Planning your Margaret River wedding involves many decisions, and selecting the perfect music band is one of the most exciting choices you’ll make. Picture this: swaying under the stars, surrounded by the lush vineyards of Western Australia, with melodies that speak to your love story. Choosing the right band sets the tone for your special day, ensuring every moment resonates with joy and romance. From soulful ballads to upbeat tunes that keep your guests dancing, the right music creates unforgettable memories. With an array of talented bands in Margaret River, finding the ideal match for your style and vision is an adventure worth embarking on.

Private Pickle brings a fusion of spirit, passion, and soul to weddings in Margaret River. With roots in the UK Garage scene, Pickle’s journey from city life to music exploration culminated in a vibrant residency at Brewhouse. His sets, deeply rooted in House, Funk, Soul & Hip Hop, guarantee an electrifying dance floor. Pickle’s collaborations with regional talents like Leeroy Bongo Brown and Lyndsay Baker elevate his performances, making him a top choice for couples seeking a dynamic and soulful musical experience on their special day. Prepare to lose yourself in the rhythm and feel the universal language of music come alive with Private Pickle.

Phone: 0450 179 775

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Passionate about crafting unforgettable wedding moments, this seasoned Margaret River band brings over two decades of expertise to your special day. Originally based in Perth, they made a tree change in 2017, captivated by Margaret River’s vibrant wedding scene. With a family-oriented approach, they tailor their services to suit your tastes, offering everything from DJ entertainment to Master of Ceremony duties. Their meticulous planning ensures flawless execution, while strong venue relationships guarantee seamless coordination. From Perth to Albany, their experienced DJs curate the perfect soundtrack for your celebration, leaving lasting memories of love and joy in the picturesque Margaret River region.

Phone: 0450 900 007

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Contact : Vincent M

Bringing your wedding to life with exceptional music and entertainment, South Sound Events ensures a seamless and memorable day. With hand-picked musicians and DJs, decades of experience, and top-tier equipment, they promise unmatched quality and care. From personalised playlists to live covers, they tailor every detail to reflect your unique style. With backup plans in place, including musicians, DJs, and equipment, they guarantee peace of mind for your special day. Their additional services like photo booths and videography add an extra touch of magic to your celebration. Trust South Sound Events to create unforgettable moments on your wedding day.

Phone: 0417 960 780

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Contact : Mandy

Representing the vibrant music scene of Margaret River, Down South Entertainment is your go-to for wedding music bliss. Founded by Lee Cummings, a beloved figure in the region’s music and surf culture, and co-owned by the cheerful Anita Hayler, they bring over a decade of experience to curate unforgettable melodies for your special day. With a diverse roster of local talent, they ensure stress-free booking and quality performances, from soulful tunes to upbeat rhythms. Whether it’s a dreamy wedding affair or a lively celebration, let Down South Entertainment set the perfect soundtrack for your Margaret River festivities.

Phone: 0449 141 424

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Contact : Anita

Bringing vibrant rhythms to Margaret River’s wedding scene, The Groove-o-matic offers dynamic entertainment for couples seeking the perfect soundtrack to their special day. Led by a charismatic male vocalist and complemented by skilled musicians, this trio delivers a diverse repertoire spanning pop, rock, soul, funk, and more. With over two decades of experience, they cater to all age groups, ensuring everyone hits the dance floor. Alongside The Soul Survivors and DJ Macca, they form a trifecta of musical excellence, making South West weddings unforgettable. Whether it’s classics or contemporary hits, The Groove-o-matic promises a celebration filled with infectious energy and joyful melodies.

Phone: 0408 788 835

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Contact : Paul McDaniel

BOS Tents & Events

Jeremy and Lara, the dynamic duo behind BOS Tents & Events, bring over 15 years of experience in DJing and event styling to Margaret River’s wedding scene. With a passion for creating unforgettable moments, they tailor playlists to suit each couple’s unique vibe, ensuring a packed dance floor from dusk till dawn. Based in the misty hills of Balingup, they thrive on crafting bespoke weddings, infusing every event with their signature blend of professionalism and creativity. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a bustling celebration, Jeremy and Lara’s dedication shines through, promising a truly magical experience for every couple.

Phone: 0402 605 275

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Contact : Lara Rose

DJ The Housejunkie

With nearly two decades of experience behind the decks, DJ Tim, known affectionately as “The Housejunkie,” brings an infectious passion for music to any occasion. From intimate house parties to grand weddings, DJ The Housejunkie’s expertise lies in reading the crowd and delivering the perfect beats at just the right moment. Having graced prestigious corporate events and celebrity weddings, as well as rocked out at festivals like Southbound and Groove in the Moo, DJ The Housejunkie has solidified his reputation as one of Margaret River’s top wedding music bands. With a focus on creating synergy between music and audience, your special day is sure to be unforgettable with DJ The Housejunkie setting the mood.

Phone: 0438 543 677

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Contact : Tim

Phone: 0400 556 857

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Contact : Saramony


As you reflect on your journey together, let the melodies of Margaret River’s finest wedding bands echo in your hearts. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and the music sets the rhythm for your joyous union. From the first dance to the last note, your chosen band will weave magic into every moment, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. So, as you plan your special day, remember to choose a music band that resonates with your story, ensuring your wedding is a harmonious symphony of love and happiness. Cheers to a lifetime of beautiful music and cherished memories!