Looking for the best marriage celebrants in Margaret River? Great! Make your perfect day a magical one by discovering your perfect wedding celebrant in Western Australia. Here are our top 10 picks for Margaret River Marriage Celebrants.

Here we list the editor’s choice top marriage celebrants in the Margaret River, WA!

Anita Revel, Celebrant

Anita Revel is an award-winning Celebrant based in Cowarump, North of Margaret River. She is known for light-hearted, modern ceremonies and elopements. The Civil Marriage Celebrant has been voted 4 times as #1 celebrant by brides via Australian Bridal Industry Academy 2012 & 2013. She offers a wide range of wedding packages from legals-only to all-inclusive ceremonies and supports same sex marriages.

VIDEO: Anita Revel Celebrant

Address: Cowaramup, WA

Phone: 0417 937 436

Social: Anita Revel, Celebrant

Contact : Anita Revel

Joanne Armstrong Wedding Celebrant

Joanne Armstrong is a unique, fun and vibrant wedding celebrant based in Margaret River. She creates the perfect wedding ceremonies by combining a unique blend of her skills in hospitality and communication ensuring that her clients get the best wedding experiences. Her ceremonies are often filled with humour and fun with the absence of no uncomfortable moments. With a great deal of experience in wedding planning, Joanne has officiated over 20 wedding ceremonies in the Margaret River region with amazing reviews and awesome feedbacks from clients.

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Address: Margaret River, WA

Phone: 0416 218 799

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Contact : Joanne Armstrong

Wendy Grace Hendry - Marriage Celebrant

Wendry Grace Hendry is an authorized marriage celebrant based in Margaret River region of Western Australia. She is described as a creative, warm and compassionate person. With much love for weddings and her role as a celebrant, she puts in a little bit of heart and soul into every ceremony she creates. Wendry is also passionate about marriage equality and believes in the celebration of beautiful love diversity.

Address: Margaret River, WA

Phone: 0403 531 137

Social: Wendy Grace Hendry - Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Wendy Hendry

Laurissa Knowles Ceremonies & Counselling

Laurissa Knowles is an excellent and qualified marriage celebrant based in the beautiful Southwest of Western Australia. With over 15 years of experience as a celebrant, Laurissa has been able to create a name for herself in celebrancy. She is motivated by a excitement and thrill which enables her intertwine humour and warmth in her wedding ceremonies. Using her background in Psychology, she pursued her passion in counselling and enjoys being with people at the most vulnerable and transforming moments of their lives.

Address: Margaret River, WA

Phone: 0438 292 772

Social: Laurissa Knowles Ceremonies & Counselling

Contact : Laurissa Knowles

Emma Dickson - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Emma Dickson is a Civil Marriage Celebrant servicing the South West area of Western Australia. She has been a celebrant for more than 12 years now and is humbled to have presided over 500 wedding ceremonies in the whole of Western Australia. Her fun, calm and relaxed personality is a trait she is commonly known for that reflects even in her wedding ceremonies. She believes that the real magic happens on your wedding day and should therefore be filled with beautiful memories the heart never forgets.

Address: Busselton, WA

Phone: 0421 116 489

Social: Emma Dickson - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Emma Dickson

Margaret River Elopements

Caz Copeman is the best celebrant choice for savvy couples. She is happily married with two children who she claims to be her pride and joy. She majorly deals with elopements and ensures that her every ceremony is meaningful, memorable and perfect. Caz claims to have eloped and having gone through that experience, she decided to shift her career to celebrancy by creating what she truly loves doing from memories.

Address: Margaret Rivers, WA

Phone: 0406 925 197

Social: Margaret River Elopements

Contact : Caz Copeman

Weddings by Kate - Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Kate

Donna McClelland - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Address: Margaret River, WA

Phone: 0411 854 954

Social: Donna McClelland - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Donna

Love Empire with Nikki

Address: South West, WA

Phone: 0417 101 200

Social: Love Empire with Nikki

Contact : Nikki

Tina Marie Celebrant

Contact : Tina Marie

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