Congratulations on embarking on the exciting journey of planning your wedding in the enchanting Swan Valley! As you envision your special day, the choice of a marriage celebrant is pivotal in creating a ceremony that reflects your unique love story. In the heart of this picturesque region, where vineyards and rustic charm intertwine, selecting the right celebrant is key to bringing your dream ceremony to life.

Meet the dedicated individuals who specialise in crafting unforgettable moments tailored just for you. Each celebrant in Swan Valley possesses a distinctive touch, ensuring your wedding is a true reflection of your personalities and the love you share. Join us on a journey to discover the top marriage celebrants who can transform your wedding day into a cherished memory.

Love Fest by Aisha, Perth Celebrant

Aisha Puchert of Love Fest by Aisha, Perth Marriage Celebrant, is dedicated to making your ceremony dreams come to life. She is head-over-heels in love with love and promises to make you and your future spouse beam with joy on your wedding. Do you want a delightful, engaging ceremony that makes everyone happy? Aisha is easy-going and fun-loving, so you can expect an amazing ceremony that is personalised to perfectly suit your style. This Perth wedding celebrant will go the extra mile to listen to your needs and bring them to life. Besides weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies are available.

Fees: Enquire for Pricing

Style: Warm, happy, & energetic

Address: Perth WA

Phone: 0449 266 553

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Aisha Puchert

Anne Miller Celebrant

Your beautiful wedding will stand out from the rest when you hire this experienced and professional wedding celebrant. She’ll create a ceremony that is authentically you and the best part of the entire day. Anne Miller Celebrant proudly services the whole area of Perth and beyond with a plethora of services for all couples. As one of Perth’s top celebrants, Anne has been chosen by hundreds of couples as their marriage celebrant.

She’s happy, fun-loving, engaging and inclusive. She’s also an excellent writer, public speaker and entertainer which will ensure that your guests will feel part of the ceremony and are sure to be entertained!

If you’re looking for a celebrant who is super organised, professional and will goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service, get in touch with Anne Miller today!

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0407 982 265

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Anne Miller

Liz Hayes Celebrant

Liz Hayes is one of the most popular and sought-after marriage celebrants in WA. Conducting weddings since 2008, Liz has a wealth of experience in conducting memorable ceremonies tailored to the requirements of each couple. 

With her past experience in the airline industry Liz got the opportunity to travel around the world and has met and interacted with people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, and all those experiences greatly help her to create unique and personalized ceremonies for her clients.

If you are after a celebrant to help you plan a ceremony that reflects your ideals and beliefs and who will try to ensure to make your special day as relaxed and stress-free as possible, Liz Hayes is your celebrant!

Years experience: Since 2008

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: Personalised, Fun

Address: Scarborough WA 6019

Phone: 0424 703 399

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Liz Hayes

Wedding Crasher

Meet Brent Dickson, affectionately known as The Wedding Crasher, a vibrant marriage celebrant based in Perth. A devoted husband and father, Brent brings a dash of cheekiness and a love for storytelling to every ceremony. Embracing a recent life shift, he’s committed to infusing joy into every moment. With a passion for public speaking and a knack for entertaining, Brent ensures your wedding day is filled with unique memories and boundless love. Life is short, and Brent believes it should be celebrated daily—making him the perfect storyteller for your special day. Get ready for a wedding ceremony that’s not just an event but an unforgettable experience with The Wedding Crasher.

Address: Swan Valley, WA

Phone: 0437 473 797

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Brent Dickson

Blue Rose Celebrancy

Meet Karen Quigley, the heart and soul behind Blue Rose Celebrancy, a premier choice for couples seeking a marriage celebrant in Perth. With a background in Social Work and Event Management, Karen brings warmth, creativity, and a touch of bilingual flair to her ceremonies. Specialising in English, Spanish, and Italian, she crafts unique and personalised ceremonies that reflect your love story. Whether you’re drawn to a traditional or contemporary ceremony, Karen walks beside you every step of the way, ensuring your wedding day is filled with joy and everlasting memories. Choose Blue Rose Celebrancy for a ceremony as timeless and beautiful as eternal love itself.

