For wedding celebrations taking place in and around the Macedon Ranges, prospective married couples will quickly find themselves in need of the services of a marriage celebrant. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top six marriage celebrants across the Macedon Ranges!

You and your partner will find, upon consulting with a few of these fantastic options, that these marriage celebrant service providers are ready, willing, and able to provide you with fully bespoke, customizable ceremonies. With these celebrants, you can collaborate in order to plan an elegant, romantic ceremony chock full of whatever you and your partner would like, whether it’s meaningful poetry readings, heartwarming vows, your favorite genre of music, or anything else your heart desires.

We hope that this list of the top six marriage celebrants in and around the Macedon Ranges is helpful to you and your partner as you decide on the kind of ceremony you’d like to host!

With the services of Celebrant for Life – Kristine Rawlinson on the day of the wedding ceremony, prospective married couples can rest assured knowing their ceremony will be presented in a way that incorporates individualized components while still fulfilling the legal obligations required of celebrant services. The process with Celebrant for Life – Kristine Rawlinson includes assistance with legal documentation and lodgement, legal copy of the certificate, initial meeting, full rehearsal and run-through of the ceremony in advance of the wedding day, PA and microphones for a ceremony of up to 300 guests, and travel services. Able to assist in areas ranging from vow readings to poetry selection to wedding soundtrack, Celebrant for Life – Kristine Rawlinson can truly cover the ins and outs of wedding ceremonies across Macedon Ranges and beyond.

Phone: 0423 028 668

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julie kane celebrant

Julie Kane Celebrant is a marriage celebrant based out of Shepparton, providing soon-to-be-married couples in Shepparton, Macedon Ranges & other surrounding regions with bespoke celebrant services for wedding celebrations. Julie Kane Celebrant can also provide couples with emcee services and can travel to a variety of destinations across Australia and abroad. The process with Julie Kane Celebrant begins with a complimentary consultation, in which the details and individualized preferences of the clients are discussed, with the purpose of accommodating client specifications into the tapestry of the ceremony, hand crafted by Julie.

Phone: 0407 617 502

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Inspiring Ceremonies is a Macedon Ranges-based wedding celebrant specializing in a bespoke approach to the presentation of ceremonies in and around the local area. Offered with the services of Inspiring Ceremonies are full documentation, two-hour complimentary initial consultation to assess personal needs and preferences, consistent contact via email, text, and phone, on-site rehearsal in advance of the wedding date, PA system and two microphones, 25-45 minutes of ceremony coverage, and marriage certificates printed and mailed to clients. Providing services for clients across a variety of venues and mixing in a vast array of stylistic choices to complement clients’ personalities, Inspiring Ceremonies is a natural choice for wedding celebrations in the Macedon Ranges.

Contact : Andrew Holborn

One of the premier marriage celebrant services in the Macedon Ranges area is Megan Thompson Marriage Celebrant. The process with Megan Thompson Marriage Celebrant begins with an initial consultation, at no cost to the client, and continues with such amenities as access to a database of “ceremony basics,” an individualized questionnaire, a draft ceremony in advance of the wedding date, a second meeting, and then the wedding day itself. All of the legal obligations can be easily satisfied by Megan Thompson Marriage Celebrant, but Megan is set apart for her completely personalized services for prospective married couples across the Macedon Ranges and beyond.

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Catherine Crothers Civil Celebrant is owned and operated by Catherine Crothers, an authorized civil marriage celebrant whose passion for wedding ceremonies stems from an authentic passion for human connection and romance. Services offered by Catherine Crothers Civil Celebrant include management of all of the legal components of the process, readings ranging from books to poetry to original speeches, advice and counsel on vow writing and reading, and incorporating of such rituals as the unity, candle, the rose ceremony, the tribute to parents, handfasting, pouring of the sands, ring warming, and more.

Phone: 0400 998 943

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When it comes to celebrant services in and around Macedon Ranges, Patsy Buckland Celebrant is one of the true highlights. Patsy Buckland Celebrant officiates wedding ceremonies in accordance with all of the relevant legal strictures, but more importantly, Patsy Buckland Celebrant brings a unique personal touch, incorporating creative writing and narrative storytelling to weave a vivid and individualized picture of the happy couple. A member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants, Patsy Buckland Celebrant is an ideal choice for Macedon Ranges marriage celebrations of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Phone: 0437 179 078

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When it comes to wedding celebrants, this list of the top six celebrants in the Macedon Ranges represents the very best of the best in every way.

We hope that you and your partner were able to find a few choices on this list that reflect the values and qualities you’re looking for in your wedding celebrant, and if there were any options who particularly caught your interest, we hope that you reach out sooner rather than later in order to schedule a few initial consultations. You’ll never really know whether your personality will make a good match until you speak in person, so it always pays to take advantage of the complimentary initial consultations and verify before you make that investment.

With all that said, we wish you and your partner the very best of luck as you embark upon this chapter of the wedding planning process and find yourself a marriage celebrant who speaks to you and your partner and the ceremony you want to create with one another!