Planning your dream wedding in Bendigo? You’re in for an enchanting journey, and the key to a seamless celebration lies in finding the perfect wedding planner. Amidst the historic charm and scenic landscapes, Bendigo boasts a range of talented professionals ready to turn your vision into reality. Imagine stress-free preparations, where every detail reflects your love story. That’s where these top wedding planners come in. Let’s explore the cream of the crop in Bendigo, ensuring your big day is nothing short of magical.

Embark on this adventure hand in hand, as we guide you through the finest wedding planners in the heart of Victoria, each committed to making your special day uniquely yours.

Best Wedding Planners In Bendigo

  1. Pretty Little Details
  2. Style by Ashleigh K
  3. Event Den
Pretty Little Details

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pretty Little Details, a Bendigo-based wedding planner founded by the dynamic duo, Amanda and Tanya. With backgrounds in design and project management, these two passionate souls transform your special moments into unforgettable experiences. From weddings to birthdays, they meticulously craft every detail, offering services ranging from floral design and drink stands to photo booth setups and complete wedding planning. Embracing the philosophy that “the Pretty Little Details count,” Amanda and Tanya promise a relaxing journey, allowing you to savour your event while they weave magic into every corner. Let them turn your vision into reality, creating a day that reflects you in all its splendour.

Phone: 0439 365 158

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Contact : Floral Boss

Style by Ashleigh K

With over nine years of blossoming expertise, Style by Ashleigh K stands as a dynamic force in Bendigo’s celebration scene. From their vibrant East Bendigo warehouse, the dedicated team crafts unforgettable moments, specialising in weddings, elopements, and corporate galas. More than just floral and styling virtuosos, they provide a seamless end-to-end service, from decor hire to stationery. Rooted in organic collaboration, this spirited, all-female team approaches each event with boundless enthusiasm and a knack for problem-solving. Beyond creating visually stunning celebrations, their joy lies in building genuine connections with clients. Style by Ashleigh K: where small is powerful, and every event is infused with fearless dedication.

Phone: 0404 142 729

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Contact : Ash

Event Den

Meet the creative force behind Event Den – Izzy, a seasoned Wedding Planner with 5 years in the industry and 8+ years of global event management. Bringing a touch of London sophistication to Bendigo since 2018, Event Den crafts seamlessly executed weddings, blending timeless elegance with a dash of simplicity. From lavish private affairs to intimate gatherings, their commitment lies in designing memory-filled experiences. With a unique blend of design and logistics, Izzy ensures your celebration is steeped in style and personality. Event Den stands out for their thoughtful, elegant designs and unique experiences, creating weddings that are simply sophisticated and unforgettable.

Phone: 0474 935 265

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As the confetti settles and the last dance fades away, reflecting on your wedding day in Bendigo is sure to bring a smile. Thanks to the expertise of the top wedding planners in this charming Victorian city, your celebration unfolded effortlessly, leaving you with cherished memories. From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, these professionals turned dreams into realities.

So, whether it’s the rustic elegance or modern sophistication you desire, Bendigo’s wedding planners have proven to be the architects of unforgettable moments. As you journey into marital bliss, may the echoes of your joyous celebration in this regional gem linger in your hearts forever. Cheers to love, laughter, and the beautiful beginnings crafted by Bendigo’s exceptional wedding planners.