In the verdant embrace of Dandenong Ranges, amidst the rustling leaves and melodious bird calls, your wedding dreams find their perfect setting. Amidst the picturesque landscapes and serene ambiance, one crucial element stands paramount: your wedding videographer.

Entrusting someone to encapsulate the essence of your special day requires not just skill but a shared vision. Fortunately, nestled within this idyllic locale are videographers who excel in capturing the heart and soul of your celebration.

From the gentle glances to the heartfelt vows, they weave your love story into a timeless tapestry of memories. As you navigate through the myriad choices, allow us to guide you to the finest storytellers, ensuring that every frame echoes with the joy of your union.

Whether it’s a proposal in a forest, an elopement by the beach, or a magical wedding day surrounded by those most important to you, Earthy Tones Film will be there to capture every fleeting moment and craft a narrative-driven film that will be cherished for generations to come. Their work is defined by the memories, moments and love stories they capture. They understand that each love story is unique and embrace this with every couple they have the pleasure of working with. Unlike many others in the industry, Earthy Tones Film won’t count down the hours until your package time is up, but will stay until they’re able to fully tell your story.

Address: Dandenong Ranges

Phone: 0432 338 657

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Contact : Tony Sheng

Creative Wedding Films is one of Melbourne’s premier wedding videography services, providing prospective married couples with unforgettable cinematography of their wedding celebrations in and around the local area. Founded by dynamic duo Christina and Lionel, Creative Wedding Films takes a “candid, fly on the wall” approach to filming weddings, finding authentic moments of intimate connection and capturing them in a permanent record in 4K, high-calibre quality video. Additional services include live streaming, aerial drone footage, state-of-the-art sound and video equipment, access to licensed music, and much more.

9 Hours


Address: Melbourne VIC

Phone: 0401 442 600

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lionel & Christina

The Merri Studio stands as a paragon in wedding videography, turning love stories into cinematic treasures. More than just recording an event, they artfully weave fleeting yet profound moments to narrate the couple’s unique love story. With a talented team of visual storytellers using cutting-edge technology, they create visually stunning, emotive wedding films. The Merri Studio’s commitment to personalisation is unmatched, as they craft films that mirror the personality and spirit of each couple. Beyond their videography skills, they ensure a stress-free experience for couples, guiding them through every step. At The Merri Studio, love is art, and a wedding becomes a timeless cinematic masterpiece that allows couples to relive their most cherished memories.

Address: 202/148 Brunswick Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

Phone: 0421 822 146

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Contact : Gonzalo Villanueva

Trust Jess and Gotham — the creative talents behind 1 Moment Prod. — to immortalise your beautiful wedding day in a documentary-style film so you can watch it repeatedly for the rest of your life.

Various packages are available, including pre-wedding footage, livestreaming, same-day editing, an exciting movie trailer, and the complete day of coverage. Get ready for cinematic highlights, crisp digital audio recordings, and even drone shoots. You can have the raw footage of your big day, too!

Besides over-the-top videography services, 1 Moment Prod. also specialises in stunning photography. Ask about photo + film packages for a picture-perfect experience and price. Gotham and Jess proudly support all types of love and can’t wait to meet you.

Cinema Experience (Videography)


The Full Cinematic Experience (Film + Photo)


The Premium Experience (2Film+Photo+Album+Trailer)


Address: Melbourne VIC

Phone: 0477 364 332

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Contact : Jess & Gotham

Each wedding film that has been carefully handcrafted by The Digital Poets is a display of their uncompromising commitment towards making each film as unique and special as their couples. When you browse through their portfolio, you’ll notice no two films are the same. Whether you’re after something candid and natural, contemporary and fun, or romantic and meaningful, they’ll dream up a film that matches your preferred style. During your pre-wedding consultation, they’ll take their time to discover what makes your relationship special, learn what’s important to you, send you video drafts for feedback, and most importantly, give you peace of mind on your big day by providing you with 2 videographers, 4 cameras, professional audio, and their many years of experience working with your photographer and suppliers.

Phone: 0401 675 253

Social: The Digital Poets

Contact : Luke Luu


As the curtains draw on your wedding day, and the echoes of laughter linger in the air, it’s the captured moments that will stand as eternal testaments to your love story. In the embracing arms of Dandenong Ranges, you found not just a venue but a canvas for your dreams. And within this canvas, the artisans of light and motion painted your narrative with precision and passion.

As you reflect on the journey that led you here, may the memories immortalised by your chosen videographers continue to inspire, bringing back the smiles, the tears, and the overwhelming joy of your union. In their hands, your love story transcends time, becoming a cherished heirloom for generations to come.