Picture this – a gentle breeze rustling through the vineyards of Hunter Valley, the sun setting over the picturesque landscape, and you, surrounded by the love of family and friends, ready to say “I do.” As you embark on the journey of planning your dream wedding, the right music sets the perfect tone for your special day. In the heart of New South Wales, Hunter Valley boasts some of the finest wedding music bands, each offering a unique sound to elevate your celebration. From soulful melodies to energetic beats, let us guide you through the enchanting world of Hunter Valley’s top wedding music bands, ensuring that your love story is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

Two play strings formed in 2004 with the goal to breach into the market of wedding music providers, with thousands of hours of playtime between them. Catherine and David have played at a lot of weddings and play both the violin and the cello having a large repertoire of music. They enjoy playing at weddings so much that in 2005 the duo got married to one another. From Canon in D to more modern music, this duo can play it all.

Phone: 0400 788 229

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Contact : Dave

Founded in 2014 by musicians who crossed paths at Newcastle University, The Hummingbirds Collective emerged as a standout Wedding Music Band in Hunter Valley. Originally named The Hummingbirds, their journey from captivating local audiences in Newcastle to orchestrating seamless events across NSW showcases their musical evolution. Specialising in private functions and weddings, they’ve honed a passion for crafting unforgettable moments. This collective, born out of the ever-evolving music industry, has curated a diverse group of exceptional musicians. Their growth and commitment shine through bespoke event packages, ensuring clients experience the perfect soundtrack to their special day.

Phone: 0475 078 821

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Contact : Beth

Red Soda Band are music providers with a live band and a solo wedding singer, originally formed in 1996 and playing local events this band’s testimonials speak for themselves.

With a promise to get your guests up and out of their seats and dancing all night, this band is exactly who you need if you want everybody’s feet to ache at the end of the night from all the dancing! Red Soda Band has now branched out and performed all over the world, from the UK to Thailand to Hunter Valley, with a great reputation make sure you snap them up now!

Phone: 0439 661 024

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Contact : Felicity

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Hunter Valley, Kahuna Duo embodies the essence of a dreamy and laid-back wedding celebration. With over a decade of performance experience and a musical style inspired by Angus & Julia Stone, their unique sound creates a magical atmosphere for your special day. As a couple, they bring a personal touch to their service, adding an extra layer of connection. From intimate lagoons to rustic barns, Kahuna Duo crafts a bespoke soundtrack tailored to your unique wedding setting. With a commitment to quality and a genuine love for creating good vibes, they make every moment memorable.

Phone: 043755441

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Contact : Aisha


As the final notes linger in the air and you dance into the blissful night, the memories of your wedding day become timeless, etched in the melodies that resonated through Hunter Valley. Your celebration, unique as your love, was elevated by the talent and passion of the region’s top wedding music bands. In the heart of New South Wales, these musical artisans transformed your wedding into an unforgettable symphony of joy and romance. Here’s to the magic of love, the beauty of Hunter Valley, and the timeless tunes that made your wedding day truly extraordinary. Cheers to a lifetime of harmonious memories!