Videography is one of the most popular digital modes of storing historical events.

People love reflecting on the milestones in life, and the family journey is one of the most important milestones.

Weddings primarily signify the beginning of a new family, and coverage of such special moments require magnificent input to get the best deliverables.

Sourcing for a quality videographer for your special day has become easier nowadays due to advanced technology.

You can easily see, via site reviews, what other people have to say about the service provider before settling on them.

Referrals also work well in search of a videographer.

Here is our list of the Editor’s Choice top wedding videographers servicing Byron Bay!

Memento Films is what happens when a multi-award winning cinematographer brings their experience to the wedding industry. Alex initiated Memento Films as a lead wedding videographer and is one of the most popular wedding videographers serving Byron Bay and south east Queensland.

The result? Jaw-dropping cinematic films. They are all about a closer, more direct conversation with you, so they get to customize everything according to their client’s requirements.

And that’s what makes them a team that brings years of experience and hundreds of weddings covered while each being at the centre of its universe.

If you want them to capture the best moments of your life in a style that flows naturally and creates a mesmerizing cinematic filming style, unlike anything you will ever see, feel free to reach out to them today!

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0412 449 783

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Alex

Byron Wedding Visual is one of the best videography homes. With passion and dedication, they are open to fit into your budget in their tailored packages. In both the Silver and Gold packages, you get all the basics covered at an average cost of $2,000 and $3,850, respectively. In addition, the founders of this organization hold a bachelor’s degree in film production. This guarantees you that the staff is well equipped with enough knowledge to meet your needs. So why settle for less with Byron Wedding Visual at your disposal? You will be amazed.

Phone: 0404 699 521

Social: Byron Wedding Visual

Contact : Sebastian Lundmark

Team Goldbear Wedding Films is steered by two energetic young men passionate about being part of the happiness shared through their work. Their shooting theme is loose and relaxed as they believe one should enjoy the moment without being so cautious of the cameras around. They have tailor-made packages for a wide range of clients. This gives you a variety to choose from. With quality and flexibility in Goldbear Wedding Films, I believe this choice will work for you pretty well.

Phone: 0466 453 247

Social: Goldbear Wedding Films

Contact : Rich

This film house is well established. They have availed their past projects on their site so that you can have a glimpse of what they are capable of. Through these sample works, you can know what to expect, and from my point of view, they have all it takes to glamour your day. They have a five-star rating on their Facebook page. However, a company cannot go bold publicly if they don’t have your facts right. Dandi Films are a real deal.

Phone: 0412 103 228

Social: Dandi Films

Contact : Ellie

To receive a perfect mixture of classical and modern themed videos for your special day, be sure to settle for Rabbit and the Bear. They have been in the filming industry for more than six years. They have handled various types of clients through this period. This is assurance that they understand your need. Be sure to get your deliverables between 12 to 16 weeks after the special day coverage at Rabbit and the Bear.

Phone: 0421 239 044

Social: Rabbit and the Bear

Contact : Jordyn

The core business here is to create a memorable experience that you can relive every time you look back through the videos. They capture the entire event, all the weird and the excellent details, to make sure you didn’t miss out on every bit of your big day. Sugar Mill Road Films have the best equipment to ensure the quality end product you should expect. For example, the Red Helium Camera was used in filing the MARVEL series. With their equipment, the client is not limited to venues, and you can settle for theatres for the premiums or red carpet. They got you covered.

Phone: 0411 315 856

Social: Sugar Mill Road Films

Contact : James

This videography house was born from the passion for creating a handcrafted film that tells your unique story. The team is made up of professionals, thus confident that they understand their substance. Here investing in the needs of the client is a priority. The newest and most cutting-edge equipment is used to deliver the best quality work with a cinematic touch. Being at the top of their game has widened their operation area beyond Byron Bay. This is enough proof White Leaf Films among the best of choice for your special day.

Phone: 07 5613 1070

Social: White Leaf Films

Contact : Andy Hollis

Yellowbull being owned and steered by a couple who have had a wedding makes it an excellent fit for your day as they have been through it and understand how important it is for you. They have experience of more than seven years in the industry of filming and have grown immensely. Working side by side with the couple having the wedding is their core mission as it helps understand the client’s needs well and advise accordingly. So you can’t be wrong with Yellowbull Weddings.

Phone: 0432 818 823

Social: YellowBull Weddings

Contact : Martin Yellowlees

At Woven Motion, you get bespoke filming. They got you covered if you need something small or more prominent. The types of equipment are always in check to make sure the latest filming equipment is used for coverage of such special events. This assures you of quality.

Social: Woven Motion

Contact : Zac Lovett

According to your need, they will deliver their services gladly. They cover within the three days of your particular season, that is, before, during, and after the event. Their standard shoot period is nine hours, but they offer flexibility to their clients. You can be sure to trust them with your big day with no disappointment.

Phone: 0479 027 001

Social: Lemon Tree Film House

Contact : Shaun Tolhoek

As the name suggests, this team will sail you to the moon with their expertise work. They have in their arrangement Captain(Two Cameras), Deckhand(One Camera), and Custome packages(call for negotiation). With such arrangements, you are sure to have a choice among them for your special day.

Phone: 0413 396 645

Social: Mos and Co

Contact : Glenn Mossop


Weddings vary from aspects like the budget, the number of attendees, and the needs of the groom and bride. With all these In mind, as long as you are in Byron Bay, no need to panic. Of all the described videographers, I know everyone is covered. Special events, as the name suggests, need special attention to detail. But, without a doubt, you are on the right path to enjoy every bit as you walk down the memory of late years to come.