Planning your dream wedding in Townsville? As you embark on this beautiful journey, let us guide you through the enchanting world of wedding photography. Picture this – the sun casting a golden glow over Magnetic Island, the Coral Sea as your backdrop, and every moment captured with grace. In Townsville, the heart of tropical North Queensland, we understand the importance of finding the perfect photographer to freeze those precious moments in time.

Meet the lens wizards who turn your love story into visual poetry. From candid shots that reveal your genuine emotions to breathtaking portraits against the iconic landscapes, our top wedding photographers are here to weave magic into your special day. Join us in discovering the artistic prowess, unique styles, and unspoken narratives these professionals bring to the table. Your love story deserves to be told, and they are the storytellers you’ve been searching for.

Ready to embark on a visual journey? Let’s explore the crème de la crème of wedding photography in Townsville!

Tella Photography

Meet Kurt Stockham, the creative eye behind Tella Photography in Townsville. With a passion for capturing life’s enchanting moments, Kurt has been a professional photographer since 2011. Specialising in weddings, engagements, and family portraits, Kurt describes his approach as fun-loving, ensuring each image tells a unique story. From a child’s first step to the tender kiss between newlyweds, Tella Photography aims to preserve the magic often forgotten in the passage of time. Kurt’s motto, “Have wedding, will travel,” reflects his dedication to creating lasting memories for couples. Trust Tella Photography to transform your special moments into timeless treasures.

Location: Townsville

Style: Natural

Price: Packages start at $2,800 for half-day coverage

Phone: 0437 800 077

Social: Tella Photography

Contact : Tella Photography

Josephine Carter Photography

Josephine Carter Photography, a devoted visual storyteller based in Townsville, passionately freezes life’s most enchanting moments through both photography and videography. With over a decade of artistry, Josephine transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary masterpieces, capturing the essence of beauty and the depth of emotions. From heartfelt wedding vows to introducing businesses to the world, she meticulously weaves stories with authenticity and empathy. Josephine’s lens serves as a bridge between fleeting moments and eternal memories, energising each frame with innovation. Whether exploring new places or offering unique experience packages, she ensures your special day becomes truly unforgettable, inviting you to explore her extensive portfolio and embark on a visual journey of cherished moments.

Location: Townsville

Style: Natural

Price: No session fee. Packages start at $899

Phone: 0455 295 416

Social: Josephine Carter Photography

Contact : Josephine Carter

Rosana Kersh Photography

Preserving moments with a genuine touch, Rosana Kersh captures the essence of life through her lens. With over 15 years of experience in photography and graphic design, Rosana ensures a relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot experience. Steering clear of clichés, she believes in authentic connections, making clients feel at ease to express their unique selves. Specialising in personal branding, family portraits, weddings, and commercial photography, Rosana beautifully encapsulates the diversity of individuals across various industries. Her expertise extends beyond just clicking pictures; she helps clients evaluate their brand representation, creating a lasting collection of timeless photos to cherish and share on social media, websites, and more.

Location: Townsville

Style: Natural

Price: Contact for price information

Phone: 0407 293 037

Social: Rosana Kersh Photography

Contact : Rosana Kersh

Matthew Allen Photography

Capturing love with a creative lens, Matthew Allen Photography, a husband-and-wife duo, brings a unique wedding photography experience to Townsville. Matthew’s passion, born from a love of landscapes, transformed into a deep affection for immortalising special moments. Revel in the joy of your day as memories unfold, beautifully preserved by Matthew. Alicia, the organised force behind the scenes, handles inquiries and designs albums, ensuring a seamless process. Together, they craft a visual narrative, allowing couples to relive their love story through stunning images and cherished albums. Let Matthew Allen Photography frame your day with creativity and timeless elegance.

Phone: 0418 466 060

Social: Matthew Allen Photography

Contact : Matthew and Alicia

Love Lane Designs

Renowned for her keen eye and passion for capturing life’s beauty, Amanda Skilling Dunshea, the creative force behind Love Lane Designs, brings a warm and timeless touch to wedding photography. Embracing candid and prompted moments alike, Amanda ensures each snapshot becomes a cherished memory. Recognized as a Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the North Queensland Wedding Industry Awards 2022, her commitment to client happiness shines through every frame. With a consistent and elegant style, Love Lane Designs promises to encapsulate the special moments you’ll treasure forever, creating a visual narrative that resonates with the heart. Connect with Amanda to turn your wedding day into a timeless masterpiece.

Phone: 0424 207 039

Social: Love Lane Designs

Contact : Amanda Skilling

Photography and Film by Hannah Elizabeth

With a welcoming spirit and a knack for making connections, Hannah Elizabeth ensures couples feel at ease in front of her lens. Operating from her home studio in Kelso, Townsville, Hannah specialises in various shoots, from adorable cake smashes to tender newborn sessions. The studio’s proximity to a charming wheat backdrop in the dry season and lush greenery in the wet season offers picturesque settings. Hannah also explores other scouted locations around Townsville, providing couples with unique spots for their special moments. Accommodating and creative, Photography and Film by Hannah Elizabeth brings a personal touch to wedding photography, capturing love with authenticity and charm.

Phone: 0417 195 514

Social: Photography and Film by Hannah Elizabeth

Contact : Hannah Elizabeth

Kim Rawlins Photography

Immerse in the joy of everlasting memories with Townsville’s passionate photographer, Kim Rawlins. From the shores of Canada to the enchanting landscapes of Townsville, Kim’s lens has witnessed love, laughter, and genuine moments. Specialising in family and wedding photography, Kim brings a personal touch to every session. Engage in a delightful conversation to craft your unique vision and secure your date seamlessly through a personalised online portal. As you embark on this photographic journey, Kim ensures a blend of authenticity and timelessness, delivering a gallery of beautifully edited high-resolution images. Let Kim Rawlins Photography be your storyteller, capturing the essence of your joyous moments.

Phone: 0402 516 511

Social: Kim Rawlins Photography

Contact : Kim Rawlins


As the final notes of your wedding day melody linger, the magic doesn’t have to fade. Townsville, with its sun-kissed vistas, is home to photographers who are more than just image capturers – they are memory weavers. Reflecting the vibrant spirit of your celebration, these artists ensure that every glance, touch, and laughter lives on in timeless frames.

So, dear couple, as you walk into the sunset of your wedding day, let the photographs stand testament to the joy, love, and promises shared. Our curated list of Townsville’s top wedding photographers is your passport to reliving these cherished moments. Trust these visual poets to encapsulate the essence of your love story, creating a tapestry of memories that will warm your hearts for years to come. Cheers to the beginning of your forever – beautifully captured and eternally cherished.