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Cris Feldens’ affair with cooking started early in a small town in southern Brazil , Cris would spend a lot of time in the kitchen learning to cook with her mum and dad, and soon started taking care of her family dinners, BBQs and events.
Passionate and curious about mixing flavors and adding more to the everyday “meat dishes” led Cris to expand the home cooking and entering into a professional Cooking school exploring the Italian cuisine at ICIF (International School of Italian Cuisine).

After many internships with great chefs around the country, she moved on to Australia furthering her experience working in a number of the top restaurants on the Gold Coast where she got to understand the preferences of the local community and established a strong connection with the lifestyle.

Cris has a passion for Nutrition and desire to create genuinely delicious healthy foods.

Cris recently studied the intricacies of Thai Cuisine at the Blue Elephant Cooking School in Bangkok Thailand.

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