Your wedding day is all about you, your partner, and your relationship, so finding a good celebrant who will keep your guests engaged but won’t steal the stage from you is crucial for planning a great wedding ceremony.

When looking for a celebrant, some things to keep in mind are their experience (how many years? How many weddings?), their personal style, their fees, and what’s included in their fee.

Keep on scrolling to discover our top 10 favourite marriage celebrants in the Geelong area!

The Love Folk

Jo Nicholson is the new kid on the celebrant block in Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast. But just because she’s new, doesn’t mean she has no idea what she’s doing. You’d be hard going to find someone that packs as much warmth, kindness and fun into a wedding. Most guests walk away thinking she’s a friend of the happy couple (and there’s a high chance she becomes one as part of the process) because she’s mastered the right balance of personal and fun. Jo brings with her 20 years of event management and communications experience and is a pro at taking the stress out of your big day. She’s a guru when it comes to inclusion and accessibility and also offers extra event planning, on the day coordination and MCing services.

Address: Point Lonsdale VIC 3225

Phone: 0414 256 901

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jo Nicholson

Deb Stallard Marriage Celebrant

Want a Marriage Celebrant to guide you to your most important day ahead? Deb Stallard has a dedication & skill for writing ceremonies to match the essence of your very individual relationship. Where to start? That is her passion!

Deb is keen to make the time to see your celebration happen! “Elopement or great huge family gathering style” it’s just the way you choose to be on your day!

A no obligation first meeting with Deb’s business plan aimed for affordability; an eye for the little details and an attitude with “no stress”! Excitement is contagious! With sincerity and “your” own style of humour, Deb would be honoured to officiate that day in your relationship journey.

Address: 3 St Cloud Ct, Highton VIC 3216

Phone: 0425 707 736

Social: Facebook

Contact : Deb Stallard

Leanne Duffy

Leanne has celebrated so many couples, it’s astounding—and you can be 110% sure that she’ll cover all the bases, and go above and beyond for you and your wedding. She has performed all sorts of ceremonies, from large, traditional weddings to simple elopements (vow renewals as well). Her fees include a personalised ceremony and a PA system.

Style: heart-warming, relaxed, modern

Address: 1/38 Pollard Dr, Leopold VIC 3224

Phone: 0437 077 700

Social: Leanne Duffy

Contact : Leanne Duffy

Annie The Celebrant

Annie’s a lover of rockabilly, music, and wedding ceremonies. She’s a believer in personalised weddings that get to the heart of you and your partner, and in painting a true representation of your love through her words. Her fee includes a PA system and she will dress in whatever outfit you would like her to wear for your festivities. Previous clients loved the relaxed atmosphere Annie brings with her to all her ceremonies!

Style: funny, professional, unique

Address: 80 Little Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220

Phone: 0432 330 019

Social: Annie The Celebrant

Contact : Annie Mullen-Walsh

Jessie Belle Celebrant

Vibrant, fun-loving, and creative, Jessie will have you and your guests grinning from ear to ear with a truly enjoyable wedding ceremony. She’ll pay attention to you and your personality, and make sure your ceremony really represents you. Jessie is an entertainer at heart and she fully invests herself into writing a beautiful, heartfelt, and personalised wedding ceremony just for you and your spouse-to-be.

Style: creative, modern

Address: Bell Post Hill VIC 3215

Phone: 0411 863 362

Social: Jessie Belle Celebrant

Contact : Jessie Belle

Kahani Marriage Celebrant

Kahani is a Victoria-based marriage celebrant. With a blend of passions and skills, she crafts unique ceremonies that reflect your love story. Drawing from seven years of public speaking, she is a natural with the crowd. Furthermore, her experience running a business ensures a well-organized event, while her background in creative writing and psychology expresses heartfelt words about your journey. Kahani’s zestful personality and down-to-earth relatability set her apart. Her mission is to create a personalized ceremony that moves and grooves you while fostering a genuine connection. She is the ideal marriage celebrant for laid-back, life-loving couples seeking a ceremony that reflects their personalities. Kahani injects laughter and surprise into the day, energizing you and your guests. Kahani’s inclusive approach welcomes all races, religions, and walks of life.

