There’s nothing quite like a wedding. A gathering of all of your family, friends, and loved ones, all together in one place for the sole purpose of celebrating the love you share with your partner. However, the wedding day can go by so fast that the memories can blur together into a diminishing sameness. That’s why we encourage you to find a wedding photographer who can capture and immortalize your wedding festivities to your exact stylistic preferences. To make the process as easy as possible for you and your partner, we’ve assembled together this list of the very best wedding photographers in and around Mildura!

Vision House Photography

With the services of Vision House Photography, prospective married couples can count on brothers-in-aw and owners Corey Brown and Alistair Eagle to provide them with the fully bespoke, individualized treatment when it comes to wedding photography on the day of their upcoming wedding celebration. Vision House Photography puts special emphasis on the importance of being “new and innovative,” creating visuals that speak to the novelty and the energy of each individual event they capture. Vision House Photography can capture epic images of majesty and grandeur, evoking a sense of endless proportions and wide-ranging shots that will lend the shooting of wedding celebrations a touch of immenseness.

Phone: 0409 502 140

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Photographer : Corey

Raffy Robles Photography

Raffy Robles Photography is one of Mildura’s premier wedding photography companies, specializing in capturing wedding celebrations with an air of professionalism and a touch of artistry. Owned and operated by Raffy, who boasts an Advanced Diploma of Professional Photography, Raffy Robles Photography can create lasting images of wedding festivities that will cement the ceremony and reception into a permanent record while maintaining the freshness and vibrancy of the proceedings through the use of color, contrast, and framing in the craft of photography. For all of this and more, look no further than Raffy Robles Photography when it comes to photography services on the wedding day of prospective married couples in and around Mildura.

Phone: 0423 920 622

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Photographer : Raffy Robles

Captured by Mikelle

With an unwavering passion for capturing love stories, this Mildura-based photographer promises to be more than just a lens – a trusted friend in your journey. Drawing inspiration from her own 15-year love story, she understands the essence of those fleeting moments that define a lifetime. Having discovered her calling after being moved by her own wedding images, she is committed to weaving your unique tale through her lens. Imagine a photographer who makes you feel not just seen, but beautifully understood. Let her transform your special moments into a timeless narrative, ensuring your future generations marvel at the love story that started with a single click.

Phone: 0448 932 324

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Photographer : Mikelle


When it comes to wedding photography service providers across Mildura, it doesn’t get better than these three options. Now that you and your partner have gotten a chance to look at these choices and weigh your tastes and preferences, we hope that you two have developed a more refined and realistic sense of what to look for in a wedding photographer. If you were taken with any of these elegant and expert options, we encourage you to reach out and establish a line of communication sooner rather than later. With so many other details to which you’ll need to attend before the process is wrapped up, you might as well figure out your wedding photography provider once you and your partner have come to an agreement on what you’re looking for. All that said, we raise a glass to you and your soon-to-be spouse as you embark upon this thrilling chapter of your life as a couple!