Are you looking for a photographer to take your weddings in Geelong, Victoria to an exciting long-lasting memory? Then you don’t have to worry because we’re here to help ease your stress and hassles as we bring you the top 10 wedding photographers in Geelong.

Read on as we provide you with detailed information about them, their exciting style, and photography experience along with how you can reach out to them to make your wedding more memorable.

As you know, weddings are one of the most memorable events, and it’s best to make every moment captured on that day count. That’s why you need a photographer with the ability to capture stunning and high-quality images, making that big day one in a million.

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In no particular order, here are our 10 choices for wedding photographer Geelong


1. Dansk Photography

Dansk photography is one of the best choices among those tying the knot in Geelong, Victoria. Offering unobtrusive services, they have received numerous awards in wedding photography, and customer service. One exciting part is that the Dansk services have a broad experience in covering your wedding and taking it to a whole new level.

If you want to capture every exciting moment on that big day, then Dansk photography is here to make your wedding exceedingly memorable. With their easy ways of carrying out splendid services, they can help make the big day more cherishing for many years to come. Dansk photography ensures in providing the bride and the groom gorgeous photo shoot, giving a lovely lasting memory. Check out more about their services or reach out to them through their Facebook page.


2. White Point Photography

Do you want a photographer with a personal state of the art, perfect blend of candid and natural photography style to make every moment count on your wedding day in Geelong, Victoria? Then the White Point Photography is here to capture and make your day outstanding and exceedingly memorable.

With its many years of wedding experience, the White Point Photography has helped many couples preserve their cherished wedding memories- and yours could be next! They take limited reservations in a year to give any wedding the full focus and high-quality services it needs. So, go ahead and book their services on their online platform.


3. Adrienne Campbell Weddings {pixel tree photography)

Adrienne Campbell is one of the top Geelong based photographers. Pixel tree photography gives a personalized touch and offers a documentary style and artistic twist that will make couples and family happy anytime they set their eyes on the photos of their big day.

With over 13 years of experience in wedding photography, she prides on providing wedding couples with great photo-shoot on their special day. Check out more information about her services and exciting collection of her work.


4. Mel-Panteli Photography

Mel Panteli photography offers a professional photo-shoot to those who want to tie the knot in Geelong, Victoria. Also, regarded and recognized by many as a top wedding photographer servicing the Geelong.

Mel-Panteli photography offers reasonable price range on its platform and entrusts to capture every special moment of your wedding. With a wide range of different packages you can choose for your wedding, Mel-Panteli delivers images that will bring bright emotional memories to wedding couples and families.

Also offering churn out exciting photos to set back on as they provide you with an online album and USB packed up with stunning pictures of your wedding. Get a glimpse of their cherishing wedding photo-shoot.


5. Star Photography

Geelong based photographer with ten years of experience in wedding photography provides couples with true wedding stories through photos. Star photography is one of the best photographers servicing the Geelong, with a contemporary and natural style, providing pictures you will be proud of for years to come.

Karen does everything on her own to help you organize your wedding environment to suit your style be it candid, relaxed, traditional or contemporary. This local Geelong photographer has great experience in suggesting beautiful places within the area. Hence, if you’re looking for a photographer to provide you with obtrusive captures of your wedding day, then star photography is here to make that special day exceedingly unique. Check out the quality storytelling images of previous star photography glamorous wedding pictures.


6. Trevor Cooke Photography

This Creative Geelong wedding photographer with a natural, honest and emotive style provides wedding couples with lasting memories. With great passion, Trevor Cooke photography gives every photo beautiful lighting and the sense of timelessness for people in love to remember. Trevor Cooke had been in the business of creating exciting wedding picture stories for 25 years.

Pride in creating polished and yet soulful wedding images with the blend of fashion that makes the big day become a lasting magical memory. Get full details about the Geelong wedding photographer.


7. Michael Renga Photography

When it comes to wedding photography in Geelong, we can’t leave the Michael Renga behind on the list. With over ten years of experience, Michael Renga photography is amongoneof the favorite photographers for couples tying the knot in Geelong, Victoria. He abides in the sole aim of providing beautiful captures of each moment. Provides a creative sensibility and a unique set of images that will be loved by wedding couples and shared forever. Also, displaying the emotions in every photo, and allowing every moment to flow. Why don’t you get a glimpse and create the perfect wedding journey with Michael Renga photography.


8. Louisa Jones Photography

A lover of wedding ceremonies, Louisa brings an emotional and friendly atmosphere to any wedding in Geelong, Victoria.Louisa Photography produces an exciting collection of wedding photos that comes out naturally and lovely, making couples feel happy even after the great event. Even as Louisa photography remains conspicuous, she still takes her time to make every capture of the happy moment count. Catch a glimpse as Louisa shares some lovely wedding photos of her previous works.


9. Mangrove photography

With so many awards on wedding photography in Australia, including two-time finalist for ABIA Award in 2017 and 2018, you’re assured of getting the best services on your wedding day in Geelong, Victoria. He has the sole aim of capturing every emotional moment and never leaves anything out in creating superb wedding photos for you. For more information on this five-star photographer, we recommend taking a look at his online pages.


10. Vladimir photography

Vladimir offers professional wedding photo services with 25 years of international experience. With Vladimir photography, you don’t have to worry about going beyond your budget. The professional photographer behind Vladimir Photography has great experience servicing the Geelong, Victoria. Vladimir photography gives you 100% time and concentration in creating an appealing wedding story album.


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For those getting married in Geelong, you don’t have to go too far to make your wedding day a magical memory. Luckily, we have made it easy with the list of the best wedding photographer servicing the Geelong area. Check out their works as you seek to create a lasting memory of your wedding.



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