Wedding planning is certainly the single most important aspect of any wedding celebration, as without wedding planning services, there is simply no celebration. And while couples are welcome to white knuckle it and go it alone, there’s no reason to deny oneself the services of a wedding professional who knows all of the ins and outs of the industry, practically guaranteeing a smooth and professionally executed wedding planning process from start to finish.

To help you and your partner find the very best planners in and around your local area, we’ve created our list of the top seven wedding planners to be found across Wollongong – we hope that you two enjoy reading through our carefully curated list!

Rhianna Smith Events

Rhianna Smith Events is one of the most sought after wedding planning companies to be found within Wollongong, facilitating the logistical flow and artistic design of celebrations across the Kangaroo Valley, Sydney, the Southern Highlands, the South Coast, and Regional NSW. Rhianna Smith Events can offer wedding day coordination, partial wedding planning, and complete wedding management, with versatile services that can be individualised to the specific needs of each party, with design services that will allow the venue to shine and sparkle with an atmosphere of romance.

Phone: 0435 917 150

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Contact : Rhianna Smith

Events With Distinction

Parties organised and planned by the Wollongong-based planning company Events With Distinction can be designed and executed with any style in mind, whether indoors or outdoors, rustic or glam, vintage or romantic. Ceremonies and receptions can both be coordinated in a customised style that prioritises the needs and desires of the happy couple above all, creating a wedding party that speaks to the specific relationship. Guaranteeing that parties “will not be soon forgotten,” Events With Distinction is a must-contact planning company.

Phone: 0408 693 342

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Contact : Michele Bell

She Designs Events

She Designs Events is a premiere wedding planning company based out of Wollongong and offering wide ranging services for parties in and around the local area. She Designs Events is a company responsible for some of the most upscale and refined wedding parties, with services including event coordination, digital content, styling services including flowers, lighting, chandeliers, furniture, candles, and innovative structures, and a team of head stylists to ensure the smooth setup and execution of the artistic details of the wedding party as well as the logistical flow of the big day.

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Contact : Sheree

Be Designed

Be Designed is one of the most locally loved and celebrated wedding planning companies to be found within the greater metro area of Wollongong, creating unforgettable wedding parties of true elegance and sophistication. Be Designed can design stunning interiors, with packages including the full styling of the ceremony and reception as well as sourcing hire items from decor and design pieces to the catering necessities. Additional services include on-the-day coordination and full floral services including decorative and bridal flowers.

Phone: 0434 355 870

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Contact : Gemaya

The Wedding & Event Creators

Offering wide ranging services that simplify the wedding planning process for any local couple planning a Wollongong-based wedding party, The Wedding & Event Creators have planned some of the finest events across the greater metro area and beyond. The Wedding & Event Creators can offer services including a full list of recommended suppliers, timelining assistance, liaising services, email correspondence and a pre-wedding run through, up to 15 hours of dedicated planning work, and the option to individualise packages for a bespoke planning process.

Phone: 0421 968 362

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Contact : Vanessa

Planned By Page

Offering planning, coordination, and elopement services for wedding celebrations taking place across the NSW South Coast, Macarthur, the Southern Highlands, Wollongong, and beyond, Planned By Page can create unbelievable wedding memories through artful and highly professional wedding planning services. These services include research and coordination of suppliers, pre planning meetings and unlimited communication, a full wedding info booklet with tips and tricks for organising the big day, site visits and vendor meetings, and a general helping hand through the process.

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Contact : Jess Page

The Pink Planner

Alison, a qualified wedding and event planner, brings dreams to life with The Pink Planner. Her passion is crafting beautiful, memorable weddings tailored to each client’s vision. Trusted with your special day, Alison ensures a seamless experience, working within your budget and handling all requests. As a dedicated wedding coordinator, she meticulously manages details, from decorations to the wedding party’s positioning, allowing couples to enjoy every moment. With Alison, your wedding day in Wollongong becomes a hassle-free celebration, as she orchestrates the perfect day you’ve always imagined.

Phone: 0407 597 683

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Contact : Alison Mae


Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the very best wedding planning companies to be found across the greater metro area of Wollongong and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to move forward with your wedding planning process feeling confident about the finer details and your ability to execute on the necessary components of your upcoming nuptials. With the assistance of a professional planner, your wedding planning process will suddenly become less overwhelming and you’ll find yourself able to enjoy the rewarding and fulfilling aspects of an upcoming party. With all that said, we wish you two tons of luck finding the perfect wedding planner!