Creating everlasting memories of your special day starts with finding the perfect wedding photographer who can capture the essence of your love story amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Margaret River. Picture this – a celebration of love against the backdrop of vineyards, pristine beaches, and lush forests. Your wedding deserves to be documented by a skilled photographer who understands the unique charm of this region. As you embark on this journey of planning your dream wedding, the right photographer can transform each moment into a timeless masterpiece, reflecting the joy and beauty of your union. Let’s explore the top wedding photographers in Margaret River, ensuring that every snapshot becomes a cherished piece of your love story.

Shannon Stent

Shannon Stent is one of the premier wedding photography service providers in and around Margaret River, providing prospective married couples with competitively priced and elegantly produced wedding photographs for celebrations across the local area. Two photographers are provided for every wedding that Shannon Stent covers, and Shannon Stent operates with an 8-12 week turnaround on delivery. Officially accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, ensuring a high skill level and qualified expertise, Shannon Stent eschews inorganic, staged photos, instead opting for capturing authentic, real, and personal moments arising from natural conversations and connections. Pre-wedding and engagement photography is available for booking in addition to wedding day coverage.

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Yoram Conradt Photography

For wedding photography that speaks to the beauty and elegance of wedding ceremonies and receptions, check out Yoram Conradt Photography, perfect for couples planning their upcoming wedding dates. Yoram Conradt Photography specializes in collaborating with clients to assess and gather together a unified aesthetic vision for the wedding day, and from there, Yoram Conradt Photography can use the 12 years of practical industry experience to capture weddings in a natural and authentic style while still abiding to client preferences and specifications. With over 400 weddings captured, Yoram Conradt Photography is a reliable and trustworthy source of wedding photography services for wedding celebrations in the greater Margaret River metropolitan area.

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Kelly Harwood Photography

Kelly Harwood Photography is a Margaret River-based wedding photography company, providing prospective married couples with bespoke, individualized services when it comes to capturing moments of genuine and authentic romance at wedding celebrations. Offering services for both destination and local weddings, Kelly Harwood Photography organizes its style around the principles of enjoyment and candidness, photographing naturally occurring moments without treating people like props. Kelly Harwood Photography uses state of the art technology and camera equipment, including Canon 5D mark3 cameras and Canon/Sigma prime lenses as well as Lightroom editing software, delivering a mix of color photos and black & white photos.

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John Rice Photographer

No one can capture the beauty of wedding ceremonies and receptions quite like John Rice Photographer, a wedding photographer based out of Margaret River. Balancing the role of the photographer as an essential collaborator on the day of the wedding with the need to blend into the scenery and let people organically interact, John Rice Photographer focuses on the importance of storytelling, letting the story unfold while softly and subtly capturing its contours and key plot points; as John Rice Photographer describes it, these are “moments of spontaneity driven by emotion, details, environmental photos that remind you of the various scenes in your story.” Availability and pricing information can be ascertained through contact with John Rice Photographer.

Phone: 0423 289 677

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Kendra Benson Photography

With Kendra Benson Photography, couples planning their upcoming wedding festivities can rest assured knowing their weddings will be captured with an artist’s eye and a professional’s diligence. The process with Kendra Benson Photography begins with a call, in which any specific requests can be established and a style can be developed through a collaborative, constructive conservation. With a gallery available for perusal on the Kendra Benson Photography website that demonstrates a clear proclivity and professionalism when it comes to capturing moments of grandeur, elegance, and majesty, Kendra Benson Photography can tackle wedding celebrations of all sizes and styles with an effortless grace that will live on for years to come in the form of a wedding album and an online gallery of high resolution images.

Phone: 0416 660 477

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Zaneta Van Zyl Photography

Zaneta Van Zyl Photography is one of Margaret River’s most skilled and qualified wedding photography companies, offering up bespoke services for soon-to-be-married couples planning wedding celebrations across Margaret River and beyond. As Zaneta Van Zyl Photography describes it, the general ethos of wedding photography with this company is to “capture moments as they happen,” favoring authentic interactions over staged, forced poses. Zaneta Van Zyl Photography shoots with analogue film in digital, though 8mm vintage film is an option with cinema packages, available upon special request. In fact, Zaneta Van Zyl Photography is highly amenable to special requests, valuing the importance of meeting clients where they are and working extra to ensure that all of their preferences, needs, and requests can be met as best as possible.

Phone: 0423 693 492

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Aimee Claire Photography

For highly sought after wedding photography services, look no further than Aimee Claire Photography. Wedding photography collection investments begin at $2,500, and elopements start at $1,200; for both Margaret River-based weddings and worldwide weddings everywhere from New Zealand to Tasmania to Perth, Aimee Claire Photography can accommodate weddings of all destinations, shapes, and sizes. Focusing on the storytelling component of weddings, Aimee Claire Photography guarantees that the joy of wedding day will extend far beyond just the day itself, providing clients with tangible memories that will last them far into their later life.

Phone: 0422 063 208

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Dian Sarah Photography

Capturing love in the heart of Margaret River, Dian Sarah, a skilled photographer, specialises in Weddings, Family, Lifestyle, Maternity, and Engagement/Proposal Photography. Since 2013, she’s called this beautiful Southwest Australian town home, transforming its scenic landscapes into the perfect canvas for her projects. With a relaxed, fun, and adventurous approach, Dian Sarah blends candid and posed shots, creating timeless memories. Her journey began in Indonesia in 2009, selling her prized motorbike to pursue photography. Having worked as a photo-journalist across Asia, she mastered the art of using light, mood, and subject, offering clients a unique and exceptional skill set to capture their special moments.

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Bringing over 15 years of wedding photography experience, this seasoned photographer in Margaret River skillfully captures the essence of your one-of-a-kind day. It’s not just about great photos; it’s about creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter, ensuring couples and their crew feel at ease. With a commitment to fuss-free, professional meetings accompanied by a touch of wine, beer, or coffee, clients leave with a vision of the stunning memories awaiting them. Offering exceptional value, a quick photo turnaround, and an online gallery for global sharing, this photographer goes beyond the lens, leveraging extensive industry connections to assist in organising every aspect of your special day. More than just a photographer – a trusted wedding ally.

Phone: 0422 368 822

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Meet Luke, the creative and laid-back lens maestro behind Photogerson, a dynamic wedding photography duo in Margaret River. Luke, with a knack for capturing the essence of joy, thrives in making photo sessions feel effortlessly relaxed. His partner, Kate, masterfully crafts the final magic through editing and album design. Based in Dunsborough, their family of five embraces coastal living, often finding happiness with salty hair and cold beers on the beach. Luke, a self-confessed weather nerd, ensures your day is captured flawlessly, obsessing over forecasts and chasing the perfect shot. Their adventurous spirits have taken them around the globe, with one of their captivating photos gracing the cover of a Tim Winton book. Let Photogerson turn your wedding moments into timeless treasures.

Phone: 0459 333 957

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In closing, as you wrap up the preparations for your special day, the memories captured by a talented wedding photographer will be the lasting treasures of your celebration. The photographers in Margaret River, with their artistic flair and local expertise, have the ability to turn every fleeting moment into a cherished memory. Cheers to the professionals who weave magic into each frame, preserving the laughter, tears, and joy that make your wedding uniquely yours. As the curtain falls on your wedding day, the photographs will serve as a timeless reminder of the love that binds you, and the scenic beauty that surrounds you in the heart of Margaret River.