Address: 200 Yarra St, Geelong VIC 3220

Phone: 0458 283 423

Social: Kahani Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Kahani Motiani

Anita Jenkins

Anita Jenkins is your go-to marriage celebrant on the Geelong, Bellarine, and Surf Coast. Radiating vibrancy and creativity, Anita is your ticket to a wedding ceremony that is not just special but downright enjoyable. With a knack for paying attention to your uniqueness, she creates a ceremony that is as much about you as it is about your love story. A true entertainer at heart, Anita pours her energy into creating heartfelt, personalized ceremonies that capture the essence of your journey. Her dedication knows no bounds, and her words will touch your heart. Get ready to exchange vows with a smile from ear to ear, thanks to Anita’s magical touch and commitment to making your day as joyous as your love.

Address: Geelong, VIC

Phone: 0408 054 993

Social: Anita Jenkins

Contact : Anita Jenkins

Rosemary Friend

Rosemary Friend is a devoted marriage celebrant in Geelong. Known for keeping things calm and a great sense of humor, Rosemary is the go-to choice for couples looking to tie the knot in the Geelong area. What sets her apart is her fantastic organizational skills, flexibility, and genuine commitment to making your wedding day uniquely yours. From the grandest ceremonies to intimate elopements, Rosemary crafts each ceremony that perfectly matches the couple’s style and story. Rosemary doesn’t just officiate your wedding; she becomes an integral part of your day, ensuring everything flows seamlessly. So, if you are ready to create the wedding of your dreams, reach out to Rosemary for a no-obligation chat. Your special day deserves the touch of Rosemary’s expertise and care.

Address: Geelong, VIC

Phone: 0413 008 454

Social: Rosemary Friend

Contact : Rosemary

Cornelius Celebrant

Cornelius is a friendly and enthusiastic marriage celebrant based in Geelong. With a zest for adventure, he is ready to journey anywhere in Victoria or even Australia-wide to craft your perfect wedding ceremony. Cornelius brings a seamless blend of organization and time management to your big day, ensuring your ceremony is stress-free and radiates relaxation and joy. Warm, empathetic, and armed with a great sense of humor, Cornelius creates an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Beyond taking care of legal formalities, he guides and supports you in every way possible, crafting a dream wedding ceremony that leaves you free to cherish every moment. As a proud member of The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria Incorporated, Cornelius is your partner in creating memories that last a lifetime.

Address: 7 Parkview Ct, Grovedale VIC 3216

Phone: 0422 683 145

Social: Cornelius Celebrant

Contact : Cornelius

Jermaine Clarke

Jermaine Clarke is a dedicated wedding celebrant with 17 years of experience crafting unforgettable ceremonies in the United Kingdom and the tropical paradise of Jamaica. With an incredible attention to detail and a captivating sense of humor, Jermaine is the mastermind behind ceremonies of all kinds. Jermaine is a true people person, and his genuine passion for connecting with others is the driving force behind his work. No task is too grand, and no detail is too small for Jermaine. His commitment to making your special occasion seamless and memorable is unwavering. Let Jermaine Clarke spread his magic, creating a ceremony that reflects your unique story and leaves a lasting impression in your heart.

Address: 115-143 Moorabool St, Geelong VIC 3220

Phone: 0478 911 700

Social: Jermaine Clarke

Contact : Jermaine Clarke


Geelong offers a diverse array of skilled marriage celebrants who can transform special moments into cherished memories. The top 10 celebrants highlighted in this article bring a blend of experience, personalization, and warmth to their services. From traditional to modern ceremonies, couples in Geelong are fortunate to have such a talented pool of professionals to choose from, ensuring their wedding day is truly unforgettable.

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