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First of all – congratulations, it’s happening!! What an exciting time for you and your partner!

My name is Yazmin and I have been a celebrant since 2010 – “how is this is possible? She is so young and youthful looking”?

In my time I have been able to truly understand what makes a great, memorable and enjoyable ceremony.

My aim is to make the ceremony the most stress-free part of planning your wedding, and the most talked-about part from all your guests (unless your uncle breaks out some great moves on the dance floor).

Not every couple is the same, so no two weddings should be the same. I believe in creating a custom, modern wedding that reflects you as a couple and delivering the ceremony that you dreamed of.

My experience allows me to deliver a light-hearted ceremony that meets your vision with elegance and just the right amount of joy, laughter, tears and warmth.

Not only can I officiate the ceremony, but I can MC the reception AND…
(but wait there’s more)… I also offer On The Day Coordination packages so that you don’t need to worry about a thing on the day.

Vendor Profile - Yazmin Firkins

Yazmin Firkins

Yazmin has been a celebrant since 2010 - That’s a whopping, glorious, amazing eleven years!

As a young yet veteran celebrant - Yazmin knows what works. And that's personalising the shizz out of your ceremony!

No cliche's and cheesy one liners here!!

Everyone will be talking about how personable Yazmin the celebrant was "You must of known her for years"

Nope. she just really likes getting to know each couple over a few drinks and telling stories!

She is also available to MC and because she bloody loves it so much, She is an On The Day Coordinator.
If you're having a DIY wedding - you need Yazmin!!

Yazmin looks forward to meeting you over a coffee or wine!


On average a ceremony goes from 25min - 35min. It's important to remember that people are coming to see you get married, if it is any less than 20min your guests will feel a little ripped off. Ceremonies shouldn't be boring, in my experience no one has ever told me that a 35min ceremony felt long or dragged on. This also takes in to account the time it takes for the bride, bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal party to enter, the signing of the paperwork and a song for the Bridal party to exit.
The majority of people only see a celebrant working for about 30 minutes at the ceremony. What they don't see is the hours of work put into making the ceremony happen. Multiple meetings with the couple, getting to know them and understanding their vision for the ceremony, pages of paperwork. Writing a bespoke ceremony to suit each couple can take hours. Not to mention the annual fees and Ongoing Professional Development that must be taken every year to remain a celebrant. So even though it looks like an effortless 30 minutes of work, each wedding is approximately 15-20 hours of work.

Also be aware that if a celebrants fee seems a lot cheaper than others, in most cases you will get what you pay for. Do your research, meet with multiple celebrants and find who is the best fit for you.
There should be an initial meeting (either face to face or on the phone) for you to get a feel of them and ask all the questions (see below).
Once you book in that celebrant, you will meet to get started with the paperwork -the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), this is when the celebrant gets to know you, and they should be asking you lots of questions.
Usually then you won’t see your celebrant until closer to the wedding day, to go over final details, have a rehearsal or at least block where the bridal party are standing, entering and exiting from etc.

There should be communication between signing the NOIM and your rehearsal. I always send couples a draft of the ceremony I have written at least one month in advance, so that there is plenty of time to make any changes.
Your celebrant will lodge all of your paperwork to Births Deaths and Marriages, this may take 2 weeks to be processed. On your wedding day you will sign a ‘decorative’ wedding certificate - this is not a legal document but is much prettier than your legal certificate.
You will receive your legal certificate in the mail around 1 month after your wedding.m

This is what will allow you to change your last name if you decide to.
If it is your first time getting married, you probably don’t know what to be asking your potential celebrant. Here are a few to get you started and will hopefully give you a good idea if they will be a good fit for your wedding.
What kind of style of ceremony do you typically offer?
What is your process - from this meeting to after the ceremony?
What happens if for some reason you are unable to make it to the wedding?
Why did you become a celebrant?
What sets you out from the rest?
Do you have a limit of meetings and communication we can have?
How much control and flexibility of the ceremony can we have?
What will you wear on the day?
What does the fee include?
What is the cancellation policy? ...
What equipment do you provide?


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