The Bellarine Peninsula is a gorgeous stretch of land and water in the Southwest area of Australia; combined with the Mornington Peninsula, this area cuts a line square between Phillip Bay and Bass Strait, creating multiple inlets, isles, and craggy waterfronts that make this an incredibly special area of natural beauty. The Bellarine Peninsula is an idyllic place to visit, with tourists checking out the greater metro region of Geelong on visits to the area. 

To help you and your partner find the very best options for ceremony and reception  locales in this remarkable spot in Australia, we’ve created this list of the top ten wedding venues to be found in and around the Bellarine Peninsula – we hope that you two enjoy reading through our list!

Terindah Estate

Look no further than the Terindah Estate for a charming celebration held on a stunning property featuring the Event Space and The Shed, the on-site event areas for ceremonies and receptions. Wedding parties of up to 180 seated guests at the Terindah Estate make use of additional event areas on the property such as the Verandah Deck, the Mezzanine Deck, and the Cellar Door. A variety of flexible floor plans and seating configurations can be accommodated within these versatile event areas, where wedding receptions can feature in-house beverage service and in-house catering from the talented professionals on the staff.

Address: 90 McAdams Ln, Bellarine VIC 3223

Phone: 03 5251 5536

Social: Terindah Estate

Contact : Holly Gillham

Harvester Moon

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, Harvester Moon can provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. This rustic farm and pastoral property can make for an idyllic wedding retreat, with a flexible vendor policy that allows clients to work with their favourite local professionals to create a wedding that is designed with the happy couple in mind. This means that Harvester Moon is best used as a “DIY” venue, through which couples can exercise creative control over the look and feel of their celebration, while the staff members at Harvester Moon will be around to provide counsel and advice throughout the process.

Address: 2320 Portarlington Road Bellarine, VIC, 3223

Phone: 0407 341 256

Social: Harvester Moon

Contact : Tracey


360q is one of the most luxurious wedding venues to be found across the Bellarine Peninsula and beyond. Tucked into the gorgeous scenic area between the Queenscliff Harobur and Port Phillip Bay, 360q is a private venue featuring in-house catering services from an incredibly talented team of chefs who can cater a menu to exact client specifications. Featuring an indoor event space and an observation tower that captures the panoramic vistas that surround this venue, 360q can keep guests amazed and awed from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception, featuring dinner, dancing, and in-house beverage service that will keep the party going all night.

Address: 2 Wharf St, Queenscliff VIC 3225

Phone: 03 5257 4200

Social: 360q

Contact : Barry Iddles

Barwon Heads Resort

Check out Barwon Heads Resort for a fabulous wedding venue featuring all-inclusive packages that keep the wedding planning process as simple as possible for the happy couple. Wedding celebrations hosted at Barwon Heads Resort can receive in-house catering services from the unbelievable on-site restaurant, as well as access to a variety of added amenities such as photography services, celebrant services, photo booth rentals, dance floor creation, table decor and centerpieces, and other such items. Wedding planning services can be contracted from an on-site professional who can help to manage the finer details of the upcoming wedding date as it swiftly approaches.

Address: 36 Fourteenth Rd, Connewarre VIC 3227

Phone: 03 5254 1777

Social: Barwon Heads Resort

Contact : Barwon Heads Resort Team

Jack Rabbit Vineyard

Jack Rabbit Vineyard is a premier wedding venue located in the Bellarine Peninsula, with its magnetic surroundings contributing to the draw of this incredible event space. Jack Rabbit Vineyard can host a ceremony in view of the bay, which stretches on into the distance for miles. The indoor event space at Jack Rabbit Vineyard features an attached deck and an industrial chic decor, both of which contribute to the elegant atmosphere of this venue. Jack Rabbit Vineyard showcases its real specialty when it comes to the dinner service, which can be provided by an on-site team of industry expert chefs  for dinner and dancing receptions held on the premises.