Address: Swan Valley, WA

Phone: 0407 088 429

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Karen Quigley

Swan Valley Celebrant

With over 17 years of expertise in crafting beautiful wedding ceremonies, this celebrated marriage celebrant in Swan Valley is a local gem, highly recommended by venues and photographers alike. Bringing warmth and a wealth of experience, they specialise in tailoring unique celebrations that effortlessly blend joy and solemnity. As a trusted local, their familiarity with the region’s premier wedding venues ensures a seamless and personalised experience. From assisting with vows to incorporating family and friends, this expert ensures your special day radiates with fun and genuine emotion. Choose this Swan Valley Celebrant for a wedding that reflects your distinctive style and creates lasting memories.

Address: 1084 Great Northern Hwy, Baskerville WA 6056

Phone: 0414 476 538

Social: Swan Valley Celebrant

Contact : Nina Guelfi

Glen Adams Celebrant

Embrace good vibes and good times with Swan Valley’s own Glen Adams Celebrant. Known as the Tattooed Celebrant, Glen brings a unique blend of warmth and a rugged charm to your special day. Beyond the beard and tattoos lies a dedicated celebrant, father, and Primary School Teacher. Glen’s journey from civil construction to officiating weddings enriches his relatability. Having sensed a need for a down-to-earth celebrant, Glen embarked on this path in 2019, crafting ceremonies that blend tradition with a laid-back atmosphere. Choosing Glen means choosing a celebrant who values fun, banter, and creating a memorable start to your celebration of love.

Address: Aldine Ridge, Aveley WA 6069

Phone: 0433 231 616

Social: Glen Adams Celebrant

Contact : Glen Adams

J.D. Celebrancy

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Swan Valley, discover the heartfelt services of John Dendy, the creative force behind J.D. Celebrancy. With a diverse background in customer service, including guiding tours on the Zambezi River and a stint in nursing, John has been a dedicated Celebrant since 2009. Described as passionate, punctual, and easy-going, John crafts unique ceremonies that reflect the evolving definition of marriage. His genuine love for weddings and commitment to personalised experiences make J.D. Celebrancy is a delightful choice for couples seeking a memorable and tailored celebration of their love in the scenic Swan Valley.

Address: 39 Sunray Cir, Ellenbrook WA 6069

Phone: 0439 821 195

Social: J.D. Celebrancy

Contact : John Dendy

Megan Knox Celebrancy

Immersed in the enchanting world of love and celebrations, Megan Knox is a vibrant marriage celebrant from Swan Valley. With a background in publicity and events management, Megan weaves a unique tapestry for each couple, bringing their love story to life. As a young, fun, and personable celebrant, she offers a refreshing alternative to traditional ceremonies. Megan, a proud wife and mother, cherishes crafting ceremonies that reflect the individuality of every couple. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, Megan’s dedication ensures your big day is not just an event but a cherished chapter in your love story. Let Megan narrate your tale, blending laughter and tears into a stylish ‘happily ever after.’

Phone: 0423 960 095

Social: Megan Knox Celebrancy

Contact : Megan Knox

Penny Reynolds

Embark on a joyous journey with Penny Reynolds, a seasoned Marriage Celebrant in the Perth Hills, Western Australia. With over 25 years of experience in the performing arts, Penny brings a touch of creativity to crafting unique and personalised wedding ceremonies. She believes in turning your dreams into reality, ensuring your special day is not only memorable but also relaxed for everyone involved. As a voice and presence coach, singing teacher, and Event MC, Penny adds a distinctive charm to your ceremony. Let her guide you through the marriage process, creating a spontaneous, fresh, and fun celebration that reflects your love story and connects with your community. Celebrate your union with Penny’s expertise and warmth, making your wedding day truly extraordinary.

Phone: 0421 068 207

Social: Penny Reynolds

Contact : Penny Reynolds


As you conclude this exploration of Swan Valley’s top marriage celebrants, envision the moment when you and your partner exchange vows in this idyllic setting. With their unique styles and personal touches, these celebrants stand ready to guide you through a ceremony that resonates with the beauty of your relationship. As you embark on the path of marital bliss, rest assured that these professionals will weave a tapestry of love and commitment, leaving you with memories to treasure for a lifetime. Your wedding day, set against the backdrop of Swan Valley’s charm, is destined to be an unforgettable celebration of your love story. Cheers to new beginnings and a lifetime of happiness!