Looking for the perfect videographer to capture the essence of your wedding day in Wollongong? Your search ends here. Amidst the excitement and flurry of wedding preparations, selecting the right videographer is paramount.

It’s about finding someone who not only documents your special day but also understands your unique story. Your wedding video is more than just footage; it’s a timeless keepsake that encapsulates the emotions, laughter, and love shared on this significant occasion.

In the vibrant coastal city of Wollongong, you’ll find an array of talented professionals ready to transform your moments into unforgettable memories. From breathtaking beachside ceremonies to intimate garden affairs, there’s a videographer adept at capturing the magic of your day.

Let’s explore the top wedding videographers in Wollongong, each offering a distinct style to suit your preferences and budget.

PipeWolf Weddings understand how everyone is quirky and unique in their own way and they craft a film that directly reflects your personality. Their candid documentary is carefully designed just for you and shows your story and style. There are no cliche shots or use of stale ideas and once they are done, your wedding videographer will be one of a kind. With so many different packages to choose from, you can find the one for you and enjoy your special day with a carefree and stress-free mind!

Phone: 0439 471 135

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Contact : Fyona

Let Capture You Videography help celebrate your special day in full style. If you want a professional group with excellent customer service, then they are the one for you. Their packages are designed to meet your requirements and they even allow customization based on your needs and wants. So hire them today and get a budget videographer that’ll deliver your wedding video to your doorsteps without any complaints!

Phone: 0410 305 318

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Contact : Shane Hintz

Ela Studios- established in 2008, knows everything about capturing the perfect wedding video for your special day. When it comes to your wedding, having a professional, passionate and friendly team is the answer to your problems and Ela Studios provides you with just that. Their team blends in just like your family on the big day and this avoids all awkwardness as they capture the raw events unfolding. Enjoy their excellent packages or build a personalized package today to get exactly what you need on your wedding day!

Phone: 0401 437 366

Social: Ela Studios

Contact : Pamela

Dedicated to making your planning and wedding experience a breeze, sit back and relax when you book Craig Holbrook Wedding Films for your big day. From hand-crafted albums to digital coverage and pre-wedding shoots, they have it all. You can forget the days of simply getting a video that is the moving version of your pictures and get a personable wedding video that you can enjoy re-watching everyday.

Phone: 0401 717 840

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Contact : Craig Holbrook

Grace, style, love and beauty are just some words that Tom Coburn Wedding Co. uses to sum up the results of their wedding videography. To them, this is not a service, it is a form of art and they aim to capture every single head turn, tear-jerk and subtle glimpse of magic that others may not capture. On your special day, Tom Coburn Wedding Co captures the story of your gorgeous day and provides it to you with an outlook like no other, so what are you waiting for?

Phone: 0401 107 295

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Contact : Tom Coburn

Dion Cario Films is a mixture of artistic storytelling and authentic filmmaking that you will love. Their team puts their heart and soul into every wedding videography so that it turns out exactly how they envision it. The result- a motion piece that stands through the test of time and will become a keepsake that you will treasure for the years to come. With an experience of eight years, capturing memories is no longer a job for them but a personalized adventure that they create just for you.

Phone: 0438 658 528

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Contact : Dion Cario

Mitch Hickman believes in a candid and relaxed style of videography and their testimonials prove that. Their films are simple and unique and due to their experience of 10 years, the results are incredibly perfect. They strive to capture even the smallest of moments and memories that you may fail to notice on your big day. Their goal is to provide you with a story that you can get lost in whenever you re-watch it and take you back to that altar no matter how old you and your partner get! So contact them today and get a package customized to your needs right away.

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Contact : Mitchell Hickman

Their motto is: your story is our story- and you can see this motto reflected in your wedding video. When you re-watch your special day, you want every moment captured so that you can revisit those priceless memories whenever you want, with Marcus Rusbourne Media, you can do just that. They aim to create a timeless piece and preserve the magic of your special day. With affordable packages and a flexible team, hire them today for an amazing wedding experience.

Phone: 0423 694 543

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Contact : Marcus Rusbourne


As you reflect on your wedding day, your chosen videographer plays a pivotal role in preserving those cherished memories. In Wollongong, the options are abundant, each offering their unique flair and expertise.

Whether you envision a cinematic masterpiece or a candid portrayal, there’s a videographer perfectly aligned with your vision. Your wedding video becomes a treasure trove of moments, transporting you back to the joy and love experienced on that day.

As you embark on this journey together as a married couple, may your wedding video serve as a timeless reminder of the love that binds you. Choose wisely, for your videographer is entrusted with capturing the beginning of your beautiful journey together.