Getting married soon and still haven’t found that perfect wedding celebrant to officiate your ceremony? If you’re planning you wedding in or around Townville, QLD, we’ve got your back 😉

We have compiled a list of top 9 wedding celebrants who will take care of both 1) Making your ceremony the one you always dreamed of and 2) Take care of all the necessary paperwork! These celebrants come highly recommended with great experience and a passion to make your ceremony a perfect one.


Kelly Joy (Eronda Ceremonies)

If you are looking for a friendly and down to earth wedding celebrant who has the ability to officiate the ceremony with great finesse,  then Kelly Joy was exactly what you were looking for. She will not only take care of all the necessary legal paperwork, but also help you with writing your vows. If you want to include any personal story or poetry in the ceremony, let Kelly know. She will ensure that the ceremony turns out to be uniquely yours.

Address: 13 Compass Cres, Nelly Bay QLD 4819

Phone: 0416 272 806

Social: Kelly Joy (Eronda Ceremonies)

Celebrant : Kelly Joy

Lynda Ross

Lynda Ross is a real favourite among every couple who has made a decision to make her a part of their wedding. As a wedding celebrant, she offers quite a personal and emotional ceremony, each of which is unique in its own way. Her high quality ceremonies are accoladed by couples from Townsville and its surrounding areas. She also promises to make ceremony go as smoothly as possible, with you to worry about no legalwork. Get your emotions, thoughts and love be portrayed in a perfect manner by a professional like Lynda Ross.

Address: 30 Ring Rd, Townsville QLD 4817

Phone: 0412 963 983

Social: Lynda Ross

Celebrant : Lynda Ross

Bernadette Smith

Bernadette Smith is such a warm hearted person with a great sense of humor that after meeting her you will be bound to admit that she would make a great wedding celebrant. Owing to her personality and professionalism, she is a favorite among couples in Townsville and its surroundings. She will make sure that you get to enjoy your big day by having a relaxed ceremony, with all your friends and family to share that day with you.

Address: 32 Gifford St, Magnetic Island QLD 4819

Phone: 0422 746 912

Celebrant : Bernadette Smith

Dianne Sherrington

Dianne Sherrington is a friendly, easy going and cheerful marriage celebrant who officiates weddings in Townsville and its surrounding areas. Whether you were looking for a traditional wedding or something totally unique, Dianne is the one to choose. She will keep a close communication with you and ensure that all your specifications and desires are catered to on the special day. She will ensure that the ceremony is moulded in such a way that the couples get to enjoy their wedding with their guests.

The sheer decision of having Dianne as your celebrant will keep you from being worried about the legal documentation and other requirements. If you are ready to make some everlasting memories with your partner, get your first meeting today with Dianne and choose her as your celebrant.

Address: 45 John Dory St, Cungulla QLD 4816

Phone: 0427 365 778

Social: Dianne Sherrington

Celebrant : Dianne Sherrington

Celebrant Abbey

Celebrant Abbey is a passionate Civil Celebrant dedicated to crafting unforgettable ceremonies. With a warm and engaging approach, Abbey strives to create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Her commitment to tailoring ceremonies to reflect the unique love stories of each couple sets her apart. Celebrant Abbey understands the significance of your special day and works closely with you to ensure a personalised and meaningful experience. From heartfelt vows to joyful celebrations, Abbey’s expertise adds a touch of sincerity to your wedding, making her a standout choice among Townsville’s top Marriage celebrants.

Address: Townsville, Queensland

Phone: 0428 822 239

Social: Celebrant Abbey

Contact : Abbey Chivers

Amanda Medill Celebrant

Bringing a wealth of joy and expertise to Townsville’s most cherished moments, this vibrant Celebrant, Amanda Medill, has been crafting unforgettable ceremonies since her appointment in 2005. Having woven personalised tales for over 800 weddings and various life celebrations, Amanda infuses each event with infectious positivity and meticulous planning. With a compassionate touch, she guides families through challenging times with tailored funeral services. Amanda’s commitment to creating a meaningful, unique experience shines through in every ceremony, big or small. Her warm, engaging approach ensures that your special day becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime. Let Amanda turn your wedding dreams into a reality, ensuring a celebration that reflects your individuality and love story.

Address: 87 Chandler St, Townsville Queensland 4814

Phone: 0411 018 387

Social: Amanda Medill Celebrant

Contact : Amanda Medill

Jenny Stevens Marriage Celebrant

With 43 years of wedded bliss under her belt, Jenny Stevens brings warmth and experience to every ceremony as an authorised Marriage Celebrant in Townsville. Beyond her celebrant role, Jenny wears multiple hats—Childcare Educator, Wildlife Carer, and Justice of the Peace Qualified. A mother of five and grandmother to ten, Jenny’s personal touch and down-to-earth approach ensure your special day is filled with joy. Offering a range of services from weddings and vow renewals to elopement packages and naming ceremonies, Jenny is committed to tailoring each celebration to reflect your unique love story. Let Jenny set the stage for your marriage journey with a smile and heartfelt ceremony.

Address: 4 Bountiful Ct, Thuringowa Central QLD 4817

Phone: 0424 563 679

Social: Jenny Stevens Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Jenny Stevens

Ros The Celebrant

Meet Roslyn, a passionate and award-winning marriage celebrant based in sunny Townsville. With a genuine love for crafting unforgettable ceremonies, Ros brings your dream wedding to life with a touch of warmth and joy. Having received the Top 5 Celebrant award for four consecutive years, her dedication shines through. Roslyn thrives on making your special day uniquely yours, infusing it with fun, intimacy, and genuine emotion. Travelling throughout Queensland to celebrate love stories, Ros is more than a celebrant; she’s a storyteller, creating a magical experience that reflects the love shared by each couple. Let Ros guide you on your journey to ‘I DO!’ and make your wedding day truly magnificent.

Address: Townsville, Queensland

Phone: 0438 779 199

Social: Ros The Celebrant

Contact : Ros

Butterfly Moments

Françoise Elizabeth Romée Gouges, known as Romée, brings a vibrant and heartfelt touch to wedding ceremonies in Townsville and its surrounds. As a Commonwealth-Registered Celebrant since 2014, Romée is a proud advocate for marriage equality, celebrating the diversity that defines Australia. Hailing from Mauritius, she is bilingual in English and French, embracing the multicultural tapestry of Townsville. Romée’s friendly, easy-going nature and extensive experience as a Public Servant for 11 years make her approachable and understanding. Committed to crafting unique ceremonies, she collaborates with couples to incorporate their values, beliefs, and cultural expressions into this significant milestone, ensuring a memorable and personalised experience.

Address: 56 Peter St, Kelso QLD 4815

Phone: 0400 241 101

Social: Butterfly Moments

Contact : Françoise Elizabeth Romée Gouges


Whichever wedding celebrant you finally choose for your big day, make sure that it is a professional one who knows how to communicate with you on a deeper level. That celebrant must also officiate the ceremony by incorporating every couple’s love and emotions in the ceremony, so that you are left with some beautiful memories to cherish.