Address: 85 McAdams Ln, Bellarine VIC

Phone: 03 5248 6866

Social: Jack Rabbit Vineyard

Contact : Jack Rabbit Vineyard

Suma Park Estate

Suma Park Estate is a wedding venue and event space featuring virtually limitless scenic property and endless vistas of the gorgeous surrounding area. Ideal for a wedding party based out of the Bellarine Peninsula, Suma Park Estate is situated on 100 sprawling acres of greenery, with ceremonies easily hosted within the gardens and cocktail hours held in view of the fragrant flora. The Stables is a building that dates back to the 1880s, and this indoor space has everything that a wedding reception could need, including a bar service and photo booth area, decor and design items, fairy lighting, linens, and a dance floor to keep the party exciting.

Address: 2121-2258 Bellarine Hwy, Marcus Hill VIC 3225

Phone: 03 5258 3507

Social: Suma Park Estate

Contact : Suma Park Team

13th Beach Golf Links

For a wedding celebration of complete sophistication and beauty, check out the 13th Beach Golf Links in the Bellarine Peninsula. The 13th Beach Golf Links is flanked by sprawling greenery, and parties can be held cocktail style or reception style within the indoor and outdoor event spaces on the property. Up to 140 seated guests or 250 standing guests can be hosted for a wedding celebration at the 13th Beach Golf Links. Featuring friendly hospitality from a team of event coordinators and managers on staff, the 13th Beach Golf Links is a great choice for couples hoping for some assistance along the way with their wedding planning process.

Address: 1732 Barwon Heads Rd, Barwon Heads VIC 3227

Phone: 03 5254 2922

Social: 13th Beach Golf Links

Contact : 13th Beach Golf Links Team

Oneday Estate

Oneday Estate is a charming wedding venue featuring event spaces that can host unforgettable wedding celebrations. With a capacity of up to 200 seated guests, Oneday Estate can hold wedding ceremonies in any one of three available ceremony sites outdoors, and receptions can receive the attention of a devoted wedding coordinator to guarantee the seamless logistical flow of the wedding day from start to finish. Additional amenities that come with use of Oneday Estate as a wedding venue include three bartenders and glassware, a prep kitchen for catering use, access to the furniture items on the property as well as the entire estate for endless photo opportunities, and a complimentary wine tasting for the happy couple.

Address: 45 Curlewis Rd, Curlewis VIC 3222

Phone: 0419 300 281

Social: Oneday Estate

Contact : Sam Murray

Flying Brick Cider Co

Few local venues in and around the Bellarine Peninsula can match the elegance of Flying Brick Cider Co, with its accommodations for up to 230 seated guests or 400 standing guests ensuring that even the largest of parties can be hosted on the premises at this sophisticated venue. Surrounded by meadows and hills, Flying Brick Cider Co is a picturesque venue featuring in-house catering and in-house beverage services that keep multiple amenities under one roof for maximum client convenience. The in-house beverage service can feature the unbelievable wines and ciders made on-site, a great amenity for any oenophiles in attendance.

Address: 1251 – 1269 Bellarine Hwy Wallington VIC 3222

Phone: 03 5250 6577

Social: Flying Brick Cider Co

Contact : Flying Brick Cider Co

Rusty Gate Weddings

Rusty Gate Weddings is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across the Bellarine Peninsula and beyond, with its gorgeous accommodations hosting wedding celebrations of utter romance. Rusty Gate Weddings features endless views of the Port Phillip Bay and Geelong, adding a dimension of natural beauty to this venue; nestled into an operational olive grove, Rusty Gate Weddings can host up to 150 seated guests on the formal lawn, while a marquee reception can be hosted by special request.

Address: 91 McDermott Rd, Curlewis VIC 3222

Phone: 0458 218 668

Social: Rusty Gate Weddings

Contact : Rusty Gate Weddings Team


Now that you and your partner have taken the opportunity to sort through our list of the top ten wedding venues to be found across the Bellarine Peninsula and beyond, we hope that you have a better sense of how to take the next step forward in your wedding planning process. With wedding season always occupying real estate in the Bellarine Peninsula, we recommend that you get your name submitted and your foot in the door at your favourite venues as soon as possible. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose out on your favourite venue just because you didn’t act soon enough. With all that said, we wish you two all the luck in the world with your remaining wedding planning process!