creations are an integral part of couples’ special days. With a soul deeply connected to sweet delights, Marina Machado Cakes offers a unique and personal touch to Byron Bay weddings, turning moments into memories with her beautifully crafted confections.

Address: Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Phone: 0466 367 505

Social: Marina Machado Cakes

Contact : Marina Machado

Let Them Eat Cake

Charlotte, a skilled pastry chef and designer, founded Let Them Eat Cake in Byron Bay 15 years ago. Having honed her craft in London and Sydney, she passionately bakes from scratch, using real ingredients like free-range eggs, butter, and local seasonal produce. Let Them Eat Cake takes pride in delivering countless exquisite wedding and party cakes in this picturesque region. Collaborating seamlessly with local wedding planners, stylists, and florists, they contribute to the magic of Byron Bay celebrations. For fast, friendly, and budget-friendly ideas, reach out to Charlotte, the creative force behind Let Them Eat Cake.

Address: Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Phone: 0403 677 684

Social: Let Them Eat Cake

Contact : Charlotte

Rebellyous Cake Co

Indulge in the edible artistry of Rebellyous Cake Co, a Byron Bay gem since 2010. Specialising in bespoke wedding and occasion cakes, each creation is a visual delight and a taste sensation. Crafted from scratch on-site, these handcrafted masterpieces showcase Rebel’s expertise in working with fresh flowers, resulting in breathtaking, show-stopping designs. With a commitment to quality and a passion for the perfect slice, Rebellyous Cake Co ensures your special day is graced with a cake as unique as your love. Elevate your celebration with these custom-made delights that marry visual splendour with irresistible flavours.

Address: Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Phone: 0459 090 964

Social: Rebellyous Cake Co

Contact : Rebel

The Cake That Ate Paris

With an unwavering passion for creating delectable masterpieces, Bree, a seasoned chef turned pastry virtuoso, has etched her place as one of Byron Bay’s coveted wedding cake artisans. Hailing from the coastal charm of Wallabi Point, Bree’s journey unfolded from the vibrant markets to becoming the sought-after cake designer along the Queensland coast. Her delectable creations, ranging from cake pops to intricate wedding wonders, reflect not just culinary prowess but also an innate flair for design. Currently nestled in Palm Beach, Bree seamlessly combines her beachside roots with cosmopolitan finesse, channelling her contagious enthusiasm into crafting edible dreams for brides and grooms across Brisbane to Byron Bay.

Address: Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Phone: 0415 428 220

Social: The Cake That Ate Paris

Contact : Bree Meldrum


As your wedding day unfolds like a cherished chapter, the memory of the perfect cake will linger sweetly in your hearts. In Byron Bay, these talented cake artisans craft more than confections; they create edible expressions of your love. So, as you say “I do” against the backdrop of this coastal paradise, remember the sweet journey that led you here. These exceptional cake suppliers have added a layer of joy to your celebration, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of your special day. Cheers to love, laughter, and the delectable memories created with the finest wedding cakes in Byron Bay. May your marriage be as enduring and delightful as the flavours that adorned your celebration. Cheers to a lifetime of sweetness!