Planning your dream wedding along the picturesque Lower North Coast of NSW is an exciting journey, filled with choices that reflect your unique love story. Amidst the flurry of decisions, one crucial element stands out – capturing those unforgettable moments through the lens of a skilled wedding photographer. As you embark on this joyous adventure, we’ve curated a list of the top wedding photographers in the region, ensuring that every nuance, smile, and shared glance is immortalised in stunning frames. Let’s delve into a world where your love story meets the artistry of these remarkable photographers, turning your wedding day into a visual masterpiece.

Discovering the ideal photographer for your Lower North Coast wedding is an essential step in crafting the visual narrative of your special day. From golden beaches to lush hinterlands, these photographers possess a unique ability to frame the essence of your love against the backdrop of this breathtaking Australian locale. Let this guide be your compass as you navigate through the myriad of options, each photographer promising to encapsulate the magic of your union in every snapshot.

Cavanagh Photography

Cavanagh Photography, led by the dynamic duo Adam and Kim, brings a refreshing and natural approach to wedding photography. Based in the picturesque Lower North Coast, their passion for capturing genuine moments shines through in every shot. Adam, the primary photographer, combines his artistic flair with a relaxed shooting style, ensuring couples feel at ease on their big day. Kim, the organisational force behind the scenes, adds a touch of wedding planning magic. With over 500 weddings under their belt, this award-winning team’s love for storytelling and embracing diverse locations across Australia creates a unique and memorable wedding photography experience.

Address: Andrew St, Lake Munmorah NSW 2259

Phone: 0412 862 095

Social: Cavanagh Photography

Contact : Adam & Kim Cavanagh

Little Glimpses Photography

Nestled on the enchanting Mid North Coast, Jade of Little Glimpses Photography crafts visual love stories through her lens. A seasoned creative director and devoted mother, Jade’s passion lies in candidly capturing genuine connections. Specialising in lifestyle weddings and portraits, she cherishes the authentic, unscripted moments that define relationships. Her photography is a heartfelt narrative, echoing the sentiments of family, love, and the beauty found in everyday life. Drawing inspiration from her own chaotic yet harmonious household, Jade’s work encapsulates the essence of real, raw moments – a timeless tribute to the profound bonds shared by those she photographs.

Address: Moss Ct, Bonny Hills NSW 2445

Phone: 0402 141 981

Social: Little Glimpses Photography

Contact : Jade

Kirk Owers Photography

Capturing the essence of love with a lens, Kirk Owers Photography brings a breath of fresh air to weddings on the Lower North Coast, NSW. Specialising in modern weddings, Kirk, a seasoned magazine photographer, seamlessly blends natural beauty, artistic portraiture, and heartfelt moments. With a background in photojournalism and travel photography, he crafts images that are genuine and unfiltered, avoiding the artificial and overly posed. Roaming from Newcastle to the Hunter Valley, Kirk Owers Photography, based in Boomerang Beach, embraces the natural world, showcasing the beauty of water and land. His relaxed and unobtrusive approach ensures every wedding is a unique, joy-filled celebration.

Address: 83 Boomerang Dr, Boomerang Beach NSW 2428

Phone: 0438 447 869

Social: Kirk Owers Photography

Contact : Kirk Owers

Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography

With over a decade of experience, Gez Xavier Mansfield brings a refreshing and authentic touch to wedding photography in the Lower North Coast. A Hunter Valley and Newcastle-based photographer, Gez captures timeless moments with a unique blend of storytelling and candid imperfections. His passion extends to Super8 wedding films, adding a classic and fun dimension to reliving the chapters of your special day. Gez’s approach is both professional and personable, guiding couples effortlessly through their wedding journey. Teaming up with partner Tanya of CHIC ARTISTRY, their combined two-and-a-half-decade experience reflects a shared love for weddings, ensuring couples feel and look incredible on their joyous day.

Address: 42 Queen St, Lorn NSW 2320

Phone: 0433 144 549

Social: Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography

Contact : Gez


As the final notes of your wedding day fade away, the photographs captured become timeless keepsakes of a love that will endure through the years. The journey to find the perfect wedding photographer on the Lower North Coast has been an exploration of artistry and connection. Each image in your wedding album narrates a chapter of your unique story, a testament to the skilled hands and creative eyes of these exceptional photographers. As you reflect on the joy, laughter, and tears that painted your day, may the visual symphony created by these professionals continue to resonate, etching your love story into the heart of Lower North Coast’s rich tapestry. Here’s to a lifetime of love, beautifully captured in every frame.