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Fun, hugely personal wedding photography that vibrantly documents the day.

Wedding photography focusing on those organic in-between moments. No ridiculous poses, just fun, easy-going, award-winning photos.

I offer one all-inclusive package for $4200 with all day and all night coverage, full resolution digital files, a proof book, and an online gallery. $3900 if you only want me there until just after the first dance.


All day coverage—from a sunrise surf or champagne on the deck—right up until you hug the last person goodbye at the reception and jump in your getaway vehicle. This is usually 14-16 hours of photography. But if you only want me to stay for the first hour of the reception, you can reduce the package price to $3800. As long as I can reasonably drive there and back on the day, all travel is included.


You’ll get a USB containing all your photos in full resolution, processed and enhanced, ready to print. There are no watermarks and you have complete rights to print whatever and whenever you want for family and friends. A typical full-length day averages 500-600 photos (and rarely less than 400 or more than 900). All your files will be kept safely backed up for a minimum of two years.


Because it’s nice to have something in your hands: a glossy hardcover 250-300 page proof book with every photo printed in full colour at 6×4” size. Small file numbers are included in the margin so you can use it as a handy reference guide as well as having something a bit more substantial to flick through for those who prefer paper over pixels. Pretty often parents will see this book and want a copy for themselves, in which case you can grab another one for $300.

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Visit my website for all the details. I’d love to meet you and help you find out if I’m the right photographer to spend your special day with.

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