Hobart, TAS
Claudia Jewellers

Claudia Jewellers applaud themselves for being a successful jewellery provider. Their customer service includes personal attention to each customer and caters to your every need. They have a really fine idea of how purchasing jewellery can be a formidable experience provoking them to make your experience acquiring jewellery comfortable and simple, with no complications. They provide you with exceptional jewellery created with strong craftsmanship making your wedding one of incredible stature.

Address: 24 Magnet Ct, Sandy Bay TAS 7005

Phone: 03 6223 5201

Social: Claudia Jewellers

Contact : Scott Loring

Sargisons Jewellers

Sargison Jewellers have excelled in the provision of jewellery since 1905, which clearly gives a definite input as to their experience and general quality. Their jewellers incorporate Austrian gold and noble gemstones into their extraordinary artifacts, which, if incorporated into your wedding day, would make a great impact.

They are experts in customized handmade jewellery, so it’s not an object of curiosity that they can make you exactly what you are hoping for. Their craftsmen incorporate cultural and modern techniques into their jewellery, making their final outcomes free of any defect and extremely high standard.

Address: 125 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 03 6234 2426

Social: Sargisons Jewellers

Contact : Beth Ellingworth

Jai Hay Jeweller

Jai Hay Jewellers pride themselves on following ancient crafting techniques in creating modern masterpieces that fall nothing short of beautiful. They personalize in manufacturing sturdy and glamorous jewellery which can be passed on for years to come. Considering Jai Hay Jewellers for your wedding would come out to be a strongly rewarding decision.

Address: 7a Mathers Ln, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 03 6231 5414

Social: Jai Hay Jeweller

Contact : Jai Hay

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