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Unlike the mass-produced brands distributed through chain stores, SH Jewellery considers far more than the aesthetic brilliance and lustre of the diamond and band.

In most cases, our clients’ rings are rarely removed. With this in mind, SH Jewellery considers the comfort and practicality of our range, dependant on a variety of factors including dimension and shape.

For each new design, a prototype is created in-house to be graded against a strict pre-production checklist. Our team is then able to physically test the designs before they are introduced to our exclusive collection to ensure they withstand the events of day-to-day life, without inconveniencing the wearer or risking damage to the ring.

If our team is not 100% satisfied with the design’s wearability and durability, we invest more time into refining the ratio, reworking the design and adapting the band until the perfect proportions are achieved and the design can finally be released to our online shop and Springvale showroom.

We’re also highly responsive to the needs of our clients. Through years of one-on-one consultation with a diverse range of clientele, we’ve recorded feedback from thousands of people buying diamond rings; their wants, needs and design preferences have been used to influence and develop our unique collection over decades of evolving designs.

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SH Jewellery Team

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