If you’re planning a wedding ceremony and reception, you’ve probably thought about the utility of wedding videography services. While this is an extra item that is not completely necessary for a wedding celebration, we think it’s pretty important. After all, you have so few things to remember your wedding once the big day has passed, and while wedding photos are incredible, they can’t quite do justice to the actual proceedings of the events of the day, whether it’s that special moment of organic connection between two newly united family members or that first slice into the multi-tiered wedding cake.

To help you find that perfect wedding videographer to make all of those concepts into a tangible, permanent reality, we’ve assembled together this list of the top five wedding videographers in and around Coffs Harbour! With this list, you can browse through the very best wedding videography providers and assess whether their unique packages, including a variety of amenities and services, will work for your ceremony and reception coming up in the greater Coffs Harbour metropolitan area. With all that said, we hope that you and your partner enjoy reading through this list!

Forever Ever Productions is one of the most sought after wedding videography companies across Coffs Harbour, specializing in a cinematic approach to wedding videos that will fill the hearts of local couples with joy and nostalgia. Wedding consultations can be booked completely for free in order to assess if Forever Ever Productions will be a good fit; engagement shoots and 25 edited images for personal use are included with wedding packages. Videography packages with Forever Ever Productions can include up to 12 hours of coverage on the wedding day with an option for a 3 to 20-minute highlight film.

Add-ons to packages with Forever Ever Productions include full ceremony, full speeches, and live-streaming services, among other such items. Photography services are also an option with Forever Ever Productions, making this wedding videographer a great resource for couples looking to combine multiple services into one for the ultimate wedding planning convenience. Wedding DJ services are also bookable through Forever Ever Productions, keeping plenty of services all under one roof.

Phone: 0422 606 100

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Contact : Tim Helmy

With the team at Moose & Co at the helm, wedding videography can be skillfully and artfully executed for wedding celebrations of all shapes and sizes across Coffs Harbour and beyond. Staffed up by four professional videographers with a unique set of skills and a passion for the craft of cinematography, Moose & Co can service weddings across Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, and Sydney, travelling as far as Brisbane to capture wedding ceremonies and receptions on film.

Specializing in the art of storytelling through footage, Moose & Co takes the time to get to know each and every couple with whom they work, viewing the process of capturing wedding videos like a true collaboration of styles, tastes, and artistic preferences. At the end of the process, Moose & Co delivers a wedding film that speaks to those distinctive styles of their clients while still utilizing the expert resources and skills of the team in charge.

Phone: 0424 897 310

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Mike & Amy Photographers is one of the premier wedding videographers in and around Coffs Harbour. Services on offer with Mike & Amy Photographers are not limited to video; photography packages, photography and essential video packages, and photo and cinematography packages are all available for booking with this Coffs Harbour-based videography provider.

The wedding photography & essential videography package is perfect for couples only looking to ensure that the wedding ceremony and the reception speeches are captured on film. The photography & cinematography package is ideal for couples hoping for a 10-15 minute feature film with music and stereo sound in HD video. All packages with Mike & Amy Photographers can be customized and individualized to exact client specifications, making their services uniquely convenient for clients who want to take a bespoke approach to their wedding day film needs.

Phone: 0413 971 483

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Co-founded by Bardi Browne and Kelsey Phillips, B & K Creative is a mid-north coast Coffs Harbour region-based wedding videography business. Known for delivering quality images and films, both Bardi and Kelsey are passionate about photography and videography. They follow a unique style to provide fresh, fun, creative, candid, and heartfelt videos tailored to couples’ demands. From drone footage to full ceremony videos to short highlight videos, they offer multiple wedding packages with different hours of coverage to fit clients’ needs. No matter which package you choose, you can get raw, unedited video footage of your special event for an additional $500. For detailed information on their wedding videography services and pricing, consider talking to the team.

Phone: 0431 324 758

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Contact : Bardi Browne

Look no further than Lachlan Payne for wedding videography with a touch of upscale elegance and a whole lot of professionalism. Lachlan Payne operates using cameras by Arri, Sony, Blackmagic, and Canon, prioritizing state of the art video and camera technology in order to capture wedding ceremonies and receptions in the best possible quality.

Lachlan Payne is also a certified drone operator licensed through CASA, a perfect resource for couples looking for soaring, sweeping shots of their wedding day festivities. Whether clients are looking for VFX and animation work or editing and storytelling through the visual medium, Lachlan Payne can create stunning scenic pictures that recall and look back upon the spontaneous moments of organic connection, intimacy, and romance from the wedding day. For all of this and more, look check out the services of Lachlan Payne for upcoming wedding celebrations across Coffs Harbour and beyond.

Phone: 0490 306 058

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Now that you and your partner have finished up reading through this list of the top five wedding videographers across Coffs Harbour and beyond, we hope that you two have attained a stronger sense of the kinds of options for wedding videography services in your local area. No matter what style you’re looking for, whether you want a documentary-film approach that favours organic moments or you’re looking for a cinematic approach that captures sweeping, soaring shots of the pastoral scenery that could come straight out of a feature film, these incredible wedding videography companies will be able to create a wedding film for you that satisfies any and all of your artistic preferences and requests. So now that you have all the information you need, what’s stopping you from putting down a deposit and securing the services of one of these incredible wedding videographers? We wish you the very best of luck as you continue along your wedding planning process!