Thinking about your wedding day brings a wave of excitement, but navigating the intricate details of planning can be overwhelming. In the heart of Toowoomba, finding the right wedding planner is like discovering the perfect melody for your love story. Let’s explore the top wedding planners who turn dreams into reality in this picturesque region. Your vision, your desires – they’re at the forefront as we unveil the experts who’ll ensure your day is nothing short of magical. Each planner brings a unique touch to the table, promising to transform your celebration into an unforgettable symphony.

Discovering the ideal wedding planner is like finding the missing puzzle piece – it completes the picture, making your special day seamless and extraordinary. In Toowoomba, these experts are not just professionals; they are curators of dreams, weaving together the threads of your love story with finesse.

Evermore Events

Meet Tenae, the creative force and meticulous planner behind Evermore Events, a prominent Wedding Planner in Toowoomba. With roots in both the vibrant Sunshine Coast and the tranquil town of Warwick, Tenae found her perfect blend in Toowoomba’s city-country lifestyle. Boasting a background in project management, she seamlessly transitioned to crafting dream weddings. Evermore Events offers tailored packages, ensuring personalised experiences for every couple. Tenae’s genuine, humble nature and knack for planning make her a trusted partner for unforgettable moments. From lavish weddings to boutique events, Evermore Events promises a seamless journey, bringing your unique vision to life. Contact Tenae for a wedding journey filled with joy and personalised charm.

Address: Toowoomba, QLD 4350

Social: Evermore Events

Contact : Tenae

All Perfectly Planned

Elevate your wedding day with All Perfectly Planned, a Toowoomba-based wedding planner crafting modern, exquisite, and affordable experiences. With a commitment to turning your dreams into reality, their team seamlessly coordinates and styles weddings across Queensland. Boasting extensive knowledge and industry connections, they ensure flawless execution, leaving you free to savour every moment. Specialising in on-the-day coordination and meticulous attention to detail, All Perfectly Planned goes beyond expectations to create a truly extraordinary celebration. From Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, let their ‘EXTRA’ touch make your day unforgettable, capturing your unique vision and leaving guests raving about the amazing good time they had.

Phone: 0409 153 107

Social: All Perfectly Planned

Contact : Sharon

Pretty Little Events

Capturing the essence of love and timeless style, Pretty Little Events in Toowoomba crafts exceptional wedding celebrations. With a dedicated team led by Creative Director Danielle, they offer full wedding services, from meticulous planning to on-the-day coordination. Born and bred in Toowoomba, Danielle’s passion for all things pretty shines through. Launched in September 2019, Pretty Little Events has garnered immense love and support, exceeding expectations. Their extensive network of professional vendors ensures a seamless planning process, turning dreams into reality. Trust in Pretty Little Events for a warm, relaxing experience, and let them exceed your expectations in delivering a beautiful celebration.

Phone: 0438 118 305

Social: Pretty Little Events

Contact : Danielle


As the curtains fall on our exploration of Toowoomba’s top wedding planners, envision your dream day becoming a reality. The local talent showcased here is more than just event coordinators; they are storytellers, crafting a narrative that reflects your unique love. With meticulous attention to detail, these planners ensure that your wedding day isn’t just an event; it’s a masterpiece.

So, dear couples, take a step closer to your dream wedding by entrusting it to these exceptional planners. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final dance, they stand by your side, making every moment count. In Toowoomba, your wedding journey becomes an enchanting tale written in the language of love, guided by the skilled hands of those who understand the art of turning dreams into reality.