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Sydney, NSW
CareToDance Studios

In the heart of Sydney, CareToDance Studios offers a vibrant hub for wedding dance lessons. With a focus on tailored experiences, they craft magical memories for couples and their guests. From simple romantic waltzes to intricate choreography, their skilled instructors ensure every step reflects your personality or wedding theme. Beyond the first dance, they ease the nerves of father-daughter pairs and amplify the joy with bridal party performances. Embracing diversity, they celebrate love in all its forms, offering a warm welcome to LGBTQI couples. At CareToDance, the journey to your big day is filled with fun, confidence, and unforgettable moments.

Address: Level 1/595 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039

Phone: 0423 054 644

Social: CareToDance Studios

Contact : Cristian Basescu

Best Wedding Waltzes

Discover the joy of dancing at Best Wedding Waltzes, where couples in Sydney unlock the magic of their first dance. Whether you’re dreaming of a classic waltz or a lively routine, instructors Frank and Anessa tailor lessons to your skill level. With over two decades of teaching experience, Frank brings expertise from competing internationally, while Anessa’s background spans ballet to ballroom. In their private studio, focus solely on perfecting your wedding dance without distractions. Let Best Wedding Waltzes guide you to confidence and grace on your special day.

Address: Level 1/103 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: 0410 684 528

Social: Best Wedding Waltzes

Contact : Frank Lizzio

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Sydney

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Sydney offers top-notch wedding dance classes in Sydney. With over 100 years of experience and world-champion instructors, they specialise in creating memorable first dances tailored to individual needs. Their state-of-the-art studios across the North Shore, Sydney CBD, and surrounding suburbs serve as vibrant community hubs where beginners and experienced dancers alike can learn and connect. From timeless classics like the Waltz to upbeat favourites like the Rumba, they cater to diverse tastes and skill levels. Join their fun and interactive classes to make your wedding dance a magical highlight of your special day.

Address: Level 1/317 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9299 5000

Social: Arthur Murray Dance Studio Sydney

Contact : Mark & Melanie

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Newcastle, NSW
First Steps Bridal

Sophie McKie brings dance to your doorstep with First Steps Bridal, offering bespoke wedding dance lessons in Newcastle. With over 15 years of experience, Sophie understands the wedding jitters and aims to make your first steps together stress-free. No crowded studios or lengthy schedules here – just you, your partner, and your favourite song. From elegant waltzes to surprise hip-hop routines, Sophie caters to absolute beginners, ensuring a memorable first dance. Choose from traditional styles or opt for something unconventional like viral TikTok dances or movie scene recreations. Let Sophie transform your wedding dance dreams into reality.

Address: Newcastle, NSW

Phone: 0481 823 725

Social: First Steps Bridal

Contact : Sophie Mckie

Let's Salsa Newcastle

Discover Let’s Salsa Newcastle, where wedding dance dreams come alive! Whether it’s classic elegance or a spicy twist, couples find their rhythm with private lessons tailored to their style. Boost your confidence and create unforgettable moments with talented instructors who cater to all skill levels. With flexible scheduling, lessons fit seamlessly into your wedding plans. Allow Let’s Salsa Newcastle choreograph your perfect dance, ensuring your first step together is as magical as your love story. Let the music guide you on your special day!

Address: 54 Cowper St, Wallsend Newcastle NSW 2287

Phone: 02 8021 3959

Social: Let's Salsa Newcastle

Contact : Let's Salsa Newcastle Team


Dancevibe, located in Newcastle, offers a vibrant array of partner dance lessons that promise to make your wedding dance memorable. With a focus on accessibility, they welcome dancers of all levels, ensuring a lifetime of fun and social connections. Specialising in Latin, salsa, rock’n’roll, and more, Dancevibe makes learning to dance easy and enjoyable. Their modern jive sessions are particularly popular, offering simple yet versatile moves perfect for any event. With step-by-step instruction, Dancevibe makes mastering the dance floor a breeze, ensuring every couple can shine on their special day.

Address: 63 Kenibea Ave Kahibah, NSW 2292

Phone: 0418 679 048

Social: Dancevibe

Contact : Adrian